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Meet The Former Squaddie Who Now Runs A Coffee Company

Darren, the owner and founder of hugely popular Tactical Coffee joined the Royal Regiment of Artillery in 1989 and after his basic training in Woolwich was posted to 17 Corunna Battery 26 Regiment RA in Gutersloh, Germany.

Darren served as part of a Tactical Observation Team that directed artillery fire. He also served as a Ferret driver, 432 driver, Warrior driver, Signaller and as the assistant to the Forward Observation Officer. 

During his time with 26 Regiment, he deployed on three tours of Northern Ireland, two tours of Bosnia and a tour of Kosovo as well as countless exercises in BATUS, Poland, Germany and the UK.

It was on his tour of Kosovo in 1999/2000 that Darren had his first introduction to real coffee, while on duty in the Multi-National Division Headquarters (on Millennium Eve).

Darren was offered a cup of coffee from a cafetière and, like many of us have, he developed a love for real coffee.

In 2001 Darren was selected to be the Photographer for the Royal Artillery and the Gunner Magazine.

Photography was a hobby since school. Darren returned to Woolwich as part of Headquarters Royal Artillery and travelled to the Falklands, Brunei, Dubai, Gibraltar, Norway.

In 2007 Darren was posted to the Royal School of Artillery in Larkhill to work as part of Media Services Team, the civilian lead team of photographers, Videographers and Graphic Designers. 

As the only military employed member of the team, by his own admission, Darren didn’t fit in well.

On deployment to Larkhill Darren soon spotted a gap in the Military Clothing and Accessories market. 

There were no shops in the area that supplied equipment to troops on exercise on Salisbury Plain, Phase Two Recruits based at the Royal School of Artillery and stationed troops within the Larkhill, Bulford and Tidworth Garrison.

Darren and his wife Joanne soon opened a succession of shops in Larkhill, Bulford and Westdown Camp. It was during this time that Darren also established BombG T-Shirts, printing his own military humoured t-shirts and hoodies.

BombG T-Shirts was very successful but caused a lot of controversy with some of the designs being banned from sale within the shops that were located on military-owned property and even they got Darren and his family a few death threats.

The success of the shops and the online T-Shirt business soon meant that Darren could leave the Army after 19 years service.

In 2008 Darren sold his three shops and online business, and with the proceeds of the sale, Darren and Joanne signed a tenancy agreement on a pub in Upavon, Wiltshire. 

But after just over a year the business venture failed, mostly due to the lack of support from the brewery with who they took on the tenancy and the fact that in Darren’s opinion he was on the wrong side of the bar.

In 2010 Darren joined the Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS) part of the Adjutant Generals Corps (AGC). 

After leaving the Army for the second time in his life, he started a career in the Private Security Industry. He had several jobs including, Security Escort, Door Supervisor, Operations Manager, Instructor, Penetration Tester and even the dizzy heights of Close Protection. 

In 2015 Darren and his family moved away from Wiltshire back to the West Midlands where Darren had joined the Army 26 years earlier. 

Not happy with the average pace of life, he wanted to start another business and try to make it as successful as his chain of shops and online T-Shirt sales.

Darren took his love of coffee and tried to encompass this into a business and began to learn all he could by reading and watching videos. 

In late 2015 Darren took a course with the Winchester Coffee School and learnt the basics of making the perfect cup of coffee with the insight to opening a coffee shop, this idea soon turned into a mobile coffee van. 

It didn’t take long before he realised that both options were out of his financial reach, so he began to think of other ideas for a business that could incorporate his love of coffee and entrepreneurialism.

In 2017 Darren stumbled upon an online business selling bags of coffee to the military community in America (Black Rifle Coffee) and began to do his own research into the possibility of starting a UK version but found that he had been beaten to the post by a Company formed by a couple of serving Royal Marines.

Not letting this deter him, he carried on with his research and found that every time he looked another UK online coffee company would pop up.

Darren said:

“We spoke with several coffee roasters and attended a few Coffee Expos and conventions across the UK before we found the perfect roasting partner. 

“The company we founded is also run by a veteran who employs veterans which matches our company eth; we didn’t want to white label their own coffee and pass it off as our own, we wanted coffee blends that were unique to us. 

“We took our first three ideas for our blends (Alpha, Bravo and Charlie) and the roasters agreed to do them exclusively for us”.

In January 2018 Darren decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon and launched Tactical Coffee. 

Since its first sale in January 2018, several other coffee companies have emerged and disappeared, but Tactical Coffee has gone from strength to strength. 

Darren puts this down to his genuine passion for great coffee.

Darren and his oppos

Since Tactical coffee began, they have taken on three members of part-time staff:

Steve; a former Combat Medic and now an instructor for the HART teams across the UK and Make Ready Assistant Manager for the NHS and also the owner of SimFX Casualty Simulation can be found working alongside Darren at events (Steve is usually the one with a beer in his hand).

Paul, also a former Gunner and self-confessed caffeine addict can be found making Fresh Hand Brewed Coffee at events and Veterans Breakfast Club.

Joanne, long-suffering wife, the ‘long-haired General’, Chief of Domestic Staff and Darren’s rock. She also provides an ear for Darren’s rants, raves and stupid ideas.

See for more information.

If you have a business that you would like us to promote to our 900k combined followers and group members, then email our team at

How To Stop Your Glasses Steaming Up With A Face Mask On

The main issue I have with wearing my mask is that I am always having to battle with the fact that my glasses are continually fogging up, meaning that I literally cannot see where I am going or what I am doing. 

I am relatively lucky in that I only have to wear my glasses when it is dark, so that means that don’t have to wear them when I am down the shops stocking up on toilet paper and other essential items such as a new wardrobe for autumn.

But for many people who wear glasses, then the battle is real when it comes to the endless misty view which comes with having to wear glasses whilst at the same time also having to wear your mask. 

So we have scanned the internet and have come up with the following three tips which should help to prevent your glasses from fogging up every time you have to put your face mask on. 

Tip #1 – The Tuck Method

For this to work, you have to make sure that your glasses are not behind your face mask, i.e. you have to ensure that you push the top of the mask around your nose and then you place your glasses on the outside of your mask. 

Tip #2 – The Tissue Method 

Tape some tissue inside the top of the mask in order to catch the moisture. The tissue will then capture the condensation that is generated when you breathe out – especially when the outside temperature is cold. For this method to work, it is best to roll up the tissue and then fix it to the inside of the top of your mask. Make sure that the tissue covers the width of the face mask. 

Tip #3 – The Soap Method

For this to work, then you will need to wash your glasses in warm soapy water. This will leave a thin anti-mist layer on the lenses. This layer will be enough to stop your glasses from fogging up whilst wearing your face mask, for as long as the thin layer of soap remains on the lens. 

Tip #4 – Buy Some Anti-Mist Spray

I am used to having to use anti-mist spray on the visor on my motorbike helmet, and I have found, from experience, that this works just as well on my glasses too. You can buy some decent anti-mist spray on Amazon

So there we have it! Our top four tips on how to stop your glasses from fogging up whilst you are wearing your face mask. Try these methods out and let us know how you get on by leaving a comment in the comments section below. 

Bizarre Crowdfunding Campaign Raises USD 90k For A ‘F**k COVID-19’ Commemorative Coin

An online crowdfunding campaign has raised nearly USD 90k for a ‘F__k COVID-19’ commemorative coin with the aim of using the money to bring the silver coin into production. 

According to the page behind the campaign, the front of the coin will have a picture of a person wearing a gas mask on it accompanied with the words: ‘f**k COVID-19’ and ‘Coronavirus’. 

On the rear of the coin will be a picture of some toilet paper, a syringe and a thermometer as well as a face mask. Accompanying the images on the back of the coin will be the words: ‘I survived Coronavirus 2020’. 

The original goal for the amount of money to be raised for the campaign was $5,000. However, 1,618 people pledged $89,736 towards the coin with most of the donations being received within 24 hours of the campaign being launched.

The project was launched by a group calling itself: ‘zero f**ks given’ who have since closed the funding round. 

On their crowdfunding page, a spokesperson for the group said: 

‘A commemorative coin to celebrate surviving this stupid f**kin’ pandemic & these crazy f**kin’ times! F**K COVID-19! (Large 39mm, 1oz.)’.

However, the people behind this bizarre campaign are not the first to launch a so-called ‘commemorative coin’. 

A so-called ‘commemorative coin’ that you can get on

You can also currently buy a ‘CORONAVIRUS Covid 19 Panda Silver Coin’ on Amazon which will set you back £131.95.

And, as you would expect, there are various other ‘novelty’ items which you can buy on Amazon which range from ‘funny’ t-shirts to novelty masks. 

Some of the bizarre things we found being sold on Amazon. Check them out by clicking HERE

CLICK HERE to check out some of the weird and wacky things we found on Amazon.

Tired Of Your Wearing Paper Mask? How About One Of These ‘Micro Climate’ Helmets?

Most of us have been wearing our paper masks for some time now, and we have learnt a few things. Firstly, it is always advisable to carry a pack of mints with you, especially if, like me, you drink quite a bit of coffee to get you through the day. 

Secondly, if you are prone to sneezing then the aftermath of a power sneeze whilst wearing a paper mask is not pleasant. Especially if you are on public transport and you do no have a back-up mask with you. 

The cloth masks are great because they are more comfortable, but they end up heating up your face so much that it feels like you, or at least your face is, millimetres away from a hot furnace. 

Of course, there are plenty of beauty products out there which we can use to try and repair our face as best we can. Wearing your mask for more than one hour seems to have an odd effect on your skin. I always find that carrying baby wipes is quite handy because a quick wipe with one after I take my mask off feels almost like having a mini face wash. 

But a company called ‘Micro Climate’ thinks that it has come up with something that is much, much more comfortable than a paper or cloth mask and has used some of the latest technology to bring you a helmet that creates your own little ‘bubble’ of clean air. 

Image credit:

A note of their Facebook page says:

‘MicroClimate is a new wearable technology that creates a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for individuals. The device also protects surrounding bystanders from the person wearing the device’.

The battery-powered device will give you four hours of ‘fresh air’ and also comes with a 6ft long charging cable that can be plugged into a laptop for some extra power. It also comes with two cushion liners, removable, washable fabric HEPA filters and will even work with your AirPods. It comes with a carrying case and is available in either black or white. 

The price? USD 199, which isn’t too bad. I think that if more people wore something like this, then I definitely would buy one. But I still feel a bit strange wearing a paper mask, let alone a ‘micro climate’.

Would you wear one? Let us know in the comments below! 

To find out more about the product visit 

Five Essential Items For Anyone Who Works Night Shifts

Working night shifts are hard work, especially if you are not able to get any decent sleep during the day before your night shift starts. Having to face 12 hours of working through the night is bad enough, without the added problem of barely being able to stay awake.

When I used to work night shifts, I would often be woken up during the day by one of my neighbours who just sat in doors all day playing drum and bass as loud as he possibly could. He was a t**t. And, to be fair, probably still is.

But what are the five essential items you need before starting your long and emotionally draining night shift?

1. A decent torch. You cannot be expected to work through the night if you cannot see what you are doing, right? That’s why a torch is an essential bit of kit for anyone who is going to be embarking on a night shift. We have found one for you for under £10.


‘This is a great torch for the price and exactly what I needed for dog walks on the field at 5am. It’s small enough for your Jean’s pocket, but reassuringly weighty, giving it a quality feel. The beam casts a very bright wide illumination but you can also adjust it to narrow the field right down to aim at something in particular. Using the batteries that came with it so need to add some longer life batteries (3xAAA) in order to comment on battery life. All in all a powerful little torch’ – Adam.

Buy it from Amazon for 9.99

2. Morale. Ok, so you cannot ‘buy’ morale, but you can buy something that will help you to keep your morale levels relatively high which, when working a night shift, is vital. So we have found a book that should help you to keep your levels of morale relatively high. The book is called: ‘What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions’

Best Review:

‘I love this book! It is both hilariously funny, and thought provoking, and educational all at the same time as well as giving you all sorts of “did you know” stories to bore your friends and family for months!

Its a total dip-in book. The short chapters (3-6 pages) are pretty much random, and cover all areas of science. I’ve learnt stuff about genetics that I never realised, as well as radioactivity, the periodical table and much more besides, as well as chuckling away and giggling and generally annoying people right through Christmas Day.’ – John Birch

Buy it from Amazon for 8.19

3. A lunch box. If you work in a job where working a night shift also means that you could end up rolling around all over the place, then you are going to need somewhere to keep your highly nutritious food. Thankfully, we have found just such a place. This lunch box is perfect if you like taking your own food into work rather than having to ‘fork’ out a small fortune on fast food (your immune system will love you for it if you take your own decent food into work with you!). This eco-friendly ‘lunch’ box allows you to keep your food intact and compartmentalised – so no more opening your lunch box to find that your food has become a sloppy mess.

Best Review:

‘Having been through so many lunch boxes, I was never satisfied with any I had for long. But this one is great, How the inside is divided is great. Encourages me to start a balanced diet. But my main focus was the leak proof feature. And I was amazed. For a week I had this not one drop of liquid in my backpack. As you can see in my video, even with water filled and the box on its side, no leak. The lunch box is very sturdy. The quality is apparent from the moment you unbox it. The spoon and fork is a great addition. Never forget them now, which was a problem in the past. No more nicking spoons and fork from local coffee shop!!’ – Mr Abdo

Buy it from Amazon for 28.75 (free delivery).

4. A face covering. During these tough times then, unless you are lucky enough to work on your own, then you are probably going to want some sort of face covering. Especially if you job means that you cannot avoid coming into contact with people. So we have found a site that supplies comfy face coverings which can also be used to show your support for the emergency services! They have the thin blue line (police) thing green line (ambulance) thin red line (fire & rescue service) and ‘thank you NHS Heroes’ face coverings.

Best Review:

‘One size fits all and they are great quality. each one is made to order and mine came in around three days. Just don’t do what I did and wear the mask upside down for two days (the thing green line one). – Claire H

Buy one from Teespring for 12.99

5. A mug for your coffee. When I used to work night shifts, then I would drink around two cups of coffee each hour. I used to stay away from so-called ‘energy drinks’ as I value my bladder and my kidneys far too much. Now, you could just go for a plain mug. But why not instead buy a mug that reflects your personality or your mood/attitude towards work? We have found an online shop call ‘Muggy Mugs’ which has over 70 different designs of novelty/comedy mugs.

Best Review

‘I hate my job and I hate my boss so the ‘sorry I’m late but I don’t like coming here’ mug for perfect for me. If, like me, then you have a boss who has the personality of a shrimp, then you might want to hide your mug each time your power hungry boss comes around to make sure that you are earning the pittance that you are paid. The last time my boss asked me to make a coffee for him, then I rimmed the cup before making him a crap crap of coffee. But that’s just me’ – Robert.

Buy one from Teespring for 9.99

We hope that these suggestions are useful and that you manage to fully equip and prepare yourself before embarking upon you next set and long-ass night shifts. Stay safe out there!

Could This Be The Cutest Parent-Child T-Shirt Combo?

Trying to find a funny and original t-shirt combo for you and your little ones can be quite hard; assuming, of course, that you are into that sort of fashion statement. 

I have got two ‘mini-me’s’, and I am relatively confident that I won’t be donning a ‘parent/off-spring’ fashion statement anytime soon, just because it makes me cringe, albeit, just a little bit. 

But I will admit that this ‘pizza’ t-shirt did make me smile. 

After all, our kids are the slices of our ‘life pizza‘ that we love just as much as pizza itself. 

And we also thought that this t-shirt combo could be used by ‘bff’ work colleagues who just do not feel complete without their work chum. 

The next time you go to some sort of work event, you and your work BFF could wear this t-shirt combo, just to show your colleagues how much you love each other. 

Although, unless they do the combo in an adult-to-adult version, then your colleague might not fit in their baby ‘pizza’ t-shirt…

But the good news is that you can buy them on Amazon! 

BEST REVIEW: I love this! Probably one of the best things I’ve ever bought! My partner thought it was great too. Had so many lovely comments from family members about it as well. Money well spent! Came faster than expected too. Thank you so much! – Beki

Buy it from Amazon for 26.95

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You Can Now Buy These Novelty ‘Banana’ Wine Stoppers On Amazon

While browsing some of the more exciting products which you can buy off of Amazon, we found these novelty plastic wine stoppers. 

Being a big fan of the red/white/pink stuff, it suddenly dawned on me that my fellow wine drinkers needed to know about these ‘wine stoppers’.

Mainly because they, like me, are probably running out of them owing to the sheer number of half-finished bottles of wine they probably have laying around at home. 

We also know that a lot of our followers and readers will probably be in the market for one of these.

If you have a colleague or friend who has got a birthday coming up, then these could be the perfect gift idea? 

You can get them on Amazon for 11.60 

Wine Trucks: If Kids Can Have Ice cream Trucks Then Adults Can Have These!?

We are used to the noise of ice cream trucks darting around the neighbourhood. 

They always seem to emerge at the exact time your kids have just started to eat their dinner. 

But what about wine trucks for adults? Why hasn’t anyone decided to make a business out of selling wine from a truck? 

Instead of playing music that sounds like it should be in some sort of horror film, wine trucks could play the distinctive noise of wine being poured out of a bottle and into your pint glass? 

If you are thinking about starting up your own business, or diversifying from your current one, then please feel free to give this business idea a go. 

All we ask is that you make sure that our offices are on your daily rounds. Note the word ‘daily’ and not ‘nightly’. 

Just think how happier the world would be if there were more wine!? 

I doubt that you would ever be out of business as pretty much every household in every street loves knocking back at least of few glasses of the stuff. 

Good luck with your new business venture, and be sure to let us know how it goes! 

By the way, did you know that you can actually buy wine in a can!? What better way to drink wine than in a can…

Five Entertaining Ways To Stay Cool During The Summer

Unless you prefer staying in the shade for the entire summer, then you will undoubtedly find that you end up spending some time splashing around in a paddling pool in your mates garden.

That is assuming, of course, that you don’t mind ingesting your friend’s urine as they pee in the paddling pool rather than going indoors to relieve themselves.

So if you are going to be heading to some sort of impromptu paddling pool party, then you are going to want to make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

And we have JUST the things for you!

1. Inflatable Poop Sticks. You won’t need an Olympic sized paddling pool to enjoy a game of jousting. And what can be better than hitting your mate with an inflatable turd? 

BEST REVIEW: ‘These are hilarious and have caused much hilarity with the family over the weekend as we bash each other with poo sticks and sit on the blow-up toilet!! Yes – we re super childish. Genuinely good value and made of strong stuff. They blow up easily, and you can sit on the seat on the pool and not fear falling in. Just a really good fun little thing!’ – Cameron

Buy it from Amazon for 21.03

2. Inflatable Logs (with sticks). If you do not want to offend your mate by hitting them over the head with an inflatable turd, then these inflatable logs with accompanying sticks should do the ‘job’. 

BEST REVIEW: ‘Bought this for an upcoming holiday and just can’t wait to use it with my kids. We’re the competitive type of family and this will just brig so much joy to us all. Nicer than just this inflatables you lie on to relax…..this way you work out a little whilst bashing your opponent :)’ – Shi

Buy it from Amazon for 19.99

3. Turn your garden into a waterpark. The waterparks might be shut, but don’t let that stop you from turning your garden into your very own waterpark. Hell, you could even start charging your mates to come over and using it – just like a real waterpark.

BEST REVIEW: ‘kids enjoyed this water play mat. Seems quite hard wearing and durable. Great to cool the kids down in the summer heat. Just need more weather to get the most use of it now!’ – Adam W

Buy it from Amazon for 29.99

4. Float on a slice of Pizza. If your mate has got a decent sized paddling pool, then stand out from the crowd by floating around on this slice of pizza. The good thing is that this slice of ‘pizza’ hasn’t got any pineapple on it. Result. 

BEST REVIEW: ‘Really great pizza slice inflatable! We were part of a large group and this was the most popular amongst the kids and kept going when other inflatables started to go floppy. The kids always refer to the pizza slice when we mention the holiday…really good buy.’ – Karen (seriously, that’s her name) 

Buy it from Amazon for 8.99

5. Giant Inflatable Sprinkler Unicorn. It’s ok; you like Unicorns. We get it. That’s why we have found this giant inflatable sprinkler unicorn. You can set this up in your garden so your mates can enjoy being hit with unicorn juice. 

BEST REVIEW ‘It’s a great product my daughter loves it thank you’ – david

Buy it from Amazon for 29.99

How To Pretend You Are Working When Really You Are Not

As we all start to head back to work, many of us are finding that we have gotten used to being furloughed where we basically get paid for doing next to nothing. 

It might have only taken a few days to get used to being furloughed, but it is going to take a hell of a lot longer to get used to being at back work again. 

When you do return to work, then you will probably find yourself starting to zone out, or starting to browse through your Amazon Prime video library as you sit on the toilet at work (for hours at a time). 

But fear not, my friends, as you are not alone. 

Tens-of-thousands of workers are in the same situation as you. And we want to help. 

Our suggestion is simple: 

Buy yourself some discrete in-ear headphones (assuming you are allowed to have them at work). 

And then sign up for an AudioBook service (Like Amazon’s Audible) and then ‘hey presto’ – you get to feel like you are at home when really, you are at work! 

If you have been doing your job for a few years and you know it like the back of your hand, then you can ‘work’ while listening to your favourite book! 

This suggestion has been bought to you by our ‘life hack’ team who have tried this very technique (I am listening to an audiobook as I type and none of my colleagues are even aware of it – my boss thinks that I am just waiting for my next call) 

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