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WATCH | Suspect Completely OWNS Intrusive News Reporter

Let’s face it, if you ever end up in a police car, then the last thing you want is a news reporter coming over to you and trying to play the part of a detective.

And that’s precisely what happened to one lad who was suspected of doing something he should not have (probably) done.

After the officers had finished speaking to the lad, a reporter walked over to the squad car and started to ask the male a few questions.

But, as the video below shows, the last thing this suspect was going to do was answer the reporter’s interrogations.

Instead, he quickly shut down the prying reporter’s questions with an observation about the reporter’s dodgy nose hair.


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Have GPs Been Told To Hand Over Your Medical History To Private Companies?

Do you remember when we were told that, post-Brexit, our medical data would not be ‘sold’ to profit-seeking private companies that want to feed off our medical conditions? 

Judging by some posts on social media from some highly respected and reputable sources, it would appear that the complete opposite is happening. Shock. Horror.

Whilst we were meandering through the virtual corridors of social media this morning, we noticed a tweet from a well-respected palliative care doctor, Dr Rachel Clarke. 

The post in question was a re-tweet of someone called Phil Booth, who, according to his social media bio, is a ‘critical friend to just causes’. 

The tweet by Mr Booth proclaimed: ‘The Government has instructed your GP to hand over your lifelong medical history – your GP doesn’t have a choice, but YOU DO… until 23rd June. 

‘If you don’t want your family’s #GPdata used & sold to Hancock’s cronies, send/give this letter to your GP:’

Image credit: Twitter

When retweeting the post, Dr Clarke added:

‘The govt wants to profit from your GP record by selling the data, allegedly anonymised, to whomever they choose. 

‘Incredibly, your consent is presumed. You have to pro-actively opt out to stop them. I’ll be protecting myself & my family ASAP – steps below’.

The post has been retweeted nearly 1.5k times, with the same number of ‘likes’. 

Image credit: Twitter

Responding to the tweets, one person added:

‘This is not new, it was highlighted half dozen [sic] years ago when GP practices informed Thier [sic] patients and coordinated collection of opt outs’. 

‘The “profit” is not financial, it is better medical treatments’.

Image credit: Twitter

But what do you think?

Will you be printing off the form and handing it into your GP? Who do you believe? Let us know in the comments below! 

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NCO Confirms To Troops That ‘W**king’ Is Still Allowed

daily w**king orders

An NCO has confirmed to their troops that they can still participate in ‘self-love’ if they need to, as long as they clean up after themselves. 

In a set of daily orders, ‘w**king” has been given its own section amongst the other groups of requirements that the troops are expected to stick to (not literally). 

I say ‘troops’, but judging by the terminology being used, the set of orders probably belong to sailors. 

daily w**king orders
Glad we cleared that up.

The paragraph states:

‘Here is something I never thought I would put on orders! I understand most personnel live in shared accommodation, and personal time is limited. 

‘Therefore, I am not banning w**king in the toilets however, clean up after you have finished!

‘As fun as it might be to see how high you can fire your bodily fluids up the back of the cubicle door from the seated unsupported position, no one wants to see this dripping off the door when going to the loo! 

‘Stop it, its rats!!’

Man, I miss the military…

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WATCH | Chinese Company Develops ‘Missile Launcher’ To Fight Tower Block Fires

An aerospace company in China has developed a ‘missile launcher’ that can deploy ‘fire extinguisher rockets’ at fires beyond the reach of ladders and hoses (scroll down for video).

The system looks similar to a traditional military vehicle-borne missile launcher, apart from the fact that the vehicle is red rather than green.

When the launcher arrives at the scene of the fire, an operator manually targets the fire with the ‘missiles’. 

The launcher looks like traditional military missile launchers.

Up to 28 ‘missiles’ can be fired per vehicle. 

Of course, rather than carrying a high-explosive, the ‘missiles’ have a payload of fire-extinguisher powder that is ejected from the ‘missile’ yards away from the fire. 

The missiles can hit fires up to 300 metres away or 80 floors high.  

Of course, anyone who is near the fast-approaching ‘missile’ might have to take cover if, for example, they are on the floor that is directly above or below the fire. 

The system rapidly targets fires which are beyond the reach of conventional equipment.

But the system could provide a rapid solution to building fires where the seat of the blaze is beyond the reach of conventional equipment. 

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp have developed the system. 

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Anyone Know What The Cake Fine Is For Getting Stuck In A Drain?

If you have ever worked in the emergency services then, chances are, you will be familiar with the term ‘cake fine’.

When you make a simple mistake at work that is not bad enough to get you in front of HR, then you are expected to buy some delicious cakes for your colleagues. 

For example, driving home after a night shift with the keys to a work vehicle in your pocket can get you a cake fine.

Or perhaps driving off in your emergency vehicle with its logbook still on your roof – as it falls on the floor and is picked up by a member of the public – will ‘trigger’ your departmental policy regarding a ‘cake fine’. 

But what should the cake fine be for getting your emergency vehicle stuck in a drain? Because that is exactly what happened to one ambulance crew!

We do not know if the vehicle’s weight caused the manhole (are we still allowed to call it that?) cover to collapse or if the manhole cover was already missing.

But either way, a cake fine is payable. But which cakes would be suitable in this situation? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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BBC Lambasted By Twitter Users For ‘Quality Journalism’ After Sharing Partial Clip Of Male Being Detained By Police

The BBC has been hammered on Twitter after sharing a partial clip of an assault suspect getting arrested by several Hampshire Police Officers.

As is always the way with these clips, we do not get to see what happened before officers had to go ‘hands-on’ with the male – who appeared to be resisting arrest.

In the video, the male appears to be resisting arrest. Officers responded to the location following reports of a fight.

Instead, we only see the part where police officers use various distraction techniques to try and control the male. 

In this video, it appears that the officer might have used a ‘palm strike’ – something that is taught to officers during Officer Safety Training.

Palm strikes are often used by the police when trying to detain a suspect who, for example, is grabbing a part of the officers body.

Of course, in the video shared by the BBC, we cannot see what is going on inside the tussle. All we see (conveniently) is an officer raising his arm.

Speaking about the article, @Foxtrot_Cop tweeted:

‘@BBCNews were that quick to froth at the mouth over the genuine arrest of an non-compliant subject, they haven’t realised that’s he’s superimposed a head onto the picture he’s provided… Quality journalism’.

@Deptherapy tweeted:

‘Police baiting again BBC the man is obviously resisting and continues to resist. Maybe they should give him a kiss and cuddle’.

To read the BBC’s article, and to view their partial video clip, click HERE.

The question to the BBC is; Why not just share the entire video – if you are going to share anything at all – so that the public can make their own minds up?

The mainstream media seem to always underestimate the emotional intelligence of the general public. We are not stupid (well, at least, 99.9% of us are not stupid).

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WATCH | Dog Rescues Drowning Dog From Swimming Pool

A CCTV camera has caught the amazing moment when a dog comes to the aid of another dog who had accidentally fallen into a swimming pool.

The small white dog was walking around the pool when she took her eyes off the path in front of her and ended up falling into the water. 

The small white dog struggles to stay afloat

After several minutes of frantic swimming, another dog comes over and initially seems playful.

But then, as if realising that the dog is in real danger, the heroic dog tries to pull the dog out of the swimming pool by its ears. 

The first attempt results in the white dog being pulled to the side of the pool. But the stricken dog quickly falls back once again into the water. 

After the first attempt failed, the back dog successfully pulls the white dog out of the pool.

Not giving up, the black dog keeps trying to save the dog until he finally manages to pull the small dog to safety. 

This video is another prime example of why dogs have such a special place in our hearts.

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Decommissioned Emergency Ambulance Reborn As A Mobile Bar & Coffee Van

A decommissioned ambulance is set to start a new life as a mobile bar and coffee van. 

Rather than ending up on the scrap heap, this workhorse is going to help keep members of the public ‘hydrated’ thanks to months of renovation work at the hands of its new owner. 

The ambulance, now officially known as ‘The Ambarlance’, served for nine years, clocking up hundreds of thousands of miles as it responded to 999 calls around the north of the country.

In a post shared on Facebook, ‘The Ambarlance’s’ proud owners announced:

‘This is Arnold. He is a rescue ambulance. This is his story.

‘With many thousands of miles under his belt, he was just a few days away from being scrapped, ground down and turned into Carling cans when three guys from Essex heard about his nine years of heroic service on the streets of The North.

‘They were shocked to hear that Arnold was destined to spend the rest of his days getting swigged by flatulent England fans who are getting a bit lively before a street brawl because they have drawn 0-0 with Andorra, not to mention 15-year-olds looking for the cheapest thing in the offy before heading down to the canal to find their stash of bongo magazines. 

‘Was this really a fitting end for such a British hero?

‘There was only one thing for it – they adopted Arnold and he headed down South to his forever home once his neenaw had been disconnected and all of the woowoo juice had been removed from the on-board medicine safe.

‘With a little bit of TLC (well actually a sh*tload), Arnold the Ambarlance is going to spend the rest of his days as a mobile bar and coffee van, and he hopes to meet you all very soon. In the meantime, you can follow his story right here as he gets his makeover’.

The only question that remains is; whose round is it? 

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Ambulance Crew Take Senior Citizen To Wrong House Before Tucking Her Up In Stranger’s Bed

A senior citizen ended up being tucked into a stranger’s bed after a Patient Transport Services crew (PTS) took her to the wrong address.

89-year-old Elizabeth Mahoney had been recovering from Covid at County Hospital in Pontypool for ten weeks before she was finally fit enough to be discharged on March 12, as per ITV News. 

But Ms Mahoney’s relatives began to get concerned when she failed to show up at her home in nearby New Inn at the expected time.

After a few hours, it transpired that Ms Mahoney had been accidentally taken by non-emergency ambulance to an address in Newport – more than eight miles away from where she lived. 

The crew had also left her in the bed of a stranger. 

Her son Brian Mahoney said:

“The whole thing was a catalogue of errors from start to finish.

“We’d initially been called at about 1 pm on that day and told mum was on her way home, so my wife went over there to greet her.

“About an hour later I rang to see what was happening and was told she still hadn’t turned up.”

When Brian called the hospital, he was told by staff that there had been ‘a bit of a problem’. 

“Mum had suffered a stroke not so long back, so naturally, we were concerned something terrible had happened to her. 

“At about 3.40pm I eventually got a call saying she’d been taken to a house in Newport, but that the details weren’t really clear.”

Brian told reporters that during a subsequent conversation with hospital staff, he was told that PTS staff had put his mum in someone else’s bed. 

“They apologised and told me they were on their way to pick her back up. I just went, ‘What do you mean? Please don’t tell me you’ve left her there’, at which point my sister burst into tears – we were all worried sick.”

While he was still awaiting an official explanation, Brian said that he believed his mum’s details were confused with those of a female patient with dementia who was also due to go home from the hospital on that same day.

“As far as I can tell, mum was taken to this other lady’s house by mistake and, somehow, whoever answered the door told the ambulance staff to take her into the bedroom and make her comfortable.

“How they failed to notice it wasn’t their relative, I can’t say. But apparently they went to check on her a little while later and that’s when the penny finally dropped and the alarm was raised.”

Elizabeth was then readmitted to hospital.

“Mum initially wanted to come straight home, but we insisted she go back in to get checked out, especially after having just had coronavirus.

Brian blamed his mother’s ‘frightened and confused’ state for her failure to point out the mix-up as it was happening.

“Mum’s a very quiet woman anyway and has been on her own since Dad died in 2019,” he said.

“However, she did later tell us that she couldn’t work out why she was being called by a different name.

“Also, given the woman she’d been mistaken for has dementia, my guess is any attempt to point out it wasn’t her house was possibly put down to her being a bit muddled.

“Who knows, she may have even looked at the unfamiliar surroundings and thought we’d decided to put her in a care home. It’s heartbreaking.

“All we want is to find out how this occurred and ensure no one else ever has to go through a similar experience.”

An inquiry has since been launched into the incident, and Brian added that his family had taken part in a meeting with representatives from County Hospital, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, and the Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

The latter’s assistant director of operations, Mark Harris, is reported as saying: 

“On March 12, our non-emergency patient transport service undertook a routine home transfer from County Hospital, Pontypool, which regrettably saw a patient discharged to the wrong address for a short period of time.

“We are working closely with colleagues at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board to fully understand the chain of events and establish exactly what happened.

“We have extended a sincere apology to both families concerned for the distress caused, and will continue to liaise directly with those families as the investigation progresses.”

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WATCH | Horse & Cart ‘Race’ Holds Up Traffic On Busy Essex Road

A video has been shared on Twitter of the moment when a horse and cart ‘race’ holds up traffic on the A127 in Essex.

In the video, the horse can be seen travelling along lane number 2 of the busy dual carriageway, where the posted speed limit is 60 mph, as vehicles back up behind it. 

A silver Citreon van is directly behind the horse, accompanied by another vehicle that is towing a horsebox. 

The incident happened on Saturday, 10th April. 

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said:

“Driving a horse or pony on a major road like this can cause unnecessary stress, exhaustion, injury and poses a serious risk of collision.”

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