Doctored Advert Causes A Stir On Social Media

Have you ever found yourself on the London Underground with a dead phone battery, so you end up having to read the overhead adverts to keep yourself entertained? 

Imagine casting your eyes along the various messages inside the carriage which try to convince you to buy something, only to find the ‘advert’ below:

Surely this is just a clever marketing gimmick from Aldi?

The ‘ad’ has been changed to say: 

‘We are recruiting fruit cakes, a cheesy superintendent & the biggest cabbage in the UK to help a pack of sausages hunt vulnerable women & children.

‘To protect & serve up’. 

We have had a look online, and it is hard to find the image’s origins.

But that did not stop us from having a giggle at it. I am sure that I have seen it before, but it appears to be doing the rounds again. 

I doubt that it is actually a combination of one ripped off advert over another one because the Met’s motto does not start with ‘to protect..’

Surely, its origin must have come from Aldi’s marketing department, after all, we are sharing it now!?

Stay tuned for more funny ‘stuff’ spotted on social media.

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