Have You Tried A Jaffa Cake Doughnut Yet?

If you are a big fan of McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, then you have probably already seen the new Jaffa Cake Doughnut – or you might have instead seen your friends chowing down on them.

The ‘Jonut’ (as it has become known) has become popular with sweet-toothed fans across Britain since they landed on these shores back in April. 

jaffa cake doughnut

Jaffa Cake ‘Jonuts’ come in packs of four and are also suitable for vegetarians. 

If you are bored of ‘box standard’ Jaffa cakes, then maybe it is time to move on to one of these?

Happy chompers can expect a soft sponge base, a zesty orange filling and a dark chocolate topping.

And if you are a hardcore Jaffa fan, then you can even sit back and enjoy a glass of Jaffa Cake gin with your Jaffa Cake Doughnut! 

Jaffa Cake Gin
Jaffa Cake Gin

You can buy your Jaffa Cake DOughnuts on Amazon for £8 HERE and if you want to get hold of some Jaffa Cake Gin, then you can buy a bottle by clicking on this handy link

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