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WATCH | This Is Why You Should Never Ride Through Roadworks

As a keen motorcyclist myself, then I know just how many perks there are when it comes to darting along the road on two wheels rather than four. Top of the list of these ‘perks’ is the fact that you do not have to sit in stationary traffic. 

Of course, you always get ‘that’ motorist who cannot handle the fact that being on two wheels means that you can slip between the traffic rather than having to spend your precious hours sat in mind-numbingly-boring gridlock traffic. So you always have to be on the look-out for people intentionally trying to knock you off of your bikes as you make steady progress through miles and miles of traffic.

Riding a bike through traffic is great in the cool weather, but when it is swelteringly hot and you are moving at a slow pace whilst wearing your motorcycle helmet gloves and heavy jacket then you sometimes do wish that you were sat in a nice cool air-conditioned car, even if that car isn’t going anywhere because it is stuck in traffic! 

Another ‘perk’ that comes with being on two wheels rather than four, is the fact that you can slip through tiny gaps which you would have no hope of getting through if you were in a car. I am talking here about the sort of gap that is created by road signs and bollards which are there to stop traffic from passing a particular area. 

A prime example of this is the road furniture, signs and bollards which are put on the road to stop cars from driving over newly poured wet concrete. 

In the video below, one motorcyclist got a bit stuck after he/she decided to slip through the gap of some bollards which had been put on the road to keep motorists away from a fresh patch of wet, sticky concrete. And, as you would expect, loads of people were on hand to film the encounter. 

After the motorcyclist became stuck in the wet concrete, only one person (probably a fellow biker) from the construction crew who were on the scene, tried to help the stricken biker. For 50 seconds, the person filming the incident captures the awkward attempts of the motorcyclist as he tried to free his bike from the sticky, quick-drying cement

I bet he spent the next eight months meticulously cleaning the bike in an attempt to try and get all of that nasty dirt of his beautiful machine. He must have gone through at least 50 motorbike cleaning kits!

There’s A Reason Why Your Mate Always Farts When You Go Climbing Together

Have you ever been in a situation where you and your friend, colleague or family member decide to go for a walk up a steep hill only to be overcome by a sudden rush of butt wind? If you enjoy the great outdoors, then you will probably have some experience of this. 

Or maybe you work in a job that requires you to ascend to a great height suddenly, and you have always wondered why your backside starts to chirp like a canary. 

If you are a keen camper, then you probably also have some experience of this windy issue, and you might have been left wondering what the problem might be. 

Well, this fluctuance often occurs when climbing or ascending to high altitudes owing to a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure. 

So really, you won’t have any control over how much wind you let lose because it is all down to atmospherics. So next time you and your friends go for a climb, then you can blame your wind issue on atmospherics.  

At least now you won’t have to keep blaming the noises on those pesky Rocky Mountain Barking Spiders. 

Tired Of Your Wearing Paper Mask? How About One Of These ‘Micro Climate’ Helmets?

Most of us have been wearing our paper masks for some time now, and we have learnt a few things. Firstly, it is always advisable to carry a pack of mints with you, especially if, like me, you drink quite a bit of coffee to get you through the day. 

Secondly, if you are prone to sneezing then the aftermath of a power sneeze whilst wearing a paper mask is not pleasant. Especially if you are on public transport and you do no have a back-up mask with you. 

The cloth masks are great because they are more comfortable, but they end up heating up your face so much that it feels like you, or at least your face is, millimetres away from a hot furnace. 

Of course, there are plenty of beauty products out there which we can use to try and repair our face as best we can. Wearing your mask for more than one hour seems to have an odd effect on your skin. I always find that carrying baby wipes is quite handy because a quick wipe with one after I take my mask off feels almost like having a mini face wash. 

But a company called ‘Micro Climate’ thinks that it has come up with something that is much, much more comfortable than a paper or cloth mask and has used some of the latest technology to bring you a helmet that creates your own little ‘bubble’ of clean air. 

Image credit:

A note of their Facebook page says:

‘MicroClimate is a new wearable technology that creates a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for individuals. The device also protects surrounding bystanders from the person wearing the device’.

The battery-powered device will give you four hours of ‘fresh air’ and also comes with a 6ft long charging cable that can be plugged into a laptop for some extra power. It also comes with two cushion liners, removable, washable fabric HEPA filters and will even work with your AirPods. It comes with a carrying case and is available in either black or white. 

The price? USD 199, which isn’t too bad. I think that if more people wore something like this, then I definitely would buy one. But I still feel a bit strange wearing a paper mask, let alone a ‘micro climate’.

Would you wear one? Let us know in the comments below! 

To find out more about the product visit 

Police Boat Saves The Day After Returning Walking Stick To Stranded Owner

The Hants Police Marine Unit has come in for some praise on social media after they managed to reunite a walking stick with its owner after it was accidentally dropped into the sea. 

Maddie had been taking a stroll next to a marina when her walking stick fell into the water yesterday (13th Sept) at around Midnight. As soon as the stick entered the murky water, Maddie knew that the chances of getting it back were incredibly slim.

In a tweet at the time, Maddie (@madeleinesteel) said: 

‘Just dropped my f**king walking stick into the sea. My phone’s about to die so will update later, but right now I am fuming at myself and upset and confused. 

‘If any sees a black foldable stick with flowers on it floating about the Solent please return it to me’. 

Maddie’s forward-thinking partner then called the National Maritime Operation (NMO) centre on the very slim off-chance that they might be able to offer some advice re getting it back or assist in some other way. 

As a result of the call, the NMO let the Hants Police Maritime Unit know about the situation and, as they were in the area, a police boat then had a quick look for the missing walking stick. 

Maddie would have been stuck on Southsea Tower were it not for the Marine Unit Officers (Image credit:

It wasn’t long before the marine unit found the black walking stick after it had become wedged on some rocks. 

One of the marine policing unit officers jumped off of the boat, climbed on the rocks and picked the walking stick up before it vanished beneath the waves.

By this time, Maddie’s partner had walked down to the rocks where the stick was located. One of the Marine Unit officers handed the stick back to Maddie’s partner, who then reunited it with her. 

Maddie told DailyDits:

‘The officers handed it back to my partner, who was down by the rocks and got him to take it up to me. I was on the top of the round tower in Southsea and dropped it from there. 

‘The officers told my partner that they were glad that they had found it, so I did not end up stuck on the tower. 

‘My partner joked with the officers that I was definately now liable for a cake fine. 

‘We are both emergency planners and, just like the police, are very familiar with the cake fine process’.

Featured image credit: HantsPolMarine / Twitter

Gordon Ramsey Takes Some Heat Over £19 Fry-Up

One of the UK’s best-known Chefs has taken a bit of a Twitter ‘beating’ on social media after sharing a 5-second clip of a ‘full english’ breakfast that will set you back an eyewatering £19 should you be in the mood to order it. 

The ‘most amazing full english’ can be found at the Savoy Grill from 21st September and consists of a mushroom, half a tomato, one sausage, two eggs, a few rashes of bacon and some green ‘things’ (I can’t tell what they are).

In an ‘upbeat’ tweet, Mr Ramsey said:

‘The most amazing Full English… can’t wait for you to try it from 21st September at Savoy Grill’. 

With the tweet was a video of someone seductively slicing one of the eggs before the yolk oozes out of it. The video has been viewed 1.1 million times, but not everyone is happy. 

And, as we have come to expect from Twitter, users were not backwards in coming forwards when it came to their general feedback for the chef.

One person tweeted to say:

‘Eggs look good. Tomato’s and mushrooms don’t belong on a fry up. 

‘Nothing green should be on a dry up. Only one sausage? Bacon looks shite. 

‘Needs a few black puddings, square sausage, hash browns, tattie Scoons and beans. 1/10 Gordon, that’s f**king SHIT. GET OUT’.

Another added:

‘Wow £19 for that breakfast…Also where’s the beans..’

Commenting on the price, another foodie said:

‘£19!!! You’re having a laugh’. 

Would you pay £19 for this particular dish? Let us know in the comments below! 

Five Essential Items For Anyone Who Works Night Shifts

Working night shifts are hard work, especially if you are not able to get any decent sleep during the day before your night shift starts. Having to face 12 hours of working through the night is bad enough, without the added problem of barely being able to stay awake.

When I used to work night shifts, I would often be woken up during the day by one of my neighbours who just sat in doors all day playing drum and bass as loud as he possibly could. He was a t**t. And, to be fair, probably still is.

But what are the five essential items you need before starting your long and emotionally draining night shift?

1. A decent torch. You cannot be expected to work through the night if you cannot see what you are doing, right? That’s why a torch is an essential bit of kit for anyone who is going to be embarking on a night shift. We have found one for you for under £10.


‘This is a great torch for the price and exactly what I needed for dog walks on the field at 5am. It’s small enough for your Jean’s pocket, but reassuringly weighty, giving it a quality feel. The beam casts a very bright wide illumination but you can also adjust it to narrow the field right down to aim at something in particular. Using the batteries that came with it so need to add some longer life batteries (3xAAA) in order to comment on battery life. All in all a powerful little torch’ – Adam.

Buy it from Amazon for 9.99

2. Morale. Ok, so you cannot ‘buy’ morale, but you can buy something that will help you to keep your morale levels relatively high which, when working a night shift, is vital. So we have found a book that should help you to keep your levels of morale relatively high. The book is called: ‘What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions’

Best Review:

‘I love this book! It is both hilariously funny, and thought provoking, and educational all at the same time as well as giving you all sorts of “did you know” stories to bore your friends and family for months!

Its a total dip-in book. The short chapters (3-6 pages) are pretty much random, and cover all areas of science. I’ve learnt stuff about genetics that I never realised, as well as radioactivity, the periodical table and much more besides, as well as chuckling away and giggling and generally annoying people right through Christmas Day.’ – John Birch

Buy it from Amazon for 8.19

3. A lunch box. If you work in a job where working a night shift also means that you could end up rolling around all over the place, then you are going to need somewhere to keep your highly nutritious food. Thankfully, we have found just such a place. This lunch box is perfect if you like taking your own food into work rather than having to ‘fork’ out a small fortune on fast food (your immune system will love you for it if you take your own decent food into work with you!). This eco-friendly ‘lunch’ box allows you to keep your food intact and compartmentalised – so no more opening your lunch box to find that your food has become a sloppy mess.

Best Review:

‘Having been through so many lunch boxes, I was never satisfied with any I had for long. But this one is great, How the inside is divided is great. Encourages me to start a balanced diet. But my main focus was the leak proof feature. And I was amazed. For a week I had this not one drop of liquid in my backpack. As you can see in my video, even with water filled and the box on its side, no leak. The lunch box is very sturdy. The quality is apparent from the moment you unbox it. The spoon and fork is a great addition. Never forget them now, which was a problem in the past. No more nicking spoons and fork from local coffee shop!!’ – Mr Abdo

Buy it from Amazon for 28.75 (free delivery).

4. A face covering. During these tough times then, unless you are lucky enough to work on your own, then you are probably going to want some sort of face covering. Especially if you job means that you cannot avoid coming into contact with people. So we have found a site that supplies comfy face coverings which can also be used to show your support for the emergency services! They have the thin blue line (police) thing green line (ambulance) thin red line (fire & rescue service) and ‘thank you NHS Heroes’ face coverings.

Best Review:

‘One size fits all and they are great quality. each one is made to order and mine came in around three days. Just don’t do what I did and wear the mask upside down for two days (the thing green line one). – Claire H

Buy one from Teespring for 12.99

5. A mug for your coffee. When I used to work night shifts, then I would drink around two cups of coffee each hour. I used to stay away from so-called ‘energy drinks’ as I value my bladder and my kidneys far too much. Now, you could just go for a plain mug. But why not instead buy a mug that reflects your personality or your mood/attitude towards work? We have found an online shop call ‘Muggy Mugs’ which has over 70 different designs of novelty/comedy mugs.

Best Review

‘I hate my job and I hate my boss so the ‘sorry I’m late but I don’t like coming here’ mug for perfect for me. If, like me, then you have a boss who has the personality of a shrimp, then you might want to hide your mug each time your power hungry boss comes around to make sure that you are earning the pittance that you are paid. The last time my boss asked me to make a coffee for him, then I rimmed the cup before making him a crap crap of coffee. But that’s just me’ – Robert.

Buy one from Teespring for 9.99

We hope that these suggestions are useful and that you manage to fully equip and prepare yourself before embarking upon you next set and long-ass night shifts. Stay safe out there!

Do You Want To Start Your Own Business? How About A Naked Cleaning Company?

Most people, at some point, have thought about starting up their own business. But ask anyone who has gone through the stressful process of setting a business up and they will tell you that it is not an easy process.

First and foremost, you have to try and think of a business idea that will be original. Or, you have to try and think of a business that can solve an existing problem in a novel and original way.

And then once you have got the right business idea, you then have to worry about things such as; should the business be a Ltd company or a sole tradership? Should you register for VAT? How is the business going to be funded? What’s your marketing strategy etc.

But one business that was set up earlier this year seems to have managed to hit most of the points above in a very ‘natural’ way. The fact that we are even writing about this particular business also scores points on the ‘marketing’ side of things too (this is not an ‘advertorial’ – so we have not been paid for ‘promoting’ this particular business). 

When Claire O’Connor, 35, decided that she wasn’t really enjoying her job as a cleaner in a hotel, she decided to launch what we think is the world’s very first naked cleaning service that does not offer any ‘extras’.

For £85 per hour, you can get your home cleaned by a naked cleaner. If that is too pricey for you, then for £75 per hour you will get a topless cleaner, and for £65 per hour, a cleaner will sort your home out whilst wearing only lingerie. 

We must point out here, that ‘Fantasy Clean’ DOES NOT offer any other ‘services’. And they operate a very strict ‘no touching’ rule. But they do understand that their customers could become ‘excited’ as their property is given the once over. 

A note on their website states:

‘Our cleaners are very professional and will understand that this can happen. However please respect them and their personal space. We are solely a domestic cleaning service and do not provide any sexual services’.

You also have to register with their site before you can book a cleaner which is a good thing because it means that Fantasy Clean are vetting their customers before the staff visit a property. 

Speaking when the business was launched back in Feb, Claire said:

“It’s still the early stages of getting it going. I thought, why not try something different? I thought someone would enjoy it.

“I’m quite outgoing. I’m not a shy kind of person. It might be kind of awkward the first few times, but the more you get to know the client, the more it will subside.

“It will be domestic cleaning with one cleaner and one client in the house, obviously no going outside.

“There will be no funny business, no touching, no taking photos, no extras, just going in, doing your work and leaving.”

So it just goes to show that starting your own business up need not be a mundane affair. You just have to think outside of the box.

Featured image credit: SWNS

The Robot ‘Dogs’ Are Coming – USAF Deploys Its First Robot Dogs!

Who remembers watching the first Terminator film and thinking ‘thank **** these robot things are not actually a thing’. I am sure many people who have experienced the visual delight of the film knew deep down that, one day, the robots would arrive.

And now it seems like that day has finally come after the United States Air Force (USAF) announced that they have just deployed their first ‘robot dogs’. The dogs will be used to patrol air bases around the country.

Of course, this is not the first time we have seen robot dogs. But this is the first time (publically at least) that a military organisation has announced that they will be deploying robots in a roll that would ordinarily be undertaken by their animal (or human) counterparts.


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The Drive recently reported that these fascinating pieces of machinery had been deployed to ‘defend the perimeters’ of an airbase; Nellis Air Force Base, to be precise. 

The thought of these robots patrolling an airbase would probably be enough to deter anyone with any evil intent from trying to penetrate the outer perimeter of an airbase. 

After all, we have all seen the films where robots have no hesitation in unleashing their incredible power on humans. It is almost as if science fiction writers actually know what the future holds when they write the scripts for the films which we have all come to know and love.

These robot dogs are intended for surveillance purposes rather than for ‘seek and destroy’ objectives. They are controlled by humans and can patrol the same bit of land until their batteries run out. 

Obviously, they don’t need feeding (apart from electricity), so they can pretty much stay on station until their batteries run out. Their deployment means that their human counterparts can remain close to the aircraft they are protecting whilst the robot dogs wander off into the distance, looking for signs of life. 

The ‘dogs’ are made by a company called Ghost Robotics. Talking about their creation, a spokesperson for the company said:

‘Beyond all-terrain stability and operation in virtually any environment, a core design principle for our legged robots is reduced mechanical complexity when compared to any other legged robots, and even traditional wheeled-tracked UGVs.

‘By reducing complexity, we inherently increase durability, agility and endurance, and reduce the cost to deploy and maintain ground robots. 

‘Our modular design even supports field swapping any sub-assembly within minutes’.

Give it another few years, and robots will almost certainly be more commonplace on the battlefield in more ‘offensive’ rather than defensive roles.

Has anyone registered the domain name for SkyNet yet…? 

Image credit: USAF

Police Find Eerie 6ft Void Under Mysterious Hole That Appeared In Road

We are used to seeing massive potholes in the road as we drive around. In some areas of the country, the potholes are so big some people have even taken to planting flowers and other plant-type things in them.

But as well as being an eyesore, these potholes can cause quite a bit of damage to your suspension should you happen to drive over one at a speed of more than five mph.

And if you are on a motorbike or pedal bike, then you have got some serious issues if you inadvertently find that your wheels end up taking a dive into a pothole.

But police officers in Urmston, Greater Manchester, made an eerie discovery when they were called by concerned motorists about a pothole that had appeared on Rothiemay Road.


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When officers arrived on the scene, they had a quick look into the pothole and quickly realised that this was your average ‘suspension busting’ hole.

Lurking underneath the hole was a 6ft void that had just mysteriously appeared for reasons which are, as yet, unknown. 

An officer tweeted:

“Not so much a pothole more like a crater. There was a 6ft void below so a barrow full of tarmac won’t cut it. 

“Traffic PCSO left it with the local authority to rectify on Rothiemay Road in @GMPUrmston’.

A number of high-vis jackets were used to mark the hole until the roadside cavalry arrived. Along with the jackets, there appeared to be some sort of bizarre ‘high-vis’ swing. 

I guess that is one way to pass the time as you wait for the council to turn up and sort the situation out using a shed load of concrete. 

What’s The Cake Fine For This Then?

The one thing you can be 100% sure of when you get your 4×4 stuck (assuming that you are in the emergency services) is that you will end up having to buy the whole team cakes to redeem yourself. 

Not only that, but the result of your situation will also (probably) be shared all over social media, if not by your oppos then by members of the public. 

For Lancashire Polices’ Drone Team, then getting their massive 4×4 stuck in some soggy looking soil will end up costing them cakes. Many cakes. 

But which cakes? Or rather, what cakes should be used to ‘pay’ their cake fine? 

Krispy Creme probably won’t cut it for this mishap. But it depends on whether or not they were able to pull the police vehicle out of the situation with another police vehicle. 

If they had to call upon the services of the Fire & Rescue Service, then the fine will be even higher, so a better grade of ‘cake’ will need to be purchase. 

Let us know in the comments below which cakes should be used to put this situation right.

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