‘Home Alone’ House Is Listed On AirBnB For ‘Filthy Animals’ To Stay In

For many people worldwide, Christmas officially starts when ‘Home Alone‘ is played on the family television.

The cult classic, released in 1990, has long been synonymous with the start of festivities. 

But over 30 years later, The McCallister family are still just as willing to leave their family home open to a group of complete strangers.

Or rather, ‘Buzz’ (as the host) seems to have decided to open up the family home! 

The only people who will not be welcome are burglars (as, let’s face it, nobody likes a burglar).      

The listing appeared on AirBnB’s Twitter page with the caption: 

‘Get ready to celebrate the holidays on the most boring street in the united states of America… because the timeless house where the home alone story began is officially bookable on Airbnb.  

‘Filthy animals can request to book on december 7 at 1pm CT’

Replying to the news, one Twitter user said: ‘4 guests only ? There was 20 person in that house geez, looks like have to leave a kid outside for the night.’

The home is available for four people to stay for one night only on Sunday, Dec. 12. 

The listing is part of a holiday promotion of the new Disney+ remake, “Home Sweet Home Alone”.

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