Cops On Social Media Respond To Seeing Boris Johnson In ‘Police Uniform’

If you follow any unofficial police Twitter accounts, then you might have seen some of them ‘light up’ after Boris Johnson was snapped ‘out and about’ wearing a ‘police’ beanie and police jacket.

No, Boris Johnson has not signed up to the Special Constabulary. Although, he definitely should consider it.

Instead, he joined some police officers in Liverpool this morning as they carried out some early morning warrants.

Boris Johnson is pledging to break up 2,000 “county lines” drugs gangs in a £300 million drive to ‘rid the country’s streets of illegal narcotics.’

The 10-year plan for England and Wales includes more drug testing on arrest, with police, encouraged to direct individuals who test positive towards treatment or other relevant options.

Although, in reality, this process has been going on for donkey’s years.


Announcing the plans this morning, Boris Johnson joined Merseyside Police on a dawn raid on a home in Liverpool as part of ‘Operation Toxic’ to infiltrate County Lines drug gangs.

In several pictures, the PM can be seen wearing a police beanie with a police jacket and the obligatory stab-vest.

There has been some tongue-in-cheek ‘chatter’ on social media about the fact that Boris could himself get nicked for ‘impersonating a police officer’, owing to the gear (no pun intended) he was wearing.

And quite a few police twitter (unofficial) accounts were quick to make a few other observations:

@Foxtrot_cop tweeted (14.4k followers): ‘No. Just, No’ with one Twitter user responding with: ‘Unless it’s a Christmas party and it’s been a year, then it’s probably going to be ignored. Honestly, I feel your despair.’

Another added: ‘Who at No10 suggested this parody? And, worse, who authorised it?’.

One user noted: ‘Is he actually wearing uniform shirt and tie too?’

One social media user thought that BoJo looked like Cartman.

Another popular unofficial police Twitter account is @InspGadgetBlogs (29K followers).

The unnamed person behind this account tweeted: ‘trawl through his phone’ (a reference to the ridiculous recommendation by Tom Winsor that all 130,000 police officers in the UK should hand over their private phones for regular inspections – I s**t you not).

One Twitter user said: “Those who break the law will have nowhere to hide”. … except for the lavatories and washrooms of Westminster of course where they’ll be fine.

Another added: ‘Yeah that tie is most defo breaking the law lolololololol’

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