WATCH | John Bercow Lays Into Boris Johnson During Sky News Interview With Trevor Phillips

Ok, before we start this, I need to be honest with you; I am apolitical

I cannot assign my allegiance to anyone or anything, just because they or ‘it’ possesses some views which may, or may not, align with mine. 

When it comes to politicians, then I see some, but not all, of them in a similar way that I see some used car salespeople.

They tell you what they think they want you to hear.

They avoid telling the truth.

And, they make out that they only want what is best for you. 

But when I saw the video below, I had to share it. 

Not because I am ‘left wing’ but because I admire people who, in the moment, speak the truth and say how it really is. 

John Bercow was recently invited onto Sky News to speak to Trevor Phillips about the beleaguered Prime Minister.

And when Mr Phillips asked Mr Bercow what he thought of Boris Johnson, then, as you will see in the footage below, Bercow did not hold back.

Even the muted virtual audience on the vast array of flatscreen TVs in the studio were all clapping their hands with joy at what their ears were hearing. 

Whatever your thoughts are on BoJo, I am sure that many of you will appreciate listening to someone who has no issue sharing their feelings in a polite but direct way.

But what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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