WATCH | BMW Almost Turns Into A Submarine As Driver Takes On Deep Floodwater

I am not sure about you, but when driving through floodwater, I tend to err on the side caution if the water is more than just a few inches deep.

I have heard too many stories of car insurance companies not paying out when they find out that one of their policyholders has gone air-intake-deep in floodwater.

Aside from the financial risks associated with driving through floodwater, you are also risking your (and your passengers’) lives!

If you only make it halfway through, then you can expect a long wait for the recovery services to come and get you (when they have finished laughing at you).

But, I was genuinely impressed with the driving skills of the BMW driver in the video below, who almost ended up becoming an artificial coral reef after driving through some pretty deep floodwater.

At one point, it would appear that the rear end started to float before the wheels found the road again!

The footage was captured in the aftermath of Storm Eunice. I am not sure exactly where in Shrewsbury the BMW driver carried out this daring manoeuvre.

Apparently, the key to driving through floodwater this deep without a snorkel is to maintain a constant low speed, don’t change gear and pray to Poseidon.

Would you of attempted this? Let me know in the comments below!

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