Post-It Note On Thermostat Lets Household Know When The Heating Can Be Turned On

With gas prices at record highs, households around the country are embroiled in lively debates regarding when the heating can actually be turned on. 

Whereas some people are happy to have the central heating on all day, others limit the times and duration when the boiler can be fired up. 

But one household has decided to create a ‘flowchart’ on a post-it note to inform residents of when it is, and is not, appropriate to start warming the house. 

And so everyone is aware, the post-it note has been strategically placed on the thermostat.

It says:

‘Before turning heat on: do you

  • have socks on? Yes.
  • long sleeve shirt? Yes.
  • underware/pants? Yes.
  • see your breath? No.’

If you answered three ‘yes’ and one ‘no’, then the flowchart states that this household cannot put the heating on. 

However, if you answered three no’s and one ‘yes’ (or any other combination), the simple instruction is to ‘get dressed’.

So no heating it is then! 

Maybe it’s time to get the Onesie’s out as you sit down to watch your Christmas movies; especially if you live in this household. If you don’t have a Onesie, then you can get one at [ ]

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