WATCH | Social Media Celebrates As Anti-Vaxxer With Loudhailer Is Ejected From Vaccination Centre

Twitter celebrated yesterday afternoon after security guards ejected an anti-vaxxer from a vaccination centre (scroll down for footage).

The female recording the footage started the intro by stating that they were going into a vaccination centre in Brixton. 

“We are here at Lambeth Civic Centre in Brixton and we are going to be talking to the people at the door here about the [vaccination]”. 

However, the male with the female clearly did not understand the assignment as he eagerly prepared to barge past the security detail with his loud hailer. 

The male with the loudhailer braced himself for his big moment.

As soon as the doors opened, the male started his fumbled speech by stating: ‘allo, allo, allo. We are here today to tell you about the vaccine..’

Before the belligerent orator could finish his piece, a security guard, using no more force than was necessary, gently ejected the male from the property. 

The ejection from the property seemed to confuse the male, who, once outside, spoke into his loudhailer again and said: ”allo, allo, allo. We are here today to tell you…”

Seeming to forget what he was there to tell ‘the people’ the male with the loudspeaker could not remember what he was supposed to say. 

After being ejected from the centre, the male tried to continue his speech, but forgot his lines.

Meanwhile, the female appeared not to understand what the role of the security officers was when she said that she would be calling the police on the security guards (for using no more force than was necessary to eject the male, who was causing a breach of the peace, from the property). 

The professional security officer kept his cool and, despite being goaded by the anti-vaxxers, managed to stop them from entering the premises. 

Talking about the encounter, one Twitter user said:

‘Good, quick response using minimum force to prevent trespass.’

Another added: 

‘Swift action by the security fair play and well done to two men and the lady very professional.’

One person summed up the feelings of many when they said:

‘Reasonable force can be used to remove someone who will not leave premises when asked to, anti-vaxxers’ knowledge of the law is as nonexistent as their knowledge of Covid, the benefits of public health measures such as wearing a face mask and the benefits of being vaccinated.’

One thought on “WATCH | Social Media Celebrates As Anti-Vaxxer With Loudhailer Is Ejected From Vaccination Centre

  1. Should have given him a swift kick in the jewels to try and wake his brain. Anti-Vaxers should be denied medical care. Only vaccinated should be allowed medical care.

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