WATCH | Motorcyclist Stops Tailgater From Following Met Police Van

If you have ever found yourself driving along slowly in traffic, only to be overtaken by an emergency vehicle on a blue-light run then chances are you have probably thought one of two things.

Firstly, you might have thought to yourself: ‘I wonder where the emergency vehicle is going, or what call they are dealing with?’

Or, you might have thought: ‘It must be great to be able to slice through gridlock traffic with some blue lights and sirens’.

Of course, you could always pop down to your local Halfords and buy yourself one of those ‘traffic avoidance’ Sat Navs to save yourself the hassle of being stuck in annoying traffic in the first place.

Most people probably do not think about driving behind the emergency vehicle as it cuts its way through the rush-hour traffic.

But that is exactly what the motorist in the video below did, when they spotted a Met Police van on its way to a call.

Thankfully, a motorcyclist (with a Helmet Cam) was on hand to help educate the driver and stop them from driving like an idiot.

To be honest, I am surprised that the officer behind the wheel didn’t get out of their wagon and give the driver of the Corsa a fine.

But then if the cops were on their way to an urgent call, then they probably would not have had enough time.

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