‘Escaped Leopard’ That Was ‘Killed’ After Being Hit By Car, Turned Out To Be Tracy’s Dressing Gown

Animal lovers in Skipton managed to breathe a sigh of relief after reports of a Leopard being killed in a road traffic collision outside Skelton Primary School turned out to be false.

In a captioned picture that is currently doing the rounds on social media, a VW Golf can be seen with its hazard warning lights on a few feet away from what appears to be a Leopard.

But after a closer inspection, the ‘Leopard’ turned out to, in fact, be a Leopard dressing gown.

The ‘escaped leopard’ looked in a bad way.

A caption that accompanied the picture announced:

‘The mass panic outside Skelton primary school this afternoon over the escaped leopard that was hit and killed by a car, turned out to be Tracy’s dressing gown that she dropped while doing the school run in her pyjamas!!!’.

We aren’t sure of exactly when the ‘incident’ happened or when the image was initially shared, but it did make us giggle.

The incident also highlights why you should never do the school run in your pyjamas, especially if you wear an animal-themed dressing gown!

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