WATCH | Reports Of ‘Glitch In The System’ After German Shepherd Spotted Sitting On Bin In Park

If you have watched any of the Matrix films, you will know what a ‘glitch in the system’ is when people report seeing odd things. 

Generally speaking, it means that something has gone ‘wrong’ with this illusion that we refer to as ‘life’. 

And that is precisely what happened when a member of the public randomly spotted a German Shepherd sitting on a bin in a park. 

Some social media users thought that maybe the dog had a quest for someone.

In the video below, the dog can be seen staring intensively at something or someone and completely ignores people as they walk past it. 

With her phone recording the bizarre encounter, the lady filming can be heard to say: ‘What!? Why is there a German Shepherd on top of this bin!?’

The bemused lady repeats the question four times before asking: ‘what is going on!?’

One social media user remarked: ‘He has a quest for you’. 

Another added: ‘That’s one hell of a glitch in the simulation’.

If you know why the dog was sitting on top of the bin, then let us know in the comments below!


i was taken aback by the skill level

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