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WATCH: Fast Food Fanatics Refuse To Budge For Emergency Ambulance

Footage has been uploaded to social media of the moment when motorists waiting in a McDonald’s drive-thru queue refused to move out of the way for an emergency ambulance that was on a blue-light run. 

Fearful of losing their space and missing out on their deep-fried chicken McNuggets, instead of moving out of the way for the emergency ambulance, the motorists just stayed put, meaning that the ambulance was delayed by vital minutes as it rushed to an emergency call. 

Even the bullhorn was not enough to convince this lot to give their burgers and fries as miss as they refused to make enough of a gap big enough to allow the emergency ambulance pass through. 

The video was filmed at the Penn Road McDonald’s by Tia-Anne, who said:

“People aren’t moving from a McDonald’s queue for an ambulance! 

“I am absolutely appalled to see how selfish people are! No one is letting these ambulances through! I feel sick! 

“Imagine if this was an ambulance for a loved one, or someone close to you! What has the world come to! (Muted the video as my language is appalling)”.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Emergency Ambulance Reborn As A Mobile Fish & Chip Shop

Unless you are one of the amazing men or women who has served in the emergency ambulance service, then you probably can only start to imagine the sights which have been seen in the back of an emergency ambulance.

Notwithstanding the copious amounts of bodily fluids which have been spilt on the floor and sprayed over the walls, I am sure that there are plenty of other ‘things’ which have had to be contained in the rear of one.

So when it comes to eating grabbing some fish and chips, the last ‘plaice’ you would expect to visit to satisfy your empty stomach would be the back of a decommissioned ambulance.

But one budding food entrepreneur has turned an old ambulance into a mobile fish and chip shop.

The emergency markings have been kept on the outside the ambulance, but other than that, most of the old emergency equipment has been removed.

The blue-light bar has been deactivated and (I am guessing) the siren has also been removed.

Although, the sight of an emergency ambulance dashing on blue-lights to a hungry family would probably be quite a funny one to behold.

The ambulance was commissioned for service in 2009 so probably has more miles on it than the International Space Station (although, the ISS is perhaps more comfortable).

There was some suggestion on social media that the ambulance was being crewed by some off-duty medics who were topping up their salaries by working on their days off.

But this rumour was quickly proven not to be the case by our team.

But would you be happy to buy your fish and chips from the back of an old emergency ambulance? Let us know in the comments below!

Nurse In Russia Disciplined For Wearing Only Her Underwear Under Transparent PPE Gown

There are thousands of reasons to admire the men and women who have to spend their entire shift in full PPE as they treat patients. 

Hospital wards are renown for being hotter than the surface of the sun whenever the outside ambient temperature goes over 10 degrees Celcius. 

My wife recently gave birth in a hospital (not in Russia), and one of the midwives who looked after her explained that the radiators in the ward we were staying on had been kept on for decades as nobody knew how to turn them off. 

But when one nurse in Russia decided that the best way to stop herself from overheating was to strip off down to her underwear, it wasn’t long before she found herself in hot water.

According to the DailyMail, the nurse works in a hospital 100 miles south of Moscow in a place called Tula. 

She had no complaints from the patients, but nonetheless, the management decided that her look was not in keeping with the rest of the hospital staff.

The nurse told her managers at Tula Regional Clinical Hospital that she did not realise the Personal Protective Equipment she wore when treating coronavirus patients was so transparent…

The regional health ministry ignored her account, and they reported that ‘a disciplinary sanction was applied to the nurse of the infectious diseases department who violated (uniform) requirements’.

Judging by the look on the face of the patient in the picture, then she definitely ‘raised’ the morale of her patients…

Professional Bystanders Yell At Cops For Not Wearing Masks As They Detain Knife-Wielding Thug

If you are one of our followers, then you will know just how much we love professionals bystanders because they are such a great source of entertainment.

Professionals bystanders love nothing better than to get involved with things which they know nothing or little about. 

In particular, professionals bystanders cannot help but give unwanted advice to members of the emergency services and armed forces. These professionals bystanders haven’t served, but they know everything about the job. 

Over the weekend, we spotted a special breed of bystander who had been caught telling two Met Police Officers that they should be wearing a paper mask as they detained an individual who had a knife — it did not matter that they (the professional bystanders) themselves weren’t wearing one). 

Anyone with an ounce of common sense will understand that, when confronted with someone who is armed with a knife, then the last thing any cop is going to be thinking about, is putting on a frigging paper mask! 

The Sun covered the story and, suffice to say, that the backlash against this professional bystanders was what you would expect.

Cop Receives Two Complaints After ‘Too Fast’ / ‘Too Slow’ Blue-Light Run

Regular readers will know how much we ‘love’ professional whingers. These individuals are a unique blend of human who just love nothing more than to moan.

Professional whingers can be a thorn in the side of anyone’s back, but the emergency services/NHS, in particular, are vulnerable to their obsession with whinging about anything and everything.

But one police officer in the UK was unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of two professional whingers after he responded to an emergency call on blue lights.

But the life-saving service being provided by this police officer wasn’t enough for the two individuals who decided to make an official complaint.

One complained because they felt that he was driving ‘too fast’ on his blue light call.

You can bet the entire contents of your PPE cupboard that this professional whinger would be the first to complain if he/she needed urgent police assistance and there was a delay in the officers getting there.

Just like what happened with professional whinger number 2; they decided to complain because the officer took ‘too long’ to get there.

Imagine being a police officer and risking your life to race to someone’s emergency only to find that you had been the victim of two professional whingers who were whinging about two completely different things which were associated with the same call?

You are damned if you don’t and damned if you do!

There is little wonder as to why so many police officers are so weary of some sections of the general public.

Concerned Residents Call 999 After Spotting A ‘Tiger’ Prompting Armed Police Response (It Was A Statue)

Tigers aren’t notable for their presence in the Kent countryside. If you go for a walk in the Kent wilderness, then you are more likely to see visitors from another planet than you are to see a Tiger.

But when some ramblers in Underrriver in Kent spotted a motionless ‘Tiger’, they immediately called 999.

They explained to bemused police control room staff that one of these rare and majestic creatures had ended up in their manor.

The police can only take the word of the individual who is giving them information, so they had no choice other than to respond to the incident as if a tiger was roaming around in the undergrowth.

The National Police Air Service and various armed response vehicles were sent to the area to, well, shoot the ‘Tiger’.

But upon arrival, officers quickly established that the ‘Tiger’ was, in fact, a statue.

Image credit: Juliet Simpson

“I took them down to the sculpture where they all had a good laugh and took a lot of photographs,” artist Juliet Simpson, 85, told BBC Kent.

“Out of the field opposite came a whole crowd of armed police, who by then knew that it was all a false alarm and I said ‘would they like to be introduced to my real live tiger?'” she added.

“It looks quite real, it’s meant to look real, and it is about 30 metres from the footpath so you can’t see it very closely.”

Ms Simpson explained that: “The wire and resin artwork has been in place in woodlands near a public path for over 20 years and is “rather dilapidated”.

“When I put this one in the wood behind my house, he seemed to sort of own the wood, so I never sold him, so he’s just sat there.”

Kent Police said officers were sent to Mote Road in Ightham, near Underriver, “following a report from a member of the public that a large wild cat had been seen in the area”.

“Officers, including armed officers, attended as a precaution and, following a search of the area, have established there was no animal and no risk to the public.”

There are some reports that the ARV officers stayed on-site and helped to colour-in the sculpture. But these reports have not been confirmed….

Image credit: Juliet Simpson

If A Police Buggy Can Get Stuck In The Sand, Is It Even A Police Buggy?

Today, LincolnshireLive shared a story about a police buggy that got stuck in the sand on Skegness beach. A local roaming photographer, Barry Robinson, made the ‘discovery’ on Saturday afternoon (25th April). 

Those who are a member of the emergency services family will probably agree that a cake fine could become ‘payable’ under these circumstances. 

But the word ‘buggy’ suggests to me that the vehicle should have been able to navigate its way over the sand with ease. 

Most of us have seen the videos on YouTube of ‘influencers’ racing around in ‘buggies’. 

The footage shows the social media stars typically darting around on terrain which even tanks might have a problem with. 

So how can a police buggy get stuck on terrain which should be easy for such a vehicle to drive over, without getting stuck? 

Was the sand too ‘sandy’? Was it the wrong sort of sand for the off-road buggy? Should the cops ask for a refund? 

If I find the buggy floating around at sea, can I claim it as mine under international salvage laws!? 

So many questions…

‘Am I Doing It Right?’ Emergency Doctor With UV Lamp & Bottle Of Disinfectant, Tweets Donald Trump

Of all the things we have spotted today on social media, this really tickled our laughing boxes.

For a bit of background; Donald Trump recently held a press conference where he spoke about ‘inserting’ UV lamps into people and ‘injecting them with disinfectant’ as a way of treating the virus.

The medical fraternity has been up in arms over these suggestions. As someone with no medical training, I get what Mr T is trying to do here.

He clearly knows that UV light can kill COVID-19 cells. He also obviously knows that disinfectant can ward off the nasty virus as well.

So his matter-of-fact business mind has probably thought: ‘why don’t we just get some UV light or some disinfectant into peoples lungs?’.

If only it were that simple. If you haven’t seen the press conference yet, then search for it online.

Once you have seen it, then you can make your own minds up as to what he might have been thinking when he made the suggestions.

Off the back of the video, however, there has been quite a bit of ‘chatter’ on social media regarding the press conference and the various suggestions which were made by Mr T.

But the tweet that stood out to us was published by a UK emergency department doctor.

In the tweet is an image of the doctor holding a bottle of disinfectant and a lamp (that emits UV light) with the caption: ‘Am I doing it right @realDonaldTrump?’

What made us laugh, wasn’t the words uttered by Mr Trump. Who are we to judge?

What did make us laugh, was this excellent example of the British sense of humour. A sense of humour that many countries try and imitate but that, so far, only the Aussies have been able to come close to (for a good reason, obviously….)

The video below also made us laugh, but we deemed that it wasn’t worthy of a separate article. Enjoy.

Why Are Some Idiots Deliberately Starting Grass Fires During The Lockdown?

In many ways, the headline to this article is an oxymoron. These grass fires are being started deliberately because idiots are responsible for starting them. 

But what goes through the single brain cell of someone as they intentionally start fires on dry grassland? Did they not get enough attention when they were growing up? Do these people get turned on by the sight of naked flames? 

The mind boggles. But one thing for sure, the individuals starting these fires are idiots. 

South Wales Police have even had to issue a statement, calling for the idiocy to stop. 

ACC Valentine, who’s leading the force’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic, said: 

“Not only do grass fires have a devastating and long-lasting impact on our countryside and mountains, they also put our emergency services – in particular our fire services – under significant strain.

“During the current climate these deliberate, destructive and wanton actions are even more incomprehensible.

“Like every other frontline and essential service, South Wales Fire and Rescue and Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue services’ own workforces have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic and deliberate acts such as these demand a huge amount of resourcing – resources which could be needed elsewhere in the community.

Credit: South Wales Police

“Quite simply, these fires are putting people’s lives at risk, whether due to their proximity to homes or due to the tying up of resources.

“They are also placing those suffering with COVID-19 or any other respiratory problems at in increased risk, with the dense smoke they create significantly impacting the air quality.

“I’d urge those engaging in such mindless acts to really consider the potential consequences of their actions. Such actions are never tolerated by our fire service colleagues or ourselves, but in the current climate they are particularly reprehensible.

“My message to anyone involved is simple. Think about your actions, stop now or you will face the full force of the law.

“Not only do grass fires pose a serious risk to the culprit and others, a criminal conviction can have life-long implications for an individual. Lighting grass fires is never worth the risk.

“Our communities can also play a huge part. Children are not exempt from the government-imposed restrictions and I’d ask parents to ensure their children are abiding by the rules. I’d also encourage vigilance – anyone with concerns or information should report it immediately.”

If you are the mystery fire starter then, please, have a word with yourself. 

You may not know it yet, but there is something out there called ‘karma’. And you do not have to believe in karma for it to pay you a visit. 

During this national emergency, the last thing the emergency services needs is some idiot deliberately starting fires. When you are caught, I can almost guarantee that you will get banged up. 

During a national emergency, the courts come down hard on the idiots who become a part of the problem. 

WATCH: Nick Knowles Sticks Up For The Police During TV Interview

TV legend Nick Knowles, or, Sir Nick Knowles as we like to call him, has stuck up for the police during an interview on ‘Good Morning Britain’.

The fact that anyone needs to stick up for the police when we are relying on them to prevent our country from falling apart is a travesty in itself.

But the usual suspects and attention-seekers in some sections of the mainstream media who have a long-held attitude problem when it comes to ‘authority’, have been having a field day with attention-seeking YouTube wannabes who have been filming the police as they try to do their job.

In the interview (below), Nick said that he was trying to ‘champion the cause’ when it comes to highlighting the fantastic work of the emergency services.

He pointed out that at a time when we are, quite rightly, singing the praises of the healthcare sector; the police seem to be coming in for criticism for enforcing the laws which the democratically elected government have put into place.

Remember; these are rules which are intended to save lives!

Nick made a sterling effort of speaking up for the lads and lasses in blue, as the video below clearly shows:

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