‘Tank? What Tank!?’ Camouflaged Tank In Australia Gives Cops The Slip

When officers based with the Northern Grampians Police Service Area (Australia) were called to help chaperone a tank, they apparently had difficulty spotting the military hardware due to its superior camouflage markings. 

After being given the coordinates of where to show up so that several road closures could be put in place, police units eagerly made their way to the scene. 

Apparently, there is a tank in this picture? Credit: facebook.com/eyewatchnortherngrampians

However, the tank was so well camouflaged that the officers could not see it once they arrived on the scene. Of course, the roads closures were put in any way! 

A spokesperson for Northern Grampians Police Service Area said in a post on Facebook:

‘Nothing to see here.

‘We just decided to close the Western Freeway in Stawell for absolutely no reason.

Nope. We can’t see it either. Credit: facebook.com/eyewatchnortherngrampians

‘Here are some pics of police cars blocking the Highway and nothing else’.

Meanwhile, the ultra-sneaky-beaky tank slipped off into the distance without (apparently) being seen by the cops. 

The low-loader the tank was being carried on had broken down, meaning that the tank had to be driven to its sneaky-beaky destination by its elite operator. 

One follower commented: ‘Awesome to see these vehicles’. 

We can see the police vehicle. Just not the tank. Credit: facebook.com/eyewatchnortherngrampians

Northern Grampians Police Service Area replied by saying: ‘What vehicles…’ The response got 64 ‘likes’. 

Another follower added: ‘Well, Tanks for closing the highway.’ 

Unfortunately, the police officers did not get a chance to drive the tank but that is probably because they could not find it!

We have long thought that cops in Australia have the best sense of humour. And this social media post goes some way to proving what we already knew! 

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