WATCH | Pro-Ukrainian Protesters In Dublin Attack Russian Ambassadors Motorcade

Some footage has emerged on Twitter of the moment when a BMW belonging to the Russian Ambassador to Ireland is attacked by pro-Ukrainian protesters.

The footage, shared by Nexta_TV shows a stationary back BMW with its hazard lights on, surrounded by people holding the Ukrainian flag.

People start booing as the BMW suddenly jolts into reverse, flanked by a single Garda.

One protester holds a sign in front of the BMW as more protesters surround the vehicle, holding the Ukrainian flag against the windows of the car.

The BMW then drives forward, forcing the protesters to move out of the way.

But as the BMW drives by the angry protesters, you can clearly hear loud thuds as the car is hit with various objects.

The car then comes to a stop again and is subjected to a barrage of missiles being thrown at it before it manages to leave the scene.

The video has been viewed over 230,000 times on Twitter.

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