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WATCH: Man Speeds Downhill With Wheelchair Strapped To Skateboard

I admire anyone who can speed downhill on a skateboard without falling off.

Mainly because I can only manage one metre on flat ground before I fall off of one.

So when we saw the video below of a male who was sat in a wheelchair that was strapped to a skateboard darting down a hill, then we were, quite rightly, amazed.

He even manages to overtake cyclists as he reaches speeds which must be over 40 mph

The video was published on a page called ‘Vogue Cycling’ and shows the incredible moment that the unknown male manages to steer his skateboard using his wheelchair.

I think that most people would agree that, when it comes to skateboarding, then this video is truly amazing!

Let us know what you think in the comments below

Could Zorbs Be The Answer To A Post-Lockdown Britain?

If you look out of your window (and you live in an urban area), then you might be forgiven for thinking that the lockdown has come to an end, owing to the number of people who are out-and-about.

But the truth is, that the lockdown is still in force until further notice.

But what can we do to help halt the spread of the virus once the lockdown has come to an end? Because let’s face it, an end to the lockdown does not mean an end to the virus.

The lockdown just means that we can more-or-less try to get back to some relative normality.

There is talk of people having to wear face masks and of people still having to keep to the two-metre ‘personal exclusion zones’ once the ‘lockdown’ has finished.

But what about making people walk around in giant zorbs!? That could work? Zorbs help to create your own little are of tranquillity that people cannot infringe upon, even if they wanted to!

I would be more than happy to walk around with a zorb.

I could pretend that I have not seen people who I have been trying to avoid for ages; should I happen to bump into them when the lockdown ends.

Anyone who follows our page will know that this is not really a serious suggestion or consideration.

But we thought that you might get some pleasure from the image of millions of people walking around in zorbs.

Imagine nightclubs with hundreds of ravers jumping around in zorbs!? I would pay to see that.

Striking Message ‘To COVID-19’ Appears On The Doors Of An A&E Department

The extraordinary men and women who work in the healthcare sector are climbing a mountain that they never expected or thought they would ever encounter.

The COVID-19 pandemic is something that our civilisation has not seen for over 100 years. So far, it has claimed the lives of nearly 120,000 people around the world.

It has brought strangers together (albeit virtually) who have started up ‘on-line communities‘ to help each other get through these testing times.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also seen 750,000 people volunteer as ‘NHS Responders‘. These wonderful men and women are on a moments notice to stop what they are doing, ready to help out those in need.

But how are our healthcare professionals coping?

How are they able to get up after seven-straight days of 16-hour shifts and go to work knowing that they are probably going to see dozens of people succumb to COVID-19?

In large part, it is their desire to help others that gets them through. But it is also their positive attitude and their ability to overcome extreme adversity, even when the world around them has come to a complete stop.

One of the best ways of describing this ‘positive mental attitude’ is simply by sharing a picture of this notice which has been put up in an A&E department.

It sums up nicely the frame of mind needed by healthcare professionals as they do all they can to save as many lives as possible. It sums up their attitude towards the invisible killer that is COVID-19.

The sign reads: ‘Today the Devil whsipered in my ear, “You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.”

‘And I whispered, “6 feet back Motherf**ker

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China Has Made Eating Wild Animals Illegal Following Coronavirus Outbreak

A stringent ban on the eating and farming of wild animals has been rolled out across China in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic which is believed to have started at a wildlife meat market in Wuhan, according to CNN. 

Although the information has not been released by Chinese officials concerning which animal transferred the deadly virus to humans, the communist country has acknowledged that it must bring its vast wildlife meat-markets under control to prevent future deadly outbreaks of new infectious diseases. 

In late February, China put a temporary ban on all farming and consumption of “terrestrial wildlife of important ecological, scientific and social value”.

However, this ‘ban’ has happened before and has been lifted once the dust has settled. 

Back in 2003, ‘Civets’ were culled in large numbers after it turned out that they can transfer the deadly SARS virus to humans. 

In the same year, the trade in live snakes for human consumption was also banned, albeit only briefly, in Guangzhou after the SARS outbreak, which ended up killing hundreds of people around the world. 

But public health experts around the world have called upon Chinese officials to do more. 

This includes banning the farming of animals for their supposed ‘healing’ benefits. 

However, the Wuhan seafood market at the centre of the coronavirus pandemic was selling a lot more than just fish.

Snakes, raccoon dogs, porcupines and deer were just some of the species crammed inside tiny, filthy cages, side by side with shoppers and store owners, according to footage obtained by CNN. 

Some animals were filmed being slaughtered in the market in front of customers. 

CNN wasn’t able to independently verify the horrific footage of the animals being slaughtered, which was posted to Weibo by a concerned citizen and has since been deleted by Chinese government censors.

It is believed that there are thousands of these cruel ‘live animal’ meat markets across China and that animals are crammed into tiny spaces where they are often covered in their urine and faeces for extended periods. 

But across mainland China, hundreds of similar cruel and inhumane meat markets offer a wide range of exotic animals for a variety of purposes.

The danger of an outbreak similar to coronavirus comes when many exotic animals are kept nearby.

And we have to ask ourselves: When was the last time there was a new and deadly virus that came from carrots or Brussel sprouts?

But do you think that there is a significant risk of another, perhaps even more deadly outbreak? 

Let us know in the comments below. 

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Arcade Causes A Stir After Putting Bog Roll And Hand Sanitiser In Grabber Machine

For nearly a week now, we have been having to contend with wiping our backsides with leaves and washing our hands in anything that resembles hand sanitiser. 

And this is all because ‘we’ panic bought items which didn’t need to be panic bought. 

People have bought enough toilet roll to last them many years and in doing so have deprived many of us with the ability to be able to wipe our butts with toilet roll. 

Instead, we have resorted to using everyday items like socks, pants and basil leaves to ensure that our butts stay clean. 

And as you would expect with these sort of situations, there are always going to be businesses that make the most out of it. 

So we were hardly surprised when we saw an article on about an arcade in Devon that had decided to put hand sanitiser and bog roll as prizes in one of their grabbing machines. 

Credit: Rob Braddick | Facebook

Anyone who has used one of these machines already knows that they NEVER work. 

I used to live in a seaside town, and each time I saw someone playing one of these ‘grabber’ machines, then the look of disappointment would soon appear on the face of anyone willing to waste their money on trying to grab the worthless ‘prizes’. 

But ‘Ho Barts’ amusement arcade in Westward Ho! decided to replace the usual array of cheap toys with highly prized hand sanitiser and toilet roll.

The idea was the brainchild of arcade owner Rob Braddick.

Credit: Rob Braddick | Facebook

On his Facebook page on Monday, he posted pictures of the newly stocked machines saying: 

“This is all getting ‘Loo-dicrous’ in Westward Ho!, that small Carex hand sanitiser is nearly as rare as hen’s teeth.”

As far as publicity stunts go, then this is probably a fairly decent one. 

But the fact remains there are probably more toilet rolls and bottles of hand sanitizer in that machine than there are in the local shops. 

Which, considering we are in a pandemic, is probably is not ideal. 

But let us know what you think in the comments below! Is this just a good publicity stunt or is it lousy taste? 

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People Are Starting To Wear Tupperware Boxes On Their Heads To Avoid Coronavirus

In an attempt to avoid coronavirus then it would appear that some people are putting large Tupperware boxes over their heads before getting on public transport. 

In a way, I admire their ability not to care what other people think; regardless of how ‘silly’ they might look. 

The image below was uploaded to social media by Phil Rubery and showed a passenger on the London Underground with a massive plastic box over her head. 

We have seen images before from other parts of the world with people walking around with big boxes on their heads, but this trend now seems to be picking up popularity in the UK. 

In our ‘DailyDits’ nerve centre, we have several news channels playing in the background 24/7, and we also have been listening to and reading all of the advice being given by the various health authorities. 

As yet, we have not heard anyone say that Tupperware boxes can prevent you from getting coronavirus if you put one on your head. 

Of course, that is not to say that they won’t protect you…

The advice being given is to wash your hands regularly and, if you are not near a sink, then to keep some hand sanitiser with you. 

If you have used public transport or have been in high-density public areas, then do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands until you have had a chance to wash your hands. 

If you cough or sneeze, then ‘catch it’ in a tissue and then throw the tissue into a bin. 

If you don’t have a tissue, then ‘catch it’ by covering your nose and mouth with your arm (assuming you are wearing a long sleeve top). 

Have you seen people with Tupperware boxes on their heads? 

If so, then let us know where and when you saw them via the comments below. We are also interested to hear what you think concerning this new ‘trend’. 

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The Top Sixteen Dodgy DIY Coronavirus Masks

As the worlds scientific community continues to try and come up with a way to stop coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading, some people are starting to put together DIY personal protective equipment (PPE). 

You may ‘laugh’ at these pictures, but the truth is that people are becoming increasingly worried about contracting the virus as it spreads to all of the worlds continents. 

While the mortality rate of the virus is relatively low, people are still, quite rightly, doing everything they can to try and steer clear of coronavirus. 

Within the next four months, a vaccine will likely be developed that will stop coronavirus in its tracks. 

But what do you do until then? How can you protect yourself? 

The official guidance states that you should self-isolate if you have come into contact with anyone who has returned from anywhere where cases of coronavirus have been confirmed. 

Which is pretty much everywhere then. 

You should also make sure that you are washing your hands regularly. And by regular they mean every 15-minutes or so when you are out in public. 

If you don’t have ready access to soap and water, then some antiseptic gel should do the trick. 

And as the global supplies of facemasks start to dwindle, more and more people are developing their measures to try and avoid catching COVID-19. 

They may look silly, but why expose yourself to unnecessary risks? 

What do you think of the current situation? Let us know in the comments below and let us know about what you think of these DIY PPE measures

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WATCH: Man Spotted In The Gym Using Treadmill With A Samurai Sword

Most of us can agree that exercise is a good thing and that it is easier to train down the gym than anywhere else. I have seen fitness enthusiasts setting up ‘mobile gyms’ down my local park, in the rain, and I think ‘why?’.

I have been a regular gym-goer for six years now so am used to seeing and hearing some weird stuff (big shout out to the lads who grunt as if they are trying to give birth to a watermelon as they bench press 100kgs – you guys rock). 

I have seen my fellow gym buddies wearing their gas masks as they use the treadmill, and I have witnessed gym folk doing some odd stuff on the resistance machines. 

But I have never seen someone training down the gym with a samurai sword. 

But that is exactly what the male in the video below was spotted doing. 

He begins his session by raising the sword above his head as he ‘rides’ one of the resistance bikes. I am assuming that he is training for when the inevitable time comes that he will have to ride into battle on a chariot. 

Next, we see ‘samurai man’ on the treadmill, as he recreates several scenes from the film ‘Gladiator’. This guy is not to be messed with. 

Finally, ‘gladiator man’ can be seen doing some sit-ups while also motioning as if he is taking on a steady stream of zombies. 

I think this is all just for show, and really he is just trying to prevent people coming over to him and asking: ‘have you got long left on that mate?’.

Let’s face it; if you were waiting to use the treadmill, then you are probably going to refrain from asking this guy how long he is going to be. 

Have you seen any strange things in your local gym? If so, let us know in the comments below. 

Whoever pissed this dude off count your freakin days

Posted by Jamaal Bachelor on Thursday, February 21, 2019

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Lads, If You Want The ‘Love Island Look’ Don’t Do Steroids, Just Work Harder Down The Gym!

Today we learn that ‘Love Island’ is being blamed for an increase in the use of steroids as men try to imitate the ‘Love Island Look’ (whatever that is). 

According to the Daily Mail, ‘experts’ have warned that steroid abuse will lead to ‘a surge in hospital appointments in 20 years’.

While researching this article, I had to look at images of the male contestants who make up the winter line up of Love Island, and I am reasonably confident that any male who is wanting to ‘replicate’ this look, does not need to go anywhere near steroids. 

I have been a frequent flying to the gym now for about ten years. 

Not that you would necessarily think so if you happened to see me in my superfast blue speedo’s. 

It is always easy to spot the lads who are on ‘roids’ down the gym because their bodies resemble something off of a Marvel film. 

I have also had friends in the past who have also taken them. 

These are the friends who typically start trouble down the pub because the roids seem to make them angry. Very angry. 

I am reasonably confident that none of the males who are currently in the villa are on steroids because their muscle tone looks more ‘natural’ than steroid-induced. 

Believe it or not, if you want the ‘Love Island Look’, then all you need to do is work hard down the gym and eat well. No need to waste your money on the roids. 

Four to five visits a week down the gym should do the trick (based on about 40-45 minutes of throwing weights around). You don’t really need all those protein bars either. 

Just think; Roman Gladiators didn’t have protein shakes/bars, and they look about five times bigger than the lads in Love Island.  

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