WATCH | Traffic Warden Issues Ticket To Broken Down Vehicle And Recovery Agent

We all know that traffic wardens, or Civil Enforcement Officers, have a job to do.

After all, nobody wants our roads to be blocked by inconsiderate motorists who think they can park wherever they want to.

But a video has surfaced on social media that many believe shows the more repugnant side of traffic wardens who clearly are just out to ticket as many people as possible.

In the video shared below, a motorist tries to plea with a traffic warden who has decided to put a ticket on their vehicle, even though the car clearly cannot move because it has a flat tyre.

The pleas of the motorist and the recovery agent fell on deaf ears.

The pleas of the motorist fall on deaf ears, as the traffic warden just tells him that he can appeal the ticket (that many people believe should not have been issued in the first place).

To make matters worse, the traffic warden then also slaps a ticket on the recovery truck that has turned up to help the stranded motorist.

As you can imagine, social media users were not impressed, and most of the comments published on the post can’t be shared here.

One social media user said: ‘deffo works on commission’ whilst another added: ‘more than half the car isn’t on the lines so that’s not enforceable!Trust me I use to work for them!’

At a time when we, the public, are getting screwed over by the soaring cost of living, the last thing we all need is for morally depleted traffic wardens to abuse their positions!

But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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