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Boil-In-A-Condom Hotdogs, Anyone?

One of the great things about social media is that we get to see what our fellow humans are eating. 

But one post that we have found on Instagram proves that this is not always a good thing. 

Ever since social media found its way into our lives, we have been obsessed with staring at images of what people are eating. 

‘Rate My Plate’ is a prime example of how popular food pages and groups are on social media. 

From humble beginnings in June 2018, the page has now racked up an impressive 2.5 million followers and over 500,000 group members; not bad for a page that is less than 18-months old. 

But a relatively new page on Instagram called ‘Rate My Refs’ seems to be carving out a niche in the world of online foodies. Or at least, judging by their most recent post, that would seem to be the case. 

‘Refs’ is a shortened version of the word ‘refreshments’ which relates to any food consumed during a break while at work. 

In the post in question, a follower sent in a picture of some hotdogs boiling away in some ‘upcycled’ condoms. 

Yep, that’s right; someone thought that boiling hotdogs in used condoms was a ‘good’ idea. 

Personally, I cannot think of any food that I would rather avoid at a budget dinner party, than processed ‘hotdogs’ which have been boiled in a condom that the host probably used the night before. 

Although, we should give the ‘chef’ 10/10 for his/her ability to ‘upcycle’ everyday objects. 

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These Plasters Will Prevent Your Colleagues From Asking You Silly Questions

If ever you are in a situation at work where the conversation really starts to dry up, and you just happen to be wearing a plaster, then you can rest assured that your plaster will come into the convo. 

“So, what happened to your finger?” will be asked at the moment when there is nothing else to talk about as you stand by the coffee machine at work, waiting for that much-needed shot of caffeine. 

But if the thought of this sort of polite chit-chat is enough to send shivers down your spine, then you are in luck. 

You can now buy plasters which have different excuses on them, meaning that your colleague who loiters around the coffee machine at work won’t need to ask you what you have done to your finger. 

You get to choose between ‘dance-off’ ‘jousting’ ‘ninja fight’ or ‘shark bite’. Nothing about a ‘papercut’ though which is a bit disappointing. 

Still, at least you can just point your damaged finger in the air, and the plasters will do the rest for you. 

And if your deep, gaping wound happens to be on your middle finger then even better. 

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Here’s Why You Don’t Need To Worry About The ‘Coronavirus Coach Driver’

Last week, the British Government repatriated 83 British citizens from China to try and help them avoid getting the highly contagious coronavirus which has so far taken nearly 300 lives. 

The ex-pats arrived in the UK (via a military airbase) and were whisked off to a specialist medical centre in several coaches where they will be held for the next 14 days to make sure they don’t have the virus. 

But social media went into meltdown when pictures emerged of a coach driver (who was tasked with transporting the ex-pats) without any personal protective equipment. 

He was affectionately called ‘Dave’ by the hundreds of thousands of people who were concerned about his welfare.

Social media users were quick to point out that the coach driver seemed not to be afforded any protection from catching the virus, despite potentially being exposed to people who could be carrying in. 

In response to concerns about the welfare of the coach drivers who took part in the quarantine convoy, Susan Hopkins, Incident Director Public Health England, said:

“Public Health England experts are well-trained at assessing and mitigating risk. 

“In managing the current situation, they are drawing on a wealth of experience and implementing strategies that we have used in a number of emerging infections to reduce the risk to the public. 

“This means our work focuses on identifying the areas where there is deemed to be a risk and putting measures in place to mitigate that risk. 

“In this case, all passengers from the flight were checked by medical staff on arrival into the UK, and none displayed any symptoms of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). 

“The medics accompanying the groups travelled wearing PPE as a precaution in case anyone was taken ill on the journey; to enable them to respond immediately without having to put on PPE while in transit. 

“No passengers became unwell on the journey. 

“As an additional precaution, seating arrangements ensured that the drivers were not in close contact with the passengers on the journey, which meant they were not at risk and did not require PPE. 

“Close contact means being within two metres of an infected person for at least fifteen minutes. 

“The measures we put in place to address this were to block off five rows at the front and boarding the drivers last. 

“The drivers do not pose a risk to public health as a result of driving these passengers to their accommodation and should go about their daily lives as normal. 

“No passengers developed any symptoms during the journey, which means that no special measures are required in terms of cleaning of the coaches. 

“The coach company (Horseman Coaches) should use the cleaning protocol agreed with PHE before putting the coach back into action, and people should have no concerns about using these vehicles”.

Horseman Coaches have also said that, for extra safety, the coach drivers who took part in the convoy will get to spend the next 14 days at home (on full pay) as part of a voluntary ‘self-quarantine’ measure.  

So all is fine with the drivers of the Horseman Coaches quarantine convoy…

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Male Expelled From Public Beach After Using Inflatable Doll As Buoyancy Aid

We are used to hearing stories about people taking inappropriate floaties to the beach.

Usually, its a case of adults taking crocodile shaped buoyancy aids out onto the vastness of the open ocean before needing the coastguard to come and rescue them.

But we spotted a beach-related story with a difference while we were checking out what’s hot and what’s not on social media.

It turned out that a male who had been sunning himself on Miami beach decided to head out on to the water with a ‘companion’ that just happened to be an inflatable doll.

‘Bit of a strange companion to take to the beach’ i hear you say.

As you would expect, the beach (at the time) was full of families and kids so bringing ‘Belinda’ the blow-up doll to the waterfront was never going to be a ‘good’ idea’.

the male was pictured floating in the sea with ‘Belinda’

So Belinda’s owner was politely asked to leave the beach to prevent any further upset.

Clearly, on this occasion, he should have stuck to inflatable crocodiles.

Apparently, despite it being the winter months, we have heard that ‘Belinda’ is still on the beaches of Miami being blown around as she looks for a new companion to join her out on the ocean.

If ever an excuse was needed to head to Miami beach, then this is it!?

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“Snow Storm” Causes A McDonalds To Close For 18,000 Years

We are used to our favourite fast-food restaurants having to close due to inclement weather conditions.

Especially at a time when our climate seems to have gone into meltdown due to the number of pollutants we have thrown into it over the last 100 years.

But some hungry patrons were shocked after finding out that their local McDonalds eatery had decided to shut for 18,000 years to see out a snowstorm.

The owner of this restaurant must know something that we don’t because 18,000 years is a long, long time.

So long in fact, that by the time it opens, humanity (if it hasn’t destroyed itself) will probably consist of part-human part-robot hybrids who won’t even need to eat.

I still reckon that McDonald’s will be serving up the trusty cheeseburger and chicken nuggets in 18,000 year time though — its just a shame that none of us will be around to enjoy them.

And it just goes to show how much difference a single typo can make when it comes to putting signs up which are in full view of the public.

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London Fire Brigades New Boss Is The First In 75 Years To Have Served As A Commissioned Officer In The British Army

The new Commissioner of the London Fire Brigade, Andy Roe, is the first Commissioner in 75 years to have a military background.

2020 marks 121 years since the Brigade stopped recruiting exclusively from the Navy.

The first chief officer of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) Captain Sir Eyre Massey Shaw, favoured the recruitment of men from the Navy.

He felt that the trainees would be disciplined and would require less training, making the recruitment process more efficient.

It was not until Shaw’s retirement in 1899 that naval experience was no longer compulsory for new recruits.

The Brigade’s connection with the Navy continues in the terminology they still use today.

For example, ropes are called ‘lines,’ equipment is ‘stowed’ on a fire engine, and there is a ‘watch’ rather than a shift system.

One of Andy Roe’s first jobs has been to sign the London Fire Brigade up to the Armed Forces Covenant.

The agreement formalises the Brigade’s commitment to supporting the Armed Forces community and recognises the contribution to the country that serving military personnel, veterans and their families have made and continue to make.

It also sets out for the first time a clear framework outlining how London Fire Brigade staff who are reservists are supported, should they be called upon serve.

The Brigade has committed to having up to 85 members of staff available to serve with the Volunteer Reserve Forces (VRF) of the army, air force or Navy.

The final decision remains with the Brigade ahead of any deployment, but this commitment enshrines it as an armed forces friendly organisation.

London Fire Commissioner Andy Roe said:

“It is a great honour that one of my first official duties is to sign the Armed Forces Covenant, which shows our commitment to supporting both London Fire Brigade staff who are reservists and the wider military family.

“I am extremely proud of the Brigade’s on-going association with the British Armed Forces and the sacrifices our staff have made in protecting the nation.”

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If You Don’t Pull Over For The Emergency Services, Then You Shouldn’t Be On The Road

Most motorists have been there; you are driving along, and you hear the two-tones blaring out from an emergency vehicle, but you can’t make out exactly where they are coming from. 

You frantically check your mirrors to try and work out where the police car, ambulance, fire engine, unmarked car or coastguard vehicle is coming from. 

Finally, you spot it. 

The bright LEDs light up the inside of your car simulating the experience that many people feel before aliens abduct them; the bright blue lights followed by tunnel vision. 

And this is where the problems can start. 

For some people, the tunnel vision means that they know exactly where to move to let the emergency vehicle through.

They focus on the correct spot to move into to give way. 

But for some motorists, well, they simply do not care. They refuse to move. They think that the emergency vehicle should have to wait until more space appears ahead. 

But for victims/patients who might be in a life-or-death situation, then this delay could cost them their life. 

If you cannot be bothered to move out of the way for an emergency vehicle, then you should not be on the road. 

Just imagine if that was your loved one who needed help? 

You would want the emergency services to get there as quickly as possible, and you would, quite rightly, be angry at anyone who stopped them from making good progress. 

So next time you see the blue lights in your rear-view mirror, just be thankful that it’s not you who is in desperate need of help. 

Move out of the way, safely, and then carry on with your journey. 

To the individuals who refuse to budge because your ego won’t allow it, then you should do everyone a favour and hand your driving licence in ASAP. 

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