WATCH | ‘Idiot’ In A Stolen Audi R8 Tries To Impress His Mates

An erratic video has emerged on social media of a male driving around in what has been reported as a stolen Audi R8.

In the footage below, recorded on a dashcam fitted inside the vehicle, the driver can be seen tearing around some residential streets that he appears to be using as a personal race track.

Rather than do what most honest, hard working people would do if they wanted a race track adventure, instead of buying himself a red letter day experience, this male just nicked a high-powered sports car.

At one point in the video, the driver pulls up next to some of his associates and asks them to get into the stolen car.

Thanks, but no thanks! The drivers mates don’t want to get in the stolen Audi R8

Thankfully, common sense prevails, and they decide to stay on the pavement rather than risking their lives by getting in the Audi.

A catalogue of near-misses follows as the driver takes outrageous risks, putting the lives of innocent motorists on the line for his few minutes of ‘fun’.

By the way the vehicle jolts around, you can see that the driving standards of the male behind the wheel is anything but ‘smooth’.

It is only a miracle that no innocent members of the public were hurt.

Watch the video here:

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