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Just What Your BBQ Has Been Missing – SKULL SHAPED CHARCOAL

Usually, by June, most of us would have been to at least 15 BBQs.

Even when the weather is bad, we still like to head outside and eat our body weight in BBQ food.

Of course, we miss going to our favourite restaurants as well.

But we have all got a mate or family member who can cook up the perfect BBQ, even though they are usually rubbish when it comes to cooking ‘traditional’ food in the kitchen.

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Some people even spend more money on their BBQs than they do their vehicles.

For example, my clapped out Ford is probably worth less than I paid for my BBQ.

But, until now, I have always thought that something has been ‘missing’ from my BBQ. But I never knew exactly what it was.

And now I know; skull-shaped charcoal! How comes I have never seen these before?

Nothing quite says “enjoy your food” than having charcoal skulls staring back at you!

You can get them from a website called (funnily enough)

The Top Nine Weirdest Things British People Put In Sandwiches

In Britain, we love our sandwiches. Not more than a few hours normally goes by without us trying to sniff out the next sandwich, whether it is being sold in a petrol station or a deli counter that will cost us at least £7. 

But British folk have developed a reputation all around the world for literally putting anything in our sandwiches. 

I have been guilty of putting completely random foodstuffs into my sandwiches. 

My all-time favourite was Super Noodles and processed cheese slices. 

You cook the super noodles and then place them on your slice of bread along with at least two slices of processed cheese. Once the gourmet meal has cooled, then it is ready to eat. 

It is a bit soggy, but it is not about the taste – it’s about the texture, right? 

But what other bizarre combinations are the British known for? Here are the top six:


Most of us would eat chip-shop chips every night if we could. I say ‘chip-shop’ chips because they are, without a doubt, the best tasting chips money can buy. 

Us Brits have been packing our sandwiches with chip-shop chips since time immemorial. 


Nothing tops off a sandwich quite like a bag of crisps. 

Whether your favourite flavour is salt and vinegar or prawn cocktail, a sandwich always looks ‘naked’ without a packet of crisps crammed inside. 


No, this is not a typo. 

If you have not yet sliced up a banana and wedged it into a sandwich, then you are missing out on one of life’s many hidden secrets. 

Some crazy fools even put honey and sugar on the bananas — but that down to individual preferences.  


If you do not care about how many calories you are going to be packing during your meal, then putting a slice of pizza in a sandwich is something you should try. 

Although, for legal reasons, the pizza is not allowed to have pineapple on it…

Pot Noodle

As well as super noodles, pot noodles also make a great addition to two slices of bread. 

Again, you have to let the noodles cool down before you chuck them in their rightful place (between two slices of bread). 

Any flavour goes, but chicken and mushroom pot noodles are particularly good. 


Us Brits love our curry. At the moment, I find that I have one at least once a week. You might be thinking that naan bread or poppadoms might make the perfect accompaniment to your curry. 


The best way to eat a curry is to put it in a sandwich. 

Shepherds Pie

Another great dish that tastes even better when rammed between two slices of bread. 

Tomato sauce is a must (with lashings of Worcestershire Sauce, obvs). 

Pork Pie

If you like pork pies, then you will probably like a pork pie wedged into a sandwich. 

A cheeky bit of mustard must also be added to the dish, as well as the obligatory tomato sauce. It is a no-brainer. 

Spag Bol

I live spag bol. My grandparent’s parents were Italian, and my taste buds are the only part of me that still has some Italian DNA in them. 

If you are really hungry, then eating your spag bol between two slices of bread, with bucket loads of butter, will keep you full for at least 100 years. 

But have we missed any out? Let us know in the comments below and if you are looking for new ideas when it comes to knowing what to put in your sandwiches, check out this book: 

‘Max’s Sandwich Book: The Ultimate Guide To Creating Perfection Between Two Slices of Bread 

WATCH: Fast Food Fanatics Refuse To Budge For Emergency Ambulance

Footage has been uploaded to social media of the moment when motorists waiting in a McDonald’s drive-thru queue refused to move out of the way for an emergency ambulance that was on a blue-light run. 

Fearful of losing their space and missing out on their deep-fried chicken McNuggets, instead of moving out of the way for the emergency ambulance, the motorists just stayed put, meaning that the ambulance was delayed by vital minutes as it rushed to an emergency call. 

Even the bullhorn was not enough to convince this lot to give their burgers and fries as miss as they refused to make enough of a gap big enough to allow the emergency ambulance pass through. 

The video was filmed at the Penn Road McDonald’s by Tia-Anne, who said:

“People aren’t moving from a McDonald’s queue for an ambulance! 

“I am absolutely appalled to see how selfish people are! No one is letting these ambulances through! I feel sick! 

“Imagine if this was an ambulance for a loved one, or someone close to you! What has the world come to! (Muted the video as my language is appalling)”.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

WATCH: Man With No Vehicle Uses Cardboard Cut-Out At Drive-Thru

The nation is hungry for fast-food. For months now, people have had no choice other than to eat nutritious ‘whole foods’.

And although our immune systems have appreciated these ‘whole foods’, our tastebuds appear to have been suffering.

So we are not surprised that thousands of people have been spending much of their day joining long queues of vehicles at a drive-thru fast food restaurants as we start to answer out tastebuds cries when it comes to eating food that will stir our senses once more.

But what if you don’t have a car? What if you need fast food, but you don’t have the right ‘credentials’ to join a mile-long queue? What then?

Do you stand outside your favourite fast-food eatery in the hope that someone will throw you some spare chicken nuggets?

Or do you stand around at the beginning of the drive-thru queue, in the hope that someone will take pity on you and allow you into their vehicle as they place their order?

Well, one male has come up with a solution to this pressing issue.

And it involves making a cardboard ‘car’ and walking down to your local drive-thru before joining the long queue of vehicles.

The video below, uploaded to Twitter, shows the moment when a hungry male slowly meandered his way towards his favourite eating hole without the correct credentials (a car).

Instead of a traditional car, he had a cardboard one instead – a bit like this one –>

What you do something similar if you did not have access to a vehicle but could not control your desire to eat processed deep-fried foodstuffs?

Let us know in the comments below.

10 lb Bag Of ‘Mice’ For $1.00? McDonald’s Proves That Sign Placement Is Everything!

When you head to your local McDonald’s, then I am guessing that ice probably isn’t that high on your list of things to buy when your stomach is empty, and you are running out of calories.

But some hungry patrons in one particular McDonald’s restaurant probably thought that ‘mice’ were also on the menu after a sign intended to highlight the fact that ice was being sold for $1 per 10 lb bag, had a large ‘M’ placed right in front of word ‘Ice’.

We have seen examples of these sort of sign-fails before after it was announced that another restaurant in the chain was going to ‘close’ for ‘18,000 years’ due to some recent snowfall.

I don’t know many people who can hold out for 18,000 years.

But you can just imagine the look on the faces of restaurant-goers who probably had not realised that the ‘M’ and the word ‘Ice’ were not supposed to read as ‘Mice’.

To be fair, $1 for a 10 lb bag of ice isn’t too bad. Nearly as cheap a barrel of oil at the moment!

Note also how the McFlurry machine appears not to be working. Perhaps that is why they were selling 10 lb bags of ice!?

Stay At Home I Want To Go To Oktoberfest’ | But Will The Popular Event Be Cancelled?

September might seem like a long way off. But when the world is in lockdown, and you have been looking forward to the annual festival that is ‘Oktoberfest’ then time will go quickly as one week merges into the next. 

The Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volksfest. 

It is a yearly event that is held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. The festival itself goes on for 18 days. So that’s 18 days of drinking and eating sausages. 

Each year, around 6 million thirsty revellers head to Oktoberfest, making it one of the biggest (if not the biggest) festivals in Europe. 

But unless we can get control of COVID-19, then Oktoberfest will undoubtedly become another one of the significant annual events that gets cancelled.

The planned start date for Oktoberfest this year is scheduled for the 19th of September. 

But will it go ahead? 

This is what Wiesn boss Clemens Baumgärtner, head of the department for work and economy, says:

“The question moves us all, of course. Of course, as the organizer of the Wiesn, together with all our partners, I would like to see that there is no need to cancel. 

“Therefore, we want to monitor the situation until the last possible moment before an irreversible decision is made. 

“That will be in June at the latest,” says Baumgärtner. “That is why we are continuing to plan the Wiesn as usual. However, it is still too early for a binding assessment today.”

Baumgärtner continued: “Of course the decision will be made with the greatest possible responsibility. In the end, it will largely depend on what the medical experts advise and what health policy and safety regulations will be issued by the federal government and the Free State.”

So if you are one of the 6 million people expected at this years event, you have got an even greater motivation to stay indoors during the global lockdown! 

Hopefully, we will see you out there! But do you think it will be cancelled? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Iceland Apologise After ‘If You Touch It, You Buy It’ Message For NHS Staff Goes Viral

The top brass at Iceland must be wondering how they have managed to become ‘public enemy number 1’.

Stories have been shared on social media about how Iceland seems to have concluded that NHS staff must be primary carriers of the COVID-19 virus. 

But Iceland seems to have overlooked the fact that the vast majority of NHS employees ‘decontaminate’ themselves before they set off for home. 

To assume that, for example, ICU staff will just walk out of their respective ‘citadels’ and head straight to Iceland is just ridiculous. 

The story erupted after a message which appeared on the coronavirus help section of Iceland’s website said under the title of “How will you be protecting your staff?” that if NHS workers touched a product, they would “have to buy them” and would not be allowed to put it back to “reduce the risk of contamination”.

Whoever wrote the content for the web page in question should spend a bit more time researching about the measures which are in place to ensure that NHS staff do not leave their respective areas of work ‘contaminated’ with COVID-19. 

You can imagine how the Boardroom must be feeling knowing that their silly message has managed to alienate the very people they have been working hard to try and cater for. 

Iceland issued an apology and said: 

“This was an error and should not have been posted on our website. 

“We sincerely apologise for the offence this has clearly caused, and have immediately withdrawn this guidance.

“We are deeply grateful to the NHS and all key workers for everything they are doing to keep the country running.”

Is this apology enough to entice you back to the freezer isles? Let us know in the comments below!

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Burger King, KFC & Pret A Manger Announce ‘Limited’ Reopening Plans

By now, I am reasonably confident that you are probably growing tired of eating all of the pasta and pasta sauce that you stocked-up on just before the lockdown was announced. 

Well, I am pleased to say that if you enjoy Burger King, KFC and/or Pret A Manger, then it won’t be long until your taste buds can rejoice in the culinary delight of these various restaurants. 

All three of these well-known chains have announced that they will be opening certain restaurants around the country, but only for deliveries! 

You will have to wait a bit longer to have a ‘sit down’ meal in one of these eateries.  

Burger King has said that it is going to re-open two restaurants in Bristol, one in Swindon and one in Coventry. 

Staff will, of course, have to wear gloves and masks and will have additional training in how to run ‘delivery only’ kitchens.

Burger King has also introduced rigorous cleaning measures and will also train their staff to make sure that they adhere to the social distancing rules, which are still in place. 

As well as providing their culinary services to the general public, Burger King has also said that it will be donating 1,000 meals per week to staff working at hospitals in the vicinity of the restaurants which have reopened. 

Just make sure you eat the food that is good for your immune system, though! 

A healthy immune system is your only current defence against COVID-19, so make sure you give it what it needs! 

Katie Evans, marketing director at the chain, has said that she hopes that the re-opening of some of their restaurants would go “some way to lifting our customers’ spirits in these difficult times”.

We all know how vital food is to our morale, so those of you who regularly feast on fast-food (if you live in the areas mentioned above) can expect a slight increase in your morale levels as a result of this announcement. 

Ms Evans added:

“We want to demonstrate how appreciative everyone at Burger King UK is of [NHS staff] efforts in these unprecedented times.”

In the last week, KFC has re-opened 11 of its restaurants in the UK – for delivery only – in Tamworth, Stockport, Portsmouth, Manchester, London, Ipswich, Glasgow, Birmingham and Aldershot. 

A spokesperson for KFC said that it has donated:

“thousands of meals from all our open restaurants to those on the frontline, including the NHS and key workers, in partnership with Deliveroo, and will continue to do so each week whilst the situation continues”.

Personally, I think that I will stick to my ‘whole foods’ eating regime as I want to try and give my immune system all of the ‘tools’ which it needs. 

But are you happy that some fast-food chains are now starting to offer deliveries? Or are you content with your pasta and pasta sauce? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Man Charged After Allegedly Licking Supermarket Goods

While the vast majority of us have been staying indoors to try and save lives, save the NHS and slow down the spread of COVID-19, some numpties out there have been allegedly acting like buffoons. 

Most of us have seen the video of one male in America who decided to walk into a supermarket and lick a load of groceries while spouting off some rubbish about the fact that he is not scared of COVID-19 — as of COVID-19 cares. 

He was arrested by local police and ended being charged with terrorism-related offences

He also attracted a tsunami of criticism from decent-minded citizens who condemned his ridiculous actions. 

And today we learn that UK cops have lifted yet another male for licking various supermarket produce for reasons only the moronic would probably understand. 

Dorset Police confirmed that at around 2 pm on Friday 3rd April, a man walked into a Lidl’s on St Andrews Road wearing a face mask and gloves. 

He allegedly lowered his mask, licked his fingers, before purposely rubbing them onto a product in the store. 

The individual was spotted by staff and shoppers who then alerted the police to what had happened. 

After making some enquiries, police arrested a 20-year-old man who was subsequently charged with an offence of ‘contaminating or interfering with goods with intent under section 38 of the Public Order Act 1986’. 

What is outstanding here is the fact that the law has taken into account the fact that there are fools out there who like to interfere with our groceries by licking them. 

The male, in this case, is due to appear at Weymouth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 6th May. 

Police have confirmed that the licker, in this case, did not have COVID-19 and that he was not displaying symptoms consistent with the virus at the time of the alleged incident.  

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When You Are The 127,721st Person In The Online Shopping Queue!

Like many people, I have been trying to avoid the supermarkets as much as possible recently, only making the dangerous trip when I need to. 

For some reason, shoppers forget about the need to stay at least two metres away from each other when they are shopping for pasta, lemons and tins of tomatoes. 

But online shopping is not a viable option at the moment because the virtual queues are a nightmare. Supermarkets are ramping up their delivery and online shopping infrastructure, but it is taking some time. 

Virtual shoppers are having to sit in front of their computers for up to two-three hours at a time without closing their screens; otherwise, they could lose their place in the virtual queue. 

I guess at least it is one way to pass the time while you are on lockdown. 

But how much patience would you need to sit in a virtual queue that has 127,721 people in front of you!? This particular website reckons that it will be able to process the 127,721 orders in one minute, which sounds too good to be true!? 

Surely they mean ‘1 day’ or ‘1 week’!?

This is the ‘longest’ virtual queue that we have seen, but what’s the longest virtual queue you have had to endure? Let us know in the comments below! 

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