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You Can Now Buy These Novelty ‘Banana’ Wine Stoppers On Amazon

While browsing some of the more exciting products which you can buy off of Amazon, we found these novelty plastic wine stoppers. 

Being a big fan of the red/white/pink stuff, it suddenly dawned on me that my fellow wine drinkers needed to know about these ‘wine stoppers’.

Mainly because they, like me, are probably running out of them owing to the sheer number of half-finished bottles of wine they probably have laying around at home. 

We also know that a lot of our followers and readers will probably be in the market for one of these.

If you have a colleague or friend who has got a birthday coming up, then these could be the perfect gift idea? 

You can get them on Amazon for 11.60 

Wine Trucks: If Kids Can Have Ice cream Trucks Then Adults Can Have These!?

We are used to the noise of ice cream trucks darting around the neighbourhood. 

They always seem to emerge at the exact time your kids have just started to eat their dinner. 

But what about wine trucks for adults? Why hasn’t anyone decided to make a business out of selling wine from a truck? 

Instead of playing music that sounds like it should be in some sort of horror film, wine trucks could play the distinctive noise of wine being poured out of a bottle and into your pint glass? 

If you are thinking about starting up your own business, or diversifying from your current one, then please feel free to give this business idea a go. 

All we ask is that you make sure that our offices are on your daily rounds. Note the word ‘daily’ and not ‘nightly’. 

Just think how happier the world would be if there were more wine!? 

I doubt that you would ever be out of business as pretty much every household in every street loves knocking back at least of few glasses of the stuff. 

Good luck with your new business venture, and be sure to let us know how it goes! 

By the way, did you know that you can actually buy wine in a can!? What better way to drink wine than in a can…

Five Entertaining Ways To Stay Cool During The Summer

Unless you prefer staying in the shade for the entire summer, then you will undoubtedly find that you end up spending some time splashing around in a paddling pool in your mates garden.

That is assuming, of course, that you don’t mind ingesting your friend’s urine as they pee in the paddling pool rather than going indoors to relieve themselves.

So if you are going to be heading to some sort of impromptu paddling pool party, then you are going to want to make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

And we have JUST the things for you!

1. Inflatable Poop Sticks. You won’t need an Olympic sized paddling pool to enjoy a game of jousting. And what can be better than hitting your mate with an inflatable turd? 

BEST REVIEW: ‘These are hilarious and have caused much hilarity with the family over the weekend as we bash each other with poo sticks and sit on the blow-up toilet!! Yes – we re super childish. Genuinely good value and made of strong stuff. They blow up easily, and you can sit on the seat on the pool and not fear falling in. Just a really good fun little thing!’ – Cameron

Buy it from Amazon for 21.03

2. Inflatable Logs (with sticks). If you do not want to offend your mate by hitting them over the head with an inflatable turd, then these inflatable logs with accompanying sticks should do the ‘job’. 

BEST REVIEW: ‘Bought this for an upcoming holiday and just can’t wait to use it with my kids. We’re the competitive type of family and this will just brig so much joy to us all. Nicer than just this inflatables you lie on to relax…..this way you work out a little whilst bashing your opponent :)’ – Shi

Buy it from Amazon for 19.99

3. Turn your garden into a waterpark. The waterparks might be shut, but don’t let that stop you from turning your garden into your very own waterpark. Hell, you could even start charging your mates to come over and using it – just like a real waterpark.

BEST REVIEW: ‘kids enjoyed this water play mat. Seems quite hard wearing and durable. Great to cool the kids down in the summer heat. Just need more weather to get the most use of it now!’ – Adam W

Buy it from Amazon for 29.99

4. Float on a slice of Pizza. If your mate has got a decent sized paddling pool, then stand out from the crowd by floating around on this slice of pizza. The good thing is that this slice of ‘pizza’ hasn’t got any pineapple on it. Result. 

BEST REVIEW: ‘Really great pizza slice inflatable! We were part of a large group and this was the most popular amongst the kids and kept going when other inflatables started to go floppy. The kids always refer to the pizza slice when we mention the holiday…really good buy.’ – Karen (seriously, that’s her name) 

Buy it from Amazon for 8.99

5. Giant Inflatable Sprinkler Unicorn. It’s ok; you like Unicorns. We get it. That’s why we have found this giant inflatable sprinkler unicorn. You can set this up in your garden so your mates can enjoy being hit with unicorn juice. 

BEST REVIEW ‘It’s a great product my daughter loves it thank you’ – david

Buy it from Amazon for 29.99

How To Pretend You Are Working When Really You Are Not

As we all start to head back to work, many of us are finding that we have gotten used to being furloughed where we basically get paid for doing next to nothing. 

It might have only taken a few days to get used to being furloughed, but it is going to take a hell of a lot longer to get used to being at back work again. 

When you do return to work, then you will probably find yourself starting to zone out, or starting to browse through your Amazon Prime video library as you sit on the toilet at work (for hours at a time). 

But fear not, my friends, as you are not alone. 

Tens-of-thousands of workers are in the same situation as you. And we want to help. 

Our suggestion is simple: 

Buy yourself some discrete in-ear headphones (assuming you are allowed to have them at work). 

And then sign up for an AudioBook service (Like Amazon’s Audible) and then ‘hey presto’ – you get to feel like you are at home when really, you are at work! 

If you have been doing your job for a few years and you know it like the back of your hand, then you can ‘work’ while listening to your favourite book! 

This suggestion has been bought to you by our ‘life hack’ team who have tried this very technique (I am listening to an audiobook as I type and none of my colleagues are even aware of it – my boss thinks that I am just waiting for my next call) 

3 Essential Items You Must Have For Your Night shift

Working during the night, as everyone else sleeps, is hard work.

If you have never had to work a nightshift, then count yourself lucky and spare a thought for the tens of thousands of people who zombie their way through the night.

But if you do work nights, then we have hand-picked (as former night shift workers ourselves) 3 essential items which you should always carry with you!

1. A ‘travel pillow‘. Ok, granted, not everyone will be able to get away with having a quick sleep during their nightshift. But you could always use your 15-minute break to catch some ZZZZ’s rather than zoning out during late-night conversations. 

BEST REVIEW: ‘My old inflatable neck pillow sprung a leak an was very old. I have just had spinal surgery and needed support for travelling in the car. The astronaut is perfect, and I like the neck clip, so it doesn’t fall off, which I found my old one did. Also extremely comfortable’ – ‘Davide.’

Buy it from Amazon for 9.99

2. A torch. No credible night shift worker can navigate their way through the night without a torch. Yes, your phone can do the job if you need it to. But when you drop your phone, and its screen smashes, then you will be kicking yourself!

BEST REVIEW: ‘This is a great torch for the price and exactly what I needed for dog walks on the field at 5am. It’s small enough for your Jean’s pocket, but reassuringly weighty, giving it a quality feel. The beam casts a very bright wide illumination but you can also adjust it to narrow the field right down to aim at something in particular.

Using the batteries that came with it so need to add some longer life batteries (3xAAA) in order to comment on battery life. All in all a powerful little torch’ – S. Buchan 

Buy it from Amazon for 6.99

3. Refs Box. If you are trying to save money, by avoiding buying fast food during your night shift, then you are going to need a ‘lunch’ box. But we have found one that should also ensure that wandering hands stay away from your food. 

By having a lunch box that also has pictures of all of the body’s vital organs on it, then anyone thinking of stealing your food might believe that, rather than being a lunch box, that it is, in fact, a bag used for the transportation of human organs.

BEST REVIEW: This is a new listing that has yet to be reviewed! 

Buy it from Amazon for 16.99

I Bet You Forgot That Father’s Day Is Upon Us! Need Some Gift Ideas?

If you have a memory like a sieve, then the chances are that you have probably forgotten about the fact that it is Father’s Day this Sunday!

To be fair, with everything that has been going on around the world recently, you can be forgiven for forgetting this day of nostalgia and celebration.

So if you did forget that this Sunday is Father’s Day and you need some light-hearted inspiration, then here are our top five Father’s Day gift ideas:

If your dad loves pizza and he also has a passion for his socks, then these ‘Pizza Socks’ will probably go down quite well. 

Just make sure that you remind your dad that you cannot actually eat these socks (as they are not slices of pizza, obvs). 

Grab yours by clicking HERE

Your dad, like 99.9% of men, probably spends at least five hours per day, sat on the toilet. Why not give him something to read (other than his phone) as he answers his call to nature? 

Grab yours by clicking HERE

Does your dad tend to be a bit grumpy? Especially when he is tired? Well, this ‘Grumpy’s Man Cave – Keep Out’ metal plaque will make the ideal Father’s Day gift! 

Grab yours by clicking HERE

Is your Dad a Breaking Bad fan? If so, then this spoof ‘Baking Bad’ recipe book will probably go down quite well. 

It is described as: ‘a spoof recipe book created in homage to the TV series that we STILL can’t stop talking about. A cookbook for fans of the greatest cult show ever produced (and no gasmask is required)’.

Grab yours by clicking HERE

And finally, no, this is not a toy that can be used in the bedroom. These are, in fact, Lightsaber BBQ Tongs! So if your dad is a fan of Star Wars, then, chances are, he will love these! 

Grab yours by clicking HERE