WATCH | Mercedes Driver Tries To Overtake National Highways Officer During Rolling Roadblock

When most of us get caught at the front of a queue of traffic behind a rolling roadblock, we tend to hang back until the road has been cleared.

But for one Mercedes driver who got caught behind a National Highways Traffic Officer, sticking around just was not an option.

I am pretty sure that you can guess the outcome of this dodgy move; it did not work (see video below).

As the driver of the Merc tried to undertake the rolling roadblock, the National Highways vehicle moved to the left of the carriageway to stop the impatient motorist.

It worked because the impatient motorist came to a stop as the passenger in the National Highways vehicle raised his hands in the air in disbelief as he exited his vehicle.

It turned out that the rolling roadblock had been put in place because of a huge chain that had found its way onto the road.

After moving the chain, the rolling roadblock was stopped, and the road was reopened again.

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