You Can Now Buy ‘F**k Off’ Morse Code Bracelets On Amazon

Although morse code isn’t used that much anymore (as far as I am aware) it still can be a great way to get a ‘covert’ message to someone in the form of an unsuspecting gift. 

A brand called ‘EMSea’ has picked up on this novelty idea and have started selling ‘f**k off’ morse code bracelets on Amazon for 7.29

I think that these morse code bracelets are a great way of spoofing someone, especially ‘that’ colleague who you know can take a joke. 

Or maybe ‘that’ manager or supervisor who you would love to tell to ‘foxtrot oscar’ but saying it to their face could be a career ender.

Your friend/partner will never know (if you detach the bracelet from the card before giving it to them!)

Or maybe you want to surprise your partner with a gift, whilst at the same time having a ‘friendly’ poke at them? 

If ‘f**k off’ is taking it too far, then you can instead opt for a, shall we say, ‘friendly’ message in morse code, such as ‘I love you‘ and ‘strong and fearless‘.

Personally, I would probably get more use out of the ‘f**k off one. But that’s just me! 

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