WATCH | Over 190k People Watch Live Footage Of Planes Landing At Heathrow During Storm Eunice

Over 190,000 people are currently watching LiveStream footage of planes landing at Heathrow Airport during storm Eunice.

Winds gusts of up to 122 mph – reported at the Needles – have been battering much of the UK as the most significant storm in 30 years causes mayhem up-and-down the country.

BigJetTV – a YouTube channel that live streams aircraft landing at major airports – has been Live Streaming footage from Heathrow for the last three hours.

The founder of the channel is giving some electric commentary as highly skilled pilots use all of their training to bring their multi-million pound jets down in winds gusting at 70 mph.

When writing this, an Airbus A380 has had to make two ‘go-arounds’ as the pilots aboard attempt to land during the high winds.

A pilot has three chances to land, before they get diverted to an alternate airport.

The high winds are expected to last until around 15:00 hours local time.

Talking about the footage, one social media user said:

‘They showed a clip earlier in Jeremy Vine extra and they were saying ‘ I’ll bet there are a few green faced passengers’ but they all clapped in the studio when it landed.’

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