WATCH | McDonald’s Employee Praised For Rescuing Seagull From Bin

A McDonald’s employee in Springkerse has been praised on social media for rescuing a seagull that had become trapped in a bin.

In the video, the animal-loving staff member opens the lid before reaching into the bin and pulling the big bird from the pits of smelly darkness.

By the look on the rescuers face, it would appear that the seagull wasn’t too happy at first, probably because it was gorging on leftover Chicken Big Mac.

But once out of the stinky bin – and with a bit of encouragement – the seagull took to the skies, ready to poop its digested Chicken Big Mac on any vehicle that has just emerged from a car wash.

Speaking about the rescue, one social media user said: ‘So casual have done this before.’

Another added: ‘Out of frame the bird plummets to the ground’.

But not everyone was appreciative of the rescue, with one social media user commenting: ‘Well I have to say fair play I woulda left it there’.

But what would you have done? Would you of rescued it, or would you have just left the seagull in the bin?

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@mcdonaldsuk Saving Seagulls at Springkerse 😅🤣

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