With More Robot Vacuums Being Sold, Can It Mean Only One Thing For The Emergency Services?

A few years ago, the sight of a robot vacuuming your home whilst you were at work would have seemed a bit far fetched.

But recent advances in technology have meant that, for just a few hundred quid, you can grab yourself a robot vacuum cleaner.

I find vacuuming quite soothing.

There is just something about seeing bits of food shrapnel and other debris disappears up my Henry Hoover.

But if you work in the emergency services or NHS, this ‘rise of the machines’ can mean only one thing: more work!

Although we are not quite at the stage of what was portrayed in the Terminator films, we have already seen robots ‘attacking’ their human masters.

For example, a few years ago, a woman in South Korea fell asleep on the floor, only to be devoured (or at least her hair was) by her robot vacuum cleaner.

The emergency services were called in to free the lady (and her hair) from the device.

The 52-year-old, called Yoon, woke in agony at her South Korean home after the robot mistook her hair for fluff.

Unable to free herself, she called the Changwon city fire department in desperation.

Four emergency workers took half an hour to free her after opening the device.

The woman escaped serious injury.

“This case was quite special,” the fire department said. “We had seen weird things, but this was a very weird call that we received.”

Robot vacuum cleaners have become popular in the last decade, with US firm iRobot selling more than 10 million units of its circular Roomba.

The issue isn’t so much the technology, it is more to do with our lack of common sense. But what do you think?

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