WATCH | Traffic Cop Almost Gets Hit By A HGV While Fending Off Traffic

One of the last places you probably would want to be when dealing with an incident on a busy road is standing behind your patrol vehicle, fending off traffic, as fast-moving traffic approaches you. 

But, if you are a traffic police officer or a highways traffic officer, then you probably don’t have much choice when a lane needs closing – for whatever reason – on a busy road. 

The video below highlights just how dangerous this sort of situation can be. 

Seconds before the HGV comes to a stop, the officer spots it speeding towards him.

In the video, an officer wearing a high-vis jacket can be seen trying to alert oncoming traffic to the fact that a lane on a busy motorway has been closed. 

The footage is being recorded by a rear-facing ‘dashcam‘ in the vehicle. 

Behind the officer are several traffic cones that are supposed to help alert drivers that a lane has been closed. 

But 12 seconds into the footage, the officer spots an HGV bearing down on him that does not appear to be slowing down. 

The HGV driver unleashed some epic braking to bring his rig to a stop just feet away from the patrol vehicle

He quickly shuffles out of the way as the HGV locks its brakes and comes skidding to a halt just yards away from the officer’s vehicle. 

Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but it was a close call and yet another reminder of why you should always keep your eyes locked firmly on the road in front of you. 

One social media user commented: ‘This is so scary, that even the truck looked away.’ 

Another added: ‘At the least HGV driver did not hit the car! 10/10 for driving skills. The truck driver needs to be getting paid 300k a year for doing his job after that!’. 

Watch the video here:

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