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WATCH: Hermes Worker Seen Lobbing Parcels Into The Back Of A Lorry

Have you ever waited ages for a vital parcel to arrive, only to be met with dismay when your package turns up looking like it has done tens rounds in the ring with Tyson Fury?

Have you often wondered what sort of painful journey your package might have been on for it to look like it has been through a pulping machine?

Well, a video has surfaced on social media that gives an insight into the sort of ‘bumpy’ journey your packages have as they make their way through the delivery system.

In a video uploaded to social media, what appears to be a Hermes worker can be seen lobbing parcels into the back of a Hermes truck.

We have to say “appears to be a Hermes worker” because he could be a sub-contractor etc. etc.

But damn, you have to feel sorry for anyone who wants to send a fragile item through the post only to have their valuables turn up looking like they have been through a mincer.

The worker scans the items before launching them into the back of the truck. The video itself has been viewed millions of times and has been shared just under 120k times.

Some of the parcels appear to have ‘fragile’ stickers on them as they are hurtled over the ever-increasing mountain of packages.

Maybe it is best just to courier valuable items yourself!? Let us know what you think in the comments below

WATCH: Woman Gets Kicked By Horse After Hitting It With A Spade

A woman has learnt a valuable lesson about karma after she was kicked by a horse that she hit with a spade.

A Facebook video posted over the weekend (see below) shows the woman getting kicked after she hit a wild horse with a plastic shovel.

The hungry horse was sniffing out some food that she had left on the beach.

But rather than just moving the food out of the way, the woman thought that hitting the horse would encourage it to move along.

It didn’t work.

Instead, the horse kicked the woman, and she fell onto the sand.

As the woman gets back up to her feet, another horse, accompanied by its foal, joins the ‘party’.

The incident happened on Assateague Island National Seashore – an idyllic place where wild horses roam free.

As the woman stikes the horse, someone can be heard to shout “watch out” as the horses prepares itself to unleash some instant karma.

The wild horses of Assateague Island National Seashore are protected, and U.S. Park officials advise visitors to stay away from them.

It should not take a genius to work out that if you leave food lying around in a nature reserve, then the residents of the area are going to, quite rightly, find out what you have brought into their home.

WATCH: Lockdown Lad Finds Dodgy Alternative Use For His Treadmill

If you are a fan of the gym, then you have probably found the last few months incredibly hard because your gym has been shut for so long.

I am reasonably sure that most of us now have added at least a few pounds to our waistline as we buy tonnes of fast-food from our local restaurants as a way of ‘supporting’ local businesses.

All those years of going to the gym and now we have to watch as our once toned bodies become just a shadow of their former selves.

If you are fortunate, then you probably have a treadmill at home as well as some weight-training equipment.

But several months of using the same pieces of fitness equipment over and over again probably means that you are getting bored of your home ‘mini-gym’.

Well, one lad has thought of a novel way of using his treadmill for some home-based entertainment as well as fitness.

It involves sitting in a washing basket and setting the treadmill to various speeds before hurtling yourself off of the back of the treadmill.

In a 30-second clip that has been uploaded to social media, over 95 people have shared their thoughts on the idea via the comments which they have left on the post.

The video has been ‘liked’ nearly 9k times and has had 31k shares.

Would you try this at home (assuming that you had a treadmill)? Let us know in the comments below!

WATCH: ‘Yapping Small Dog’ Helps To Foil An Armed Robbery

If you own a dog that is small enough to fit into a handbag, then you probably already know that tiny dogs often come with prominent personalities.

And a video that has been shared on Twitter by the New York Police Department shows just how brave these small dogs can be.

In the video, two masked robbers, one holding a gun, try to hold up a pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York.

As one of the masked raiders jumps over the counter, a small white dog appears to ‘confront’ the robber and starts to bark at him.

The dog disappears out of the shot and which point one of the robbers falls over and lands almost precisely where the small dog had been only moments earlier.

The thief then gets to his feet and runs out of the pharmacy empty-handed.

WATCH: What My Last Pringles See Right At The Bottom Of The Can

We have all been there; you are sitting down watching your favourite Amazon Prime flicks, eating your pringles when you get down to your very last few.

But your hand is too big to get them, and you don’t want to turn the tube upside down because, if you do, then the billions of crumbs will fall all over your sofa. 

So instead, you stretch your fingers out as much as you can as you try to reach for the last few pringles. 

You also have to keep peering down the can to see just how many you have got left before you go and get another can. 

The problem is, that you use so much force to try and reach them, that the remaining few pringles end up being destroyed meaning that you have no choice other than to resort to turning the can upside down. 

But a video that has been shared on TikTok gives us a glimpse into what our pringles must see as we scoop around, trying to find them. 

The video was uploaded by @BritishPromise.Cats and has been liked nearly 12 million times in just under 24 hours! 

WATCH: Man Speeds Downhill With Wheelchair Strapped To Skateboard

I admire anyone who can speed downhill on a skateboard without falling off.

Mainly because I can only manage one metre on flat ground before I fall off of one.

So when we saw the video below of a male who was sat in a wheelchair that was strapped to a skateboard darting down a hill, then we were, quite rightly, amazed.

He even manages to overtake cyclists as he reaches speeds which must be over 40 mph

The video was published on a page called ‘Vogue Cycling’ and shows the incredible moment that the unknown male manages to steer his skateboard using his wheelchair.

I think that most people would agree that, when it comes to skateboarding, then this video is truly amazing!

Let us know what you think in the comments below

WATCH: Is This Kangaroo Keeping Watch Over Someone’s Home?!

Let’s face it; we would all like to have our own security guard posted outside the front of our house. 

Especially during the night or when we are away. 

There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work, to find that some scroat has broken into your house, and nicked all of your stuff. 

But one TikTok user in Australia has filmed what appears to be a massive kangaroo as it seems to keep watch over a house. 

Is this a highly trained, personal protection kangaroo? 

Or is the kangaroo standing there, looking out for the next human to beat up? 

The way the kangaroo is looking from left to right clearly shows that it has had some professional security training. 

Either way, we like the idea of Close Protection Kangaroos that will keep watch over your house while you are away. 

@caragh19 posted the video on her TikTok account with the caption: ‘What it’s like living in Australia’. 

WATCH: Lifeguard Frantically Waves At Train Driver As Two Walkers Use Tunnel As A Shortcut

Translink Northern Ireland has shared some dramatic footage of the moment when a beach lifeguard frantically waves at a train driver to warn him about two walkers who decided to use a train tunnel as a shortcut.

The 33-second clip (below) starts as the train hurtles along a single track next to the beach.

Three seconds into the video, you can make out the distinctive yellow uniform of a lifeguard as he frantically waves his arms above his head, to warn the driver.

Eleven seconds into the video, the train enters the pitch-black tunnel.

By this time, the train driver undoubtedly knew that something was amiss, but he could not be sure of what the danger was.

Fourteen seconds into the clip, you can see two people (as the camera in the cab automatically switched to infra-red mode) as they run along the tracks to try and get out of the trains way.

Just at the train approaches them, they jump out of the way and into the darkness.

Having hit the emergency brakes, the train comes to a stop on the other side of the tunnel.

A spokesperson for Translink said: “Never use the railway as a shortcut. Trespassing on the railway is extremely dangerous and could lead to a conviction”.

Nobody was injured during this near-miss.

WATCH: Soldiers Clean War Memorial After Protesters Desecrate It

Video has emerged on social media of the moment when soldiers from the Household Cavalry took it upon themselves to clean a war memorial after protesters sprayed it with the ‘all cops are b**tards’ (ACAB) acronym. 

The video footage was uploaded on ‘Fill Your Boots’ – a military banter page on Facebook – and has been shared nearly 4,200 times with almost 4,000 interactions and over 1,000 comments. 

The footage has now also popped up on YouTube.

In the video below, four lads and one lass can be seen scrubbing the offensive graffiti off of the statue of Field Marshal Earl Haig.

But for some reason, a couple of civilians took offence. Not to the graffiti, but to the fact that the soldiers were cleaning it. 

The female filming the great work of the soldiers can be heard to say: “you could not even wait one day” – inferring that, for some reason, the ‘all cops are bastards’ acronym should have been left up there for at least 24 hours (although she did not specify the significance of the 24 hours). 

The person filming added: “they could not even wait one day – because of their precious memorial”.

All the while, the soldiers ignore the taunts and goading and continue to scrub off the graffiti. 

But the professional bystanders are not happy as one female approaches them while shouting: 

“excuse me, when I saw you earlier, you picked up signs and put them in bin bags”.

Ever the professionals, the soldiers ignore the taunts of the professional bystanders, as one such bystander, ignorant of the laws regarding criminal damage shouts: “how is that vandalism!?”

But the soldiers refuse to ‘bite’ despite being taunted and they continue to scrub the letters off of the memorial. 

It later transpired that the volunteers were from the elite Household Cavalry. 

A spokesperson for the unit said:

“We are aware of a video circulating on social media showing soldiers from the Household Cavalry. 

“This was not unit direction; the soldiers took it upon themselves to clean the statue of Field Marshal Earl Haig. 

“We are proud of their calm response; this shows the professionalism of our soldiers”. 

The video has angered many members of the military community.

The Facebook page ‘The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ’ has been trying to identify the individuals who were taunting the soldiers.

This is not the first time that the military community have, in their own time, repaired war memorials and statues which have been damaged. 

And something tells me that it won’t be the last… 

WATCH: Irish Air Corps Helicopter Door Falls Off During Fight Over School

An investigation has been launched after the rear door of an Irish Air Corps helicopter fell to the ground as the chopper flew over a Dublin Secondary School. 

The freak accident happened on Thursday evening at around 17:52 hours. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. 

According to, the crew of the AW139 aircraft had successfully completed a critical and life-saving mission to Dublin hospital. 

As they were returning to their base at Baldonnel Aerodrome, the door somehow managed to work free of its fittings and ended up falling to the ground. 

Locals must have thought that maybe the aircraft had been shot out of the sky as they surveyed the scene where the door landed.

The door came to a rest in the grounds of Moyle Park secondary school in Clondalkin, and several people on the earth witnessed its rapid descent. 

A video showing the door ‘in situ’ was uploaded to social media as bewildered members of the public stood around the door. 

Thankfully, incidents of this nature are incredibly rare. 

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