WATCH | Mechanic Thinks He Has Found A Secret Police Surveillance Van

A man, claiming to be a mechanic working for Mercedes, has recorded a video of what he claims is a police surveillance van.

The clapped-out Fiat shown in the video had apparently been taken to a civilian workshop for a service…

But when the lad who was working on the van found what he thought was a police radio in the glove box of the vehicle, he started to look around the inside of the ancient van.

When he opened the side door, he found a suite of electrical equipment which he claimed was being used by the security services.

A few social media users pointed out some crucial facts which stacked up to suggest that the van was not one that is used by the security services or police.

For example, both the police and the security services have their own workshops and would not actually send a surveillance van to a civilian garage for a service.

Can you imagine the likes of MI5 or the NCA sending one of their top secret vans to a civvy garage?! Come on!

Also, the ‘radio’ found in the glove box appeared to be just an ancient mobile phone, rather than a state of the art, end-to-end encrypted communications device.

But, alas, the majority of people who watched the original video, really did think that it was an undercover vehicle, used by the ‘feds.’

Watch the video here and let us know what you think in the comments:

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