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WATCH | Mechanic Thinks He Has Found A Secret Police Surveillance Van

A man, claiming to be a mechanic working for Mercedes, has recorded a video of what he claims is a police surveillance van.

The clapped-out Fiat shown in the video had apparently been taken to a civilian workshop for a service…

But when the lad who was working on the van found what he thought was a police radio in the glove box of the vehicle, he started to look around the inside of the ancient van.

When he opened the side door, he found a suite of electrical equipment which he claimed was being used by the security services.

A few social media users pointed out some crucial facts which stacked up to suggest that the van was not one that is used by the security services or police.

For example, both the police and the security services have their own workshops and would not actually send a surveillance van to a civilian garage for a service.

Can you imagine the likes of MI5 or the NCA sending one of their top secret vans to a civvy garage?! Come on!

Also, the ‘radio’ found in the glove box appeared to be just an ancient mobile phone, rather than a state of the art, end-to-end encrypted communications device.

But, alas, the majority of people who watched the original video, really did think that it was an undercover vehicle, used by the ‘feds.’

Watch the video here and let us know what you think in the comments:

WATCH | Is This A UFO Being Transported To A Military Base? The Internet Is Divided.

The vast majority of people do believe that we are, in fact, not alone in the known universe.

You do not have to be familiar with Drake’s Equation to grasp the mathematics involved here.

With trillions of stars in the visible universe – each potentially with its own system of planets orbiting around it – the chances of other intelligent life out there are pretty high.

But computer games like ‘UFO: Aftermath‘ give us a distorted idea of what ET might one-day come to this planet for.

The authorities wouldn’t be that obvious, would they?

And maybe that’s why videos such as this one often divide people.

Most people who see this video think that they are witnessing a convoy that is part of a movie set because, after all, the government would not transport an alien spaceship in such a blatant manner, right?

But then some think that they are being so obvious in an attempt to throw people off of the ‘extraterrestrial’ scent.

But what do you think?

Let us know in the comments section.

Featured image made with Canva.

WATCH | Cop Goes Viral After Checking Hidden Vehicle Compartment ‘Hack’

Before the days of social media, if people found secret hiding places inside everyday objects, such as inside cars, then you probably would not find out about it.

But now, all it takes is for a powerful algorithm to detect a video that it thinks people will find interesting for ‘secret’ life hacks (which have been uploaded to social media) to go viral.

And once a video does go viral, then it is no longer a ‘secret’, as the video below shows.

When a police officer (officer_coppuccino) saw a video on TikTok of somebody sharing a ‘hidden’ compartment behind a light switch, the officer called ‘BS’ and so decided to check it out for himself.

After a long walk from his office to his car, the officer soon found out that he had probably been hoodwinked during numerous previous vehicle stops by people (who had something to hide) who probably already knew about the ‘secret’ compartment!

Since being uploaded to TikTok, the video has been watched nearly 26 million times!

Even by ‘viral’ standards, that is a lot of views!

WATCH | Huge Underwater Inferno In The Gulf Of Mexico

Fire cannot burn without water, right? Or at least that is what we thought until we saw this massive underwater inferno in the Gulf of Mexico.

The incident was caught on camera after a helicopter crew flew over the site earlier this month.

Whilst we know that things can burn underwater, this is the first time we have seen what appears to be a massive fireball underneath the water’s surface.

Thankfully, nobody was injured after the underwater gas pipe somehow ignited.

Once technicians had isolated the pipe, the ‘fire’ went out. But it took crews several hours to turn off the gas that was feeding the weird fireball.

WATCH | Medic Takes Aim At Dodgy Drivers In Funny Tik Tok Video

At some point during their driving career, most motorists will stumble over someone who probably should not be on the road, owing to their complete lack of driving skill and general situational awareness (or lack thereof).

If you are a professional driver, you will probably witness this dodgy driving regularly. Especially if you spent quite a bit of time on the motorways.

And if you are a blue-light driver, then you have probably witnessed more than your fair share of dodgy driving. 

This is probably what inspired these two medics to make the following TikTok video (after they had finished their shift). 

I am pretty sure that most of you will be able to relate to at least one of these ‘observations’! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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WATCH | Cop Pulls Hilarious Prank On His Colleague

If you have a friend or family member who serves in the emergency services as a first responder, then they have probably told you that you need a sense of humour to do the job. 

With some of the horrific things police have to deal with daily, it is little wonder that they, and other members of the emergency services, will, whenever they can, let off a little bit of steam.

Or, in this case, let off a little bit of fart spray

When this officer’s head was turned, his colleague unleashed not one but two squirts of a potent fart spray

It was so potent that the ‘victim’ had no choice other than to leave the ‘scene’ and purify his patrol car…

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WATCH | Suspect Completely OWNS Intrusive News Reporter

Let’s face it, if you ever end up in a police car, then the last thing you want is a news reporter coming over to you and trying to play the part of a detective.

And that’s precisely what happened to one lad who was suspected of doing something he should not have (probably) done.

After the officers had finished speaking to the lad, a reporter walked over to the squad car and started to ask the male a few questions.

But, as the video below shows, the last thing this suspect was going to do was answer the reporter’s interrogations.

Instead, he quickly shut down the prying reporter’s questions with an observation about the reporter’s dodgy nose hair.


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WATCH | Dog Rescues Drowning Dog From Swimming Pool

A CCTV camera has caught the amazing moment when a dog comes to the aid of another dog who had accidentally fallen into a swimming pool.

The small white dog was walking around the pool when she took her eyes off the path in front of her and ended up falling into the water. 

The small white dog struggles to stay afloat

After several minutes of frantic swimming, another dog comes over and initially seems playful.

But then, as if realising that the dog is in real danger, the heroic dog tries to pull the dog out of the swimming pool by its ears. 

The first attempt results in the white dog being pulled to the side of the pool. But the stricken dog quickly falls back once again into the water. 

After the first attempt failed, the back dog successfully pulls the white dog out of the pool.

Not giving up, the black dog keeps trying to save the dog until he finally manages to pull the small dog to safety. 

This video is another prime example of why dogs have such a special place in our hearts.

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WATCH | Jag Driver Almost Collides With The Police After Cutting Them Up On A Roundabout

When you are casually making your way around a roundabout, the last thing you expect to happen is for someone to come shooting across your lane. 

When this happens to most of us, we end up swearing at the incompetent driver who has almost just taken the front of our vehicle off. 

We get angry because, to most of us, our cars are our pride-and-joy. They are our cocoons of mobile personal space and we are very protective over them.

But when this happens to a police officer (scroll down for video), who is driving a marked police vehicle, then not only does the careless driver get ‘spoken to’, but they also get reported for, in this case, driving without due care and attention. 

The driver of the Jag almost collides with the front of the police car.

Surrey Road Cops have shared some dashcam footage of the moment when the driver of a Jag aka ‘tank’ almost took out the front of their police vehicle on the Reigate Hill Intersection.

If this happens to you, and you have a dashcam, then remember to contact your local force to see if they have a web portal that allows you to upload footage of the numerous dodgy drivers out there. 

It isn’t long before the driver is having words with the officers.

If something similar happens to you as you drive through Surrey, then Surrey Police have just such a portal. You can access it HERE.

You can buy dashcams from Amazon starting from as little as 26.99

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WATCH | Land Rover Driver Rescues Police Vehicle From Incoming Tide

Does anybody know what the cake fine is for having to be rescued by a member of the public after getting your police vehicle stuck in a deep channel on the beach as the tide is coming in?

I only ask because that is precisely what happened to this poor police officer on Downhill Beach earlier today.

The ten-second clip shows the moment when the Land Rover Discovery quickly pulls the police pick-up truck out of the water, much to the delight of the spectators on the beach.

Re the cakes; what are we talking? Krispy Kreme’s? An entire Mr Kipling factory’s worth of stock?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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