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House Of Lords Approves Bill That Prevents UK From Importing Meat From Countries With Lower Welfare Standards

Thanks to campaigning from well-known animal charities such as the RSPCA, tens of thousands of people ended up signing a petition intended to stop lower animal welfare imports from entering the UK. 

And now the House of Lords has voted to add a new section into the Agriculture Bill which says that the UK Government must not sign trade agreements which undermine our strict animal welfare standards by allowing lower welfare products into the UK. 

Animal welfare charities are now hoping that when the Bill is passed back to the House of Commons that MPs will now keep the section. 

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said:

‘Despite the Government repeatedly saying that this is their position too, they’ll ask MPs to vote against this. We must keep the Bill as it stands”. 

Most of the news coverage relating to the Bill has focused on the imports of heavily chlorinated chicken and hormone-injected beef cattle. 

Various campaign groups have said that there is not enough evidence to prove that ingesting meats which have been washed with chlorine and which have been injected with artificial hormones does not adversely affect the human body. 

And now the RSPCA has pointed out that what is also of significant concern, is the farming systems which these animals are raised and slaughtered in. 

Countries such as the US have far lower standards than the UK and have lower welfare systems that are actually banned in the UK. 

These include barren battery cages for hens and sow stalls for pigs which severely compromise animal welfare standards. 

A spokesperson for the RSPCA added:

“It’s vital that the UK government safeguards our animal welfare standards in future trade deals, we cannot risk lower welfare, cheaper-to-produce products entering the UK market.

“This could mean a race to the bottom for animal welfare and undercutting farmers in the UK at a time when we should be striving for properly funded, higher animal welfare practices which go beyond legal requirements.

“And, it’s not just about the USA, many other countries we’ll be negotiating with will have lower standards than the UK too”.

Supreme Court Rules ‘Paedophile Hunters’ Do Not Violate Suspects ‘Right To Privacy’

The Supreme Court, the highest court in the UK, has ruled that ‘paedophile hunters’ do not violate the ‘privacy rights’ of individuals who are suspected of being involved in the grooming of children. 

The case follows the successful conviction of Mark Sutherland after he was found to have tried to groom someone who he believed was 13-years-old. 

The 13-year-old was, in fact, a member of a paedophile hunting group who had set up a fake profile on dating app Grindr. 

Sutherland did not know that the profile of the ’13-year-old’ was, in fact, part of a sting operation that had been set up by the group of volunteers who are passionate about ensuring the safety of children. 

Sutherland appealed his conviction for trying to groom children, arguing that his right to ‘private life’, enshrined in Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, had been ‘breached’ by the successful sting operation. 

However, delivering the Supreme Court’s ruling on Wednesday following the appeal, Lord Sales said that the appeal had been “unanimously dismissed”. 

The Supreme Court concluded that: ‘The interests of children have priority over any interest a paedophile could have in being allowed to engage in criminal conduct’.

Lord Sales said Sutherland believed he was communicating with a 13-year-old boy and had no “reasonable expectation of privacy” because a child could tell an adult.

He added that authorities have a “special responsibility to protect children against sexual exploitation by adults” and that overrides the right to privacy for such “reprehensible” communications.

There are now dozens of paedophile hunting groups dotted around the country. 

Their volunteers often bravery confront suspected paedophiles, detaining them as they wait for the police to arrive. 

The groups then hand over all of their evidence to the police with the aim and hope of bringing the sexual predators before the courts and thus helping to protect children.

While the police do not officially endorse the activity of paedophile hunting groups, many officers do acknowledge that they simply do not have the resources to go after every sexual predator. 

The paedophile hunting groups often have the backing of parents who are concerned about the willingness and the ability of paedophiles to search for victims online. 

And the fact that paedophiles not only have to contend with the security services but that they now also have to contend with highly motivated volunteers who, like everyone else, is sickened by their vile and disgusting behaviour, means that the ability of paedophiles to seek out their child victims is hampered further. 

One such group is called: ‘UK Child Force‘. 

Their brave volunteers have caught hundreds of suspected paedophiles by setting up their own sting operations. 

They often film the moment when suspects are confronted as they wait to meet ‘children’ who they have spoken to online when, in fact, the ‘children’ are brave UK Child Force volunteers. 

Do you agree with what paedophile hunting groups are doing? Let us know in the comments below. 

How To Avoid Getting Stopped By The Cops: Your INDISPENSABLE Guide

So we have noticed that most of the mainstream media have become experts when it comes to knowing when and why the police stop motorists. 

But having done a bit of research and digging around, we noticed that hardly any of the articles which have been pumped out of the anti-police mainstream media are based on any qualified experience. 

So we tracked down a former police officer, who spent 15 years on the job, and asked him what advice he would give to anyone to help them avoid being stopped by the police.

1. Try to avoid heavily tinted windows.

Privacy glass is excellent if you want to hide from the world, but can cause an issue if you are driving in an area that is well-known for criminal activity. 

If a police officer cannot see into a car, then he/she does not know if, for example, there are naughty people in it who are carrying nasty things. 

2. When you see the police, try not to floor it.

The saying “If you have done nothing wrong, then you have got nothing to hide” is critical here. 

If you floor it when you see the cops, then do not be surprised if they want to speak to you to find out why you decided to floor it from them. 

Most people only floor it when they see the cops if they have done something wrong. 

Unfortunately, as long as there are bad people around doing bad things, then the police will want to try and stop these naughty people. 

And because criminals do not approach the police and say: “Hi, officer, I have a knife on me”, then the police have to try and find these people themselves. 

3. Abide by the road traffic rules and regulations

If you shoot through a red light, speed, drive on the wrong side of the road or don’t have a valid licence, insurance etc. etc. then you can expect to be pulled over. 

You would think that such a blatantly obvious thing would not need to be pointed out, but we are living in peculiar times. 

These are just three reasons why a police officer might decide to pull you over. 

And just remember, that for every stop that the mainstream media decide to pick up on in the hope of portraying the police in a bad light, thousands of other stops are carried out each day. 

And these stops often result in thousands of lives being saved and thousands of bad people being detained. 

You just won’t hear about these stops, because they do not fit the anti-police narrative that gets the mainstream media so excited about. 

If you want to know about the real work of the police, then follow your local cops on social media. 

Several Pubs Forced To Close After Customers Test Positive For COVID-19

It has only been a matter of days since pubs, bars and restaurants in England were allowed to reopen having been closed for three months. 

The much-anticipated, so-called, ‘super saturday’ was an opportunity for people to head down the pub and have a few drinks following the nation-wide lockdown. 

But less than three days after reopening, pubs have already had to start closing again after their customers tested positive for COVID-19, as reported by Sky News

One of the pubs, The Lighthouse Kitchen and Carvery in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, confirmed that one of their customers had tested positive for COVID-19. 

In a message posted on their Facebook page, a spokesperson for the pub said:

“This isn’t the message we wanted to write so soon, but The Lighthouse will be closed due to a customer testing positive to covId 19. 

“We are slowly getting through our list of customers that were in the pub on Saturday. 

“All our staff are going to be tested and we will re open when the time is safe to do so. Thanks to all the positive phone calls”.

The pub later confirmed that none of its staff had tested positive. 

The Fox and Hounds in Batley, West Yorkshire, also said it would be closed until further notice after receiving a call from a customer on Monday to report they had tested positive.

In a post shared on their Facebook page, a spokesperson for the pub said:

“Following our announcement this morning that we will be closed until further notice I’d like to put all rumours and speculations straight that are currently floating about.

“This morning I got a phone call off a customer who visited our pub on Saturday to say they’d tested positive for coronavirus. On their visit, they were unaware and had no symptoms, but after seeing a post off another place, they’d visited thought it was best to take a test to which come back positive. 

“Due to privacy reason we won’t be naming this person.

“Following this information, we are awaiting further guidance from NHS and track and trace.

“Myself and All staff have taken a test today, and we should have results back within 48 hours. The pub will be fully deep cleaned, and when safe to do so, we will reopen our doors.

“We fully understand this is a scary time but want to ensure our customer safety is our main priority in these tough times. 

“Over the past few weeks, we have put a lot of hard work into the pub following government guidance to get us opened back up. 

“Anyone that has visited us this weekend can see our new layout of tables of 1metre plus, our one way systems, full table service and continuously cleaning throughout.

“If anyone thinks they may have symptoms then please seek advice from 111”.

The Village Home pub in Alverstoke, Gosport, said it had also “had a case of coronavirus” on the premises and added that “some of us are in isolation”.

A post on their Facebook page confirmed:

“We have had a case of coronavirus in the pub, which means that some of us are in isolation. 

“The pub is now shut but all being well will open again on Saturday. 

“Anyone who was in the pub over the weekend there is no need to isolate unless you show symptoms or are contacted direct by the trace group. Thank you and hope to see you soon”.

The Country That Got It Right: New Zealand Is Free From Coronavirus!

Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, has declared that her country is free from the deadly coronavirus and she has officially ended the lockdown in her country – much to the delight of New Zealanders. 

There are, however, still stringent border controls in place which are intended to keep new cases of the deadly virus away from the country. 

But robust social distancing methods have been lifted after health officials in the country confirmed that no new cases of COVID-19 had been detected. 

During a press conference, Ms Ardern said that her country had: 

“united in unprecedented ways to crush the virus”. 

The popular prime minister has been praised for her government’s handling of the global pandemic, with the World Health Organisation also commending her administration of the emergency. 

On the 25th March, New Zealand was put into lockdown for four weeks. 

After that period, the restrictions slowly started to ease. 

Meanwhile, in the UK, three months after the lockdown started, lockdown measures have only recently started to ease. 

But from midnight tonight, all restrictions in New Zealand will be lifted.

Back in March, New Zealand had around 200 confirmed cases the virus. Even during its peak, only 1,500 cases were confirmed. 

Twenty-two people in New Zealand died after contracting the virus. 

That represents a figure of around 0.0000044% of the total population. 

In the UK, over 40,000 people have died, which represents a figure of around 0.00061538% of the population – a mortality rate 1,398 times higher than New Zealand. 

Scientists have said that the mortality rate in New Zealand could have been much higher had their government not have acted so swiftly. 

Man Hiding From The Cops Gives His Location Away After Loud Fart

On Thursday, officers from Nottinghamshire Police executed a warrant at a residential address to try and find a male who had been giving them the slip.

However, when the police arrived, the male had other ideas and made good his escape by running and hiding in some local ‘foulage’.

The suspect thought that hiding in the woods would be enough to throw officers off the scent, so to speak.

But as the officers were searching the undergrowth, they heard a distinctive noise that can only be attributed to the every-day function of the human body; the suspect let off an ‘air biscuit’.

A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Police confirmed that officers heard a noise “believed to be the sound of someone breaking wind from a nearby bush”.

Once the male had given away his location, it wasn’t long before officers picked him up and carted him away.

Perhaps another good reason why anyone with a dairy intolerance should lay off of the stuff. Especially when you are ‘playing’ hide n seek.

Refuse Collectors Report Seeing A “30% Increase” In Food Waste As Hoarders Start Throwing Away Out-Of-Date Food

Refuse collectors around the country have started to report drastic increases in the amount of food waste being collected from households as the hundreds of thousands of people who panic bought items begin to throw away the food they never even needed. 

One of the lasting images of the COVID-19 outbreak will be pictures of irrational people fighting over food in supermarkets which they could have bought/had delivered at any time. 

Because there has never actually been a threat to the supply of our food, other than the threat posed owing to people hoarding items just because they saw other people doing the same thing on social media. 

And even though the government and food retailers told people not to panic-buy (because there was no need to), thousands of shoppers went into a zombie-like frenzy as they scooped up anything and everything they could lay their hands on. 

And now, it would seem, most of them not only wasted their time and money but wasted tonnes of fresh produce. 

One refuge collector said:

“In the past two weeks, we have seen a 30% increase in Food Waste collected from households. 

“The additional weight is mainly fresh food that has gone out of date and was never even touched, some still in wrappers”.

So while those of us who resisted the urge to become overnight professional hoarders still have an extra couple of quid in our bank accounts, the individuals who decided to fill their fridges with fresh produce they never even needed will probably be kicking themselves right now. 

But it was always a simple matter of common sense; nobody needed to panic buy because the shops weren’t running out of the items which the panic buyers were buying. 

It was the panic buyers themselves who were creating the problem in the first place!

And now, tonnes of fresh produce are needlessly thrown away as their sell-by dates are rapidly approaching. 

Common sense could have prevented the situation from arising. 

But it would appear that common sense is rarer than toilet paper. But at least toilet paper doesn’t have a ‘wipe by’ date. 

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Morrisons Install Screens To Protect Their Checkout Staff

As most of us get used to not seeing anyone other than the people we live with, thousands of retail staff around the country are working to make sure that we can still get vital provisions during this (at least) three-week lockdown. 

There has been quite a bit of ‘chatter’ on the internet over the past few days about supermarkets being ‘hotbeds’ for passing COVID-19 around owing to the sheer number of people going to the shops. 

So what about the men and women who are working on the checkouts? 

Until now, we haven’t seen them being afforded any protection from the tens-of-thousands of desperate shoppers they see daily. 

Well, Morrisons seems to have stepped up to the mark and have now started to instal screens on the checkouts at some of their stores to protect their employees from being breathed, coughed and sneezed on. 

Good on you, Morrisons! 

It is only right that the men and women who are helping to keep the nation fed are not forgotten when it comes to protecting people who put themselves at risk of getting COVID-19 to keep the country running. 

Hopefully, more stores and retail chains will follow. 

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Italy Is Begging The World To Listen And React Before Its Too Late

A letter from Italy

“Peace for all,

We live in Italy – Milan,

I’m going to share with you and explain to you, “How is life here in Milan” during these difficult days and how do I think you should learn from the mistakes and their consequences that we live here.

We are currently in quarantine. We don’t take to the streets, the police are in constant motion and arrest anyone outside his home.

Everything is closed! … business, malls, stores, all streets without movement.

Feeling of the end of the world !!

Italy, the country of living life, is transformed from one moment to the next as if it were a dark country of war.

It is a fact that I never thought I would ever live!

People are confused, sad, anxious and helpless, and often do not understand how this reality was imposed on them and when this whole nightmare will end.

The big mistake was that at the start of the first hit people continued to lead their lives as usual and took to the streets for work, entertainment and feeling like a vacation period, so gatherings with friends and banquets abound.

Everyone was wrong and so were you!

I beg you, be careful, this is neither a laugh nor a joke.

Protect your loved ones, your parents, and your grandparents! The disease is dangerous for them.

About 200 people die here every day, not because medicine in Milan is not good (it’s one of the best in the world), but rather because there are no places for everyone!

Doctors choose who will die! This is only because of the silliness of the citizens at the beginning, who decided to continue their lives as usual, regardless of the new situation!

Please, learn from the mistakes, we are a small country that could end up with a great tragedy.

Listen well now ,,, 🙏

Don’t go out into crowded places.

Try not to eat in public places.

Stay longer at home during this time!

Listen to the Ministry of Health guidelines (don’t play it!).

Talk about a meter away from each person, do not come close, do not cuddle or accept.

Get a complementary and preventive treatment and learn from others’ mistakes.

We recommend that you take vitamin C to boost your immune system.

Helping professionals prevent the spread of the epidemic …

In Italy, the entire country is isolated, meaning 60 million people in quarantine !!

This would have been prevented if people had heard the instructions from the beginning.

Take care of yourself and the life of the ones you love

Share the message to all people far n near.”

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New Website Tells You How Much Toilet Paper You Actually Need And How Long It Will Last

As herds of sheep-like hoarders continue to stockpile millions of rolls of toilet paper for reasons which even they do not understand, a website has just pooped up that should help to ease the anxiety people are feeling regarding loo roll that is leading them to panic buy; just because other people are.

Many of us who have not lost their common sense are wondering why people are still panic buying despite there being no indication whatsoever that: a) the shops are going to shut b) we are going to run out of food.

Of course, there are those despicable and greedy individuals who have panic bought items just so that they can sell them back to their fellow citizens at an inflated price.

We will have to hope that karma finds such individuals when the time is right.

But if you really are not sure how long your supply of loo roll will last, then a handy calculator has emerged that should enlighten you somewhat.

According to the website, with my four remaining rolls of toilet paper, then I should be ok for the next 48 days based on me going for a poop once a day.

The site tells me that this covers 114% of my quarantine period.

If you are one of the weirdos who has stockpiled toilet paper in every cupboard in your house, then, assuming that you eat well and only take a dump once a day, then your supply of 200 rolls should last you 3200 days.

With this in mind, if you do happen to have 200 loo rolls hidden away, then why not share them out with people who have none?

You know; the people you deprived the opportunity of buying enough toilet roll to get them through the week, let alone through the next EIGHT YEARS – because that’s how long your 200 loo rolls are going to last!

Now all we need is a website that does the same thing for the people who have panic bought billions of tonnes of pasta, pasta sauce, rice and other everyday items which will still be around for the foreseeable future.

When this is all over, then I would like to buy the person who made this site a beer.

If you want to visit the ‘loo roll calculator’ then visit:

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