Is This The Perfect Doormat To Keep Unwanted People Away?

Are you sick of seeing the same people knocking at your door without an invite? Well, you are not alone. 

Thankfully, someone has come up with this handy doormat which, when placed outside the front of your door (or wherever else you want to put it), should help them get the message. 

Why not also put this ‘On No! Not You Again’ doormat¬†outside the entrance to your place of work?¬†

Especially if you end up seeing the same faces again, which bring nothing but grief to your door (i.e. your boss). 

And don’t forget, if you are due to receive a guest or visitor you want to see, you can always temporarily hide your ‘On No! Not You Again’ doormat!

Personally, I like to leave mine where it is on a 24-7 basis, just to be sure. After all, there are quite a few c**kwombles kicking around at the moment. 

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