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Veteran Verbally Abused For Wearing “Racist” & “Offensive” Facemask

If you, or a member of your family, has served in the UK armed forces, then you are probably familiar with the MOD crest. 

The crest represents the navy, army and air force and is cherished by the wider armed forces community and its many, many supporters. 

But when a veteran was spotted on a train wearing a facemask with the emblem of the armed forces on it, someone decided to take it upon themself to label the mask as “racist” and “offensive”.

Shocked, the veteran pointed out to the member of the public that the emblem on the mask represents the UK armed forces.

But the professional moaner was not impressed and so complained to the guard on the train. 

The veteran then had to explain to the guard that the emblem represents the armed forces and that ‘race’ has got nothing to do with the design – after all, the UK armed forces proudly has men and women serving who come from all backgrounds. 

In a post on social media, the veteran said:

“Just had someone kicking off at me and then the conductor on the train that my face mask is racist and offensive.

“I explained to the conductor about the design, and he’s okay with it. 

“he told the little snot to clam down or he will have to put them off at the next station.”

Thankfully, the guard on the train sided with common sense and told the professional moaner who had complained about the veteran to ‘wind his neck in’ – so to speak. 

Has the world gone crazy? Are veterans now not allowed to be proud of their service!? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below

Brand New £200k Lambo Is A Write Off 20 Minutes After Purchase

A brand new £200k Lamborghini has been written off less than 20 minutes after the owner had driven it away from the showroom. 

The sports car had come to a stop on the M1 motorway, apparently due to a ‘mechanical failure’. 

As it sat stationary on lane 3 of the busy motorway, it was hit from behind by a motorist who was driving a van. 

PC Richard Whiteley, a Roads Policing Officer from West Yorkshire Police, tweeted images of the sports car with the caption: 

“It’s only a car! But on this occasion a 20-minute old brand new Lamborghini that stopped due to mechanical failure in lane three them hit from behind by an innocent motorist.”

Imagine being the insurance company of the van that hit the Lambo and having to now potentially face the prospect of a £200k repair bill…ouch. 

Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured in the collision. 

Motorist Straps Generator & Air Con Unit To Vehicle To Keep Cool

If you don’t have air conditioning in your car, then you have probably, at some point, tried to work out a way of keeping yourself cool as the weather starts to heat up.

Opening your windows never cools you down and keeping them shut is not an option.

So what can you do to try and keep yourself fresh during spells of warm weather if you don’t have air-con in your car?

Well, one motorist appears to have come up with a solution, and it basically involves strapping a generator to your car, along with an air conditioning unit.

The driver in question managed somehow to install wooden brackets around the rear passenger window which then allowed him to fix the cooling unit to the car.

He then managed somehow to strap a generator to the top of the vehicle, meaning that he can run the air con independently of the main engine.

Although you might be admiring this motorists ingenuity, I bet you would not want to risk travelling in this fire hazard!

Surely he would have been better off filling the car up with cold water!? (Don’t try that at home)

Missing Full Stop Costs Motorists £100’s In Parking Fines

You only have to run a social media page to know just how militant the grammar police are when it comes to typos and missing punctuation. 

But where was the grammar police when a council made up a parking sign that caused motorists to lose hundreds of pounds owing to penalty notices!? 

The parking sign should have read: “No parking. Enforcement in operation”. But owing to a missing full-stop, the sign read: ‘No Parking Enforcement In Operation’

Despite the error made by the local council, motorists were still fined hundreds of pounds for parking somewhere where, owing to the mistake on the sign, they thought that they could park.

Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North, Andy Boddington, told the Shropshire Star: 

“There was considerable confusion over the Covid-19 signs which banned parking on the square. 

“The signs read ‘No parking enforcement in operation’. They should have read ‘No parking. Enforcement in operation’.

“For want of a stop, a message was lost, and parking fines were issued.”

Councillor Boddington also told the paper: 

“I would encourage anybody who’s got parking tickets to challenge it. 

We believe that four people were fined and they will have to challenge these individually.”

Do you think that the motorists will be let off? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Image credit: Andy Boddington

WATCH: Man With No Vehicle Uses Cardboard Cut-Out At Drive-Thru

The nation is hungry for fast-food. For months now, people have had no choice other than to eat nutritious ‘whole foods’.

And although our immune systems have appreciated these ‘whole foods’, our tastebuds appear to have been suffering.

So we are not surprised that thousands of people have been spending much of their day joining long queues of vehicles at a drive-thru fast food restaurants as we start to answer out tastebuds cries when it comes to eating food that will stir our senses once more.

But what if you don’t have a car? What if you need fast food, but you don’t have the right ‘credentials’ to join a mile-long queue? What then?

Do you stand outside your favourite fast-food eatery in the hope that someone will throw you some spare chicken nuggets?

Or do you stand around at the beginning of the drive-thru queue, in the hope that someone will take pity on you and allow you into their vehicle as they place their order?

Well, one male has come up with a solution to this pressing issue.

And it involves making a cardboard ‘car’ and walking down to your local drive-thru before joining the long queue of vehicles.

The video below, uploaded to Twitter, shows the moment when a hungry male slowly meandered his way towards his favourite eating hole without the correct credentials (a car).

Instead of a traditional car, he had a cardboard one instead – a bit like this one –>

What you do something similar if you did not have access to a vehicle but could not control your desire to eat processed deep-fried foodstuffs?

Let us know in the comments below.

Motorist Fined After Driving With Sunblinds On Windscreen

A motorist has been fined in Northern Ireland after police spotted a vehicle being driven with two sunblinds fixed to the front windscreens. 

Sunblinds have become a popular addition to most cars, but the majority of drivers understand that they are supposed to be fitted to the inside of side windows, rather than on the inside of a windscreen! 

So you can only imagine how dumbfounded officers were when they saw a driver and a passenger (front seat) hidden behind two black-mesh sunblinds. 

Both sunblinds had cat faces on them, so it probably looked even dafter as two smiling cat faces peered out from behind the windscreen. 

NI Road Policing and Safety said:

“Road Policing officers from Maydown nearly had kittens when they saw this car while on patrol in the NW. 

“We know the sun has been shining, but this is not the answer! 

“This driver was given a Fixed Penalty Notice, and thankfully the sun blinds were removed!”

Message To Londoners: ‘Don’t Use Public Transport’ Message To Londoners: ‘The Congestion Charge Is Going Up’

So Londoners (and people who work in the London) are being urged not to use public transport unless absolutely necessary.

That is fair enough. 

After all, it is almost impossible to keep a two-metre gap on the London Underground as anyone who has used it will tell you. 

So for many people, the only way of getting into work (assuming that you work in London) is to drive. 

But then Transport for London announced that the ‘congestion charge’ is not only going to be extended (hours of operation) but that it is also going to go up to £15! 

So the people who have been told NOT to use public transport are now going to have to pay a premium just to go to work!? 

And what about the frontline NHS/emergency services personnel who have been separated from their families for weeks as they work to try and save as many lives as possible? 

Well, there have been concessions for NHS employees – which is excellent news. 

But this concession is not being extended to the brave men and women of the Metropolitan Police Service who have been working hard to try and keep Londoners safe. 

Talking about the ridiculous situation, the Chairman of the Met Police Federation said:

“Police officers in London have worked tirelessly to keep the public safe at no small risk to themselves. 

“To be told that they now have to pay the Congestion Charge when other key workers retain an exemption is a slap in the face.

Ken added: “At a time when we are being discouraged from using public transport to get to our places of work, this seems to go completely against Government guidelines.”

For many people, there is a perception that the ‘powers that be’ are making the most of a lousy situation since people are being told not to use public transport while at the same time being told that the ‘congestion charge’ is not only increasing but that its hours of operation are also being extended. 

Where have all of our equitable morals gone!? If you know, let us know in the comments…

What’s The Cake Fine For Your Police Buggy Being Swept Out To Sea? Asking For A Mate…

It was only a week-or-two ago that we shared a story about a Lincolnshire police buggy that got stuck in the sand. 

But, for some reason, ‘fate’ seems to have taken a disliking to the buggy in question because now it has been claimed by the sea! 

Today, the DailyMail shared a story about how the Lincolnshire Police ‘all-terrain vehicle’ ended up being swept out into the north sea after it was marooned on the beach. 

Apparently, officers had been using the buggy to patrol the beaches of the Lincolnshire Coast over the Bank Holiday weekend. 

But after the buggy-crew left their vehicle to go and speak to some members of the public, one of them had overlooked the tide times as the north sea slowly laid claim to its treasure. 

Initially, the officers had come back to find that the buggy was stuck in the sand. But the north sea could not wait for them to recover it, so she took the buggy for herself. 

Inspector Matt Bennison said: 

‘Yesterday afternoon one of our off-road vehicles became stuck in the sand at Ingoldmells beach.

‘The vehicle had been patrolling our beaches following a large number of reports that people had travelled from outside of the county for a walk on the beach.

‘Unfortunately, the vehicle couldn’t be recovered, it was taken into the sea by the tide, and we are now working to recover the vehicle.’

If you know what the cake fine should be, then let us know in the comments below!

Audi Driver Buys ‘COVID19’ License Plate

At a time when most people are trying to avoid the virus, one motorist seems to want to take it everywhere he/she goes.

The image below was shared in our ‘Strange Things Spotted On Social Media‘ Facebook group and has caused quite a stir.

My eyes are a little flaky at the moment, but I think that this is a Polish vehicle. Someone (i.e. the owner of this car) clearly hasn’t lost their sense of humour during the recent months.

The driver of this Audi must be quite brave though, as I am sure loads of people would love to unleash their frustration on anything that carries the name of ‘COVID19’…

Idiot Displays ‘F**K The NHS’ Sign In Window Of Car

Out of millions of NHS supporters, there will always be a tiny minority of morons who, for reasons known only to their two brain cells, will have the exact opposite sentiment of the decent-minded majority.

And one of these 0.1% ‘ers has surfaced in Mold, North Wales. 

The belligerent motorist in question decided to put a sign up on the window of his/her car that said: 

‘F__k the N.H.S they get paid to save OUR lives we don’t get paid to save there (sic) lives’. 

The picture was uploaded to social media by someone who was, quite rightly, just as offended by the ridiculous message as we were. 

The sign was spotted in the window of a car

In a post published on their social media page, the spotter said:

“Not often things annoy me, but this got me angry. 

“Firstly, you used the wrong “there” it should be “their lives”. 

“Secondly, I’m pretty sure one day in your life mate you’ll end up in hospital […] Maybe then you can witness the fantastic hard work of all staff in the NHS, those on the front line, and all they do to save lives each day and realise, they really don’t get paid enough for what they do, nor enough credit”.

I know that quite a few of our readers will be thinking ‘don’t give the troll the attention it craves’. 

But we don’t know who the author of the note is, so he/she won’t be getting any attention. Yet. 

Or, at least, they won’t be getting the attention they are so desperately looking for. 

But we hope that he/she might get some attention from law enforcement personnel who might want to ‘have a word’ with this buffoon about the fact that his sign is an apparent infringement of the Public Order Act.

Once he/she is identified, then you have our word that we will not share its name, thus helping to deny it the attention it craves. 

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