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WATCH | Motorcyclist Stops Tailgater From Following Met Police Van

If you have ever found yourself driving along slowly in traffic, only to be overtaken by an emergency vehicle on a blue-light run then chances are you have probably thought one of two things.

Firstly, you might have thought to yourself: ‘I wonder where the emergency vehicle is going, or what call they are dealing with?’

Or, you might have thought: ‘It must be great to be able to slice through gridlock traffic with some blue lights and sirens’.

Of course, you could always pop down to your local Halfords and buy yourself one of those ‘traffic avoidance’ Sat Navs to save yourself the hassle of being stuck in annoying traffic in the first place.

Most people probably do not think about driving behind the emergency vehicle as it cuts its way through the rush-hour traffic.

But that is exactly what the motorist in the video below did, when they spotted a Met Police van on its way to a call.

Thankfully, a motorcyclist (with a Helmet Cam) was on hand to help educate the driver and stop them from driving like an idiot.

To be honest, I am surprised that the officer behind the wheel didn’t get out of their wagon and give the driver of the Corsa a fine.

But then if the cops were on their way to an urgent call, then they probably would not have had enough time.

‘Home Alone’ House Is Listed On AirBnB For ‘Filthy Animals’ To Stay In

For many people worldwide, Christmas officially starts when ‘Home Alone‘ is played on the family television.

The cult classic, released in 1990, has long been synonymous with the start of festivities. 

But over 30 years later, The McCallister family are still just as willing to leave their family home open to a group of complete strangers.

Or rather, ‘Buzz’ (as the host) seems to have decided to open up the family home! 

The only people who will not be welcome are burglars (as, let’s face it, nobody likes a burglar).      

The listing appeared on AirBnB’s Twitter page with the caption: 

‘Get ready to celebrate the holidays on the most boring street in the united states of America… because the timeless house where the home alone story began is officially bookable on Airbnb.  

‘Filthy animals can request to book on december 7 at 1pm CT’

Replying to the news, one Twitter user said: ‘4 guests only ? There was 20 person in that house geez, looks like have to leave a kid outside for the night.’

The home is available for four people to stay for one night only on Sunday, Dec. 12. 

The listing is part of a holiday promotion of the new Disney+ remake, “Home Sweet Home Alone”.

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WATCH | AuDItOr Sneaks Up On Police Officer In Station Yard

If you have any social media accounts, then there is a high probability that you have seen painful footage of so-called AuDItOr’s trying to fill their vast amounts of time by filming life-saving emergency workers doing their jobs.

As dull as it sounds, some of these videos get a few thousand views, and if the AuDItOr’s social media channel is monetised, the AuDItOr might earn a couple of quid.

Of course, if you find yourself in an AuDItOr’s video (on YouTube) then you can contact YouTube to get the video removed (under YouTube’s Privacy rules).

The MO of an AuDItOr is to approach a police officer, prison officer or security officer and goad them into reacting. The AuDItOr normally waffles on about something which makes him/her sound like a five-year-old.

When the reaction is caught on camera (because, after all, we are all human, right?), the clip is then uploaded to social media.

The only place we haven’t seen these videos is on LinkedIn – where genuine auditors and other professionals tend to hang out.

The grainy images and dodgy thumbnails which accompany the videos have often been edited using easy-to-use software like Canva to make the viewer think that the video will be interesting.

But, most of the time, they are just cringe.

And now it seems that the MO of these AuDItOr’s seems to have changed.

One video (below) shows a so-called AuDItOr lurking around like a peeping Tom in the bushes next to a police station.

No doubt this failed private detective really enjoyed the adrenaline that came with creeping around in the bushes, having spent a few quid online buying clothes which made him look like a plastic copper.

TikTok Account Called ‘Stop Auditors UK’ Surfaces On Social Media

Do you know what an ‘auditor’ (not the qualified, professional kind) is or what their purpose might be? Nope, neither do I. 

Generally speaking, to be an ‘auditor’, you need to be highly qualified in your respective field; when it comes to ‘auditing’ the police, being a ‘professional bystander’ just does not cut it. 

But when you have a look at self-proclaimed ‘auditor’ accounts on social media, you will find a bizarre group of individuals who seem to enjoy walking up to police officers in a blatant attempt to try and bait them into arguing. 


The self-proclaimed ‘auditor’ with then, more than likely, hope to upload the video footage to social media and get paid as a result of the adverts which are placed in the videos. 

Of course, if a police officer just ignores the auditor, identifies him/her in their own footage, or just happens to get a phone call on their mobile phone which has a Disney track as a ring tone, then then ‘auditors’ attempt to make money off the back of the video will be ruined. 

From our research, it would appear that most auditors have been arrested for various offences at some point before they became an ‘auditor’, which might explain their ‘motivation’ to go up to police officers responding to 999 calls and asking them what they are doing.

This could be one of the reasons why many so-called ‘auditors’ do not like their details being shown on social media. When the camera is turned into their faces, they tend to have a bit of a ‘wobble’. 

And that is precisely what one TikTok account has been set up to try and do; they want to shine some light on the shadowy backgrounds of some of the ‘Auditors’. 

Stop Auditors UK‘ features many different ‘auditors’ who seem to want to justify their actions as part of some bizarre ‘public service’. 

This is bizarre because most officers have body-worn cameras, which more and more police forces around the country are choosing to share with the public, to get an unbiased perspective on police work.

Some of the ‘auditors’ featured on the TikTok channel appear to like dressing up to make themselves look like police officers. Maybe they applied to join the police but got knocked back? I wonder why that could be…

Other ‘auditors’ seem to have a bone to pick with the ‘feds’ because law enforcement personnel have hampered their criminal enterprises which then motivated them to become an AuDItoR.

But they appear to try and want the general public to believe that their fundamental objective is to hold the police to account. 

But I doubt that the Independent Office for Police Conduct (the IOPC) will be recruiting any of these ‘auditors’ anytime soon. Because, after all, the IOPC employ hundreds of people on full-time salaries to do just that; hold the police to account.

So why the hell do we need ‘AuDItoRs’? 

Anyway, have a look for yourself and see what you think: ‘Stop Auditors UK

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WATCH | The Very Real Hazards Of Taser Training

If you are lucky enough (or unlucky enough, depending on which way you look at it) to work in a unit that gives you access to a taser, then, chances are, you are going to ride the volts yourself during a training or ‘familiarisation’ session.

What better way to understand the effect that a taser has on the body than being on the receiving end of the razor sharp barbs that help carry the voltage that will make all of your muscles contract?

During the training, you might experience involuntary flatulence as well as various limbs flying wildly all over the place.

But do not worry, as your colleagues who will be helping you through the process will be primed and ready to look after you as you experience tens of thousands of volts running through your body.

Or will they?

Judging by the video below, helping your oppo as they experience the effect of a taser can be just as hazardous as being on the receiving end of the taser itself!


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Lad In Bootle Takes A Picture Of HEMs And Lists It For Sale On Facebook

A Bootle-based entrepreneur has tried to make a few quid by listing a HEMs helicopter for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

The multi-million-pound chopper had landed in a park when the lad took a picture of it before listing it on the social media website.

The seller – who is ‘highly rated’ on Fb Marketplace – is only asking £1,248,400 for the ‘used’ but ‘like new’ life-saving machine.

The seller points out that the helicopter has only had ‘two careful owners’ but that he decided it wasn’t for him after ‘owning it’ for a ‘couple of hours’.

This is fair enough because, let’s face it, running a helicopter is not cheap.

Although, it was listed ten weeks ago and still has not been sold. Maybe the seller needs to reduce the asking price a bit?

WATCH | ‘You Can Shove Your Lamborghini Up Your A*se’ – England Fans Surround Lambo Driver In London

England fans can pretty much turn any object into a song. As the video below clearly shows.

When the driver of this blue Lamborghini got caught up in some traffic whilst driving through central London, it did not take long for some England fans to swarm around the Italian-made supercar.

Initially, one fan stood in front of the sportscar, pointing to its bonnet.

At least another 20 fans quickly joined the fan as they surrounded the vehicle whilst chanting: ‘you can stick your Lamborghini up your a*se’.

After a performance that lasted around 20 seconds, the driver of the Lamborghini revved their engine, at which point the video stopped.

One social media user who commented on the video said: ‘In Miami they would’ve climbed on it, I held my breath!’


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WATCH | Mason Mount Gives His England Shirt To Young Fan After Semi-Final Win

A video has been shared on social media showing the moment when Mason Mount walks into the stand at Wembley after the 2-1 win over Denmark, to give his England shirt to a young England fan.

In the footage, Mount walks past a security official to get to the fan.

Worried about what the footballer will do, the security official initially tries to hold Mount back, but he points to the young girl with his shirt in his hand.

Realising what Mount is about to do, the security official steps back in order to allow Mount through.

Once Mount gives the young fan his shirt, she is overcome with emotion as tears of joy start to stream down her face.

Her dad then gives her an epic hug, patting her on the back as she continues to cry with joy.

As Mount walks away, he looks back over his shoulder and smiles after seeing the young girls reaction.

The video, uploaded to Twitter, has been viewed nearly 700k times with 19k ‘likes’.

Social Media ‘Owns’ Journalist Who Accused Officers Of Covering Up Their Epaulettes During “FreEDoM MaRCh”

A journalist and broadcaster has been ‘owned’ on Twitter after posting two pictures of two Met Police officers who were allegedly ‘covering up’ their epaulettes during a “FreEDoM MaRCh”.

The journalist, Julia Hartley-Brewer (JHB), was on a conveyance referred to in her tweet as a ‘Reform Bus’ when she spotted two officers on the pavement. 

The two Met Police officers were, in fact, evidence/intel gatherers. With video cameras.

They are deployed at protests and other large events which have the potential to ‘kick off’ to – you guessed it – gather evidence and intelligence. 

They are regular police officers who receive additional training. 

When there are no protests, they are redeployed back to their usual jobs within ‘the job’. 

So their colleagues know who they are when it all kicks off, evidence gatherers wear bright orange epaulettes on their shoulders. 

It means that, for example, public order officers will allow evidence gatherers near the ‘front line’ when they start coming under attack by moronic individuals who like to assault emergency workers. 

But when JHB spotted these evidence gatherers, she could not see the black ‘shoulder numbers’ (which JHB referred to as ‘badge numbers – which officers in the US display rather than officers in the UK) embroidered onto their bright orange epaulettes.

This might have had something to do with the fact that she was around 60ft away from them, whilst travelling on the ‘Reform TV Bus’. 

Assuming that the officers were ‘covering’ their shoulder numbers, rather than just being open to the fact that she could not see them, JHB tweeted the following:

‘At the start of today’s #FreedomMarch these two @metpoliceuk officers were filming us on the Reform TV bus. 

‘It looks like they’ve covered up their police badge numbers with the orange epaulettes. I can’t see a number on them. Why? All officers are required to show their badge ID’.

Twitter was quick to help educate JHB regarding the fact that the officer’s SHOULDER NUMBERS weren’t “covered up”

The Chairman of the Police Federation of England & Wales, John Apter, also joined the ‘education bus’ when he tweeted:

‘Dear Specsavers, have a word please’

Another officer took the liberty of letting the Twittersphere know precisely what the different coloured epaulettes mean so that other ‘journalists’ do make the same silly mistake. 

And remember: UK police officers do not have ‘badge numbers’. They have ‘shoulder numbers’ (also sometimes referred to as ‘collar number’) and warrant numbers. But no ‘badge numbers’.

Angry Mum Leaves No-Nonsense Message On Underside Of Toilet Seat

A mum has had enough of the toilet habits of her family after leaving a no-nonsense message underneath the lid of a toilet seat.

When taking a seat on the porcelain throne, the last thing anybody wants is to have to sit on a puddle of p**s. 

But for one mum in particular, the message appeared not to be sinking in with the people in her house. 

As well as containing ‘words of advice’ the message also made it clear that any puddles of p**s would be cleaned up with the offender’s toothbrush.

To help the message sink in, the disgruntled mother wrote:

‘P**s in the f**king toilet, NOT on the floor, or on the seat, you lazy wa**kers!

‘It’s NOT that hard!!

‘If p**s is left on the seat or floor, you better have found a fantastic hiding spot for your toothbrush!’

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