TikTok Account Called ‘Stop Auditors UK’ Surfaces On Social Media

Do you know what an ‘auditor’ (not the qualified, professional kind) is or what their purpose might be? Nope, neither do I. 

Generally speaking, to be an ‘auditor’, you need to be highly qualified in your respective field; when it comes to ‘auditing’ the police, being a ‘professional bystander’ just does not cut it. 

But when you have a look at self-proclaimed ‘auditor’ accounts on social media, you will find a bizarre group of individuals who seem to enjoy walking up to police officers in a blatant attempt to try and bait them into arguing. 

Credit: tiktok.com/@stopauditorsuk

The self-proclaimed ‘auditor’ with then, more than likely, hope to upload the video footage to social media and get paid as a result of the adverts which are placed in the videos. 

Of course, if a police officer just ignores the auditor, identifies him/her in their own footage, or just happens to get a phone call on their mobile phone which has a Disney track as a ring tone, then then ‘auditors’ attempt to make money off the back of the video will be ruined. 

From our research, it would appear that most auditors have been arrested for various offences at some point before they became an ‘auditor’, which might explain their ‘motivation’ to go up to police officers responding to 999 calls and asking them what they are doing. 


This could be one of the reasons why many so-called ‘auditors’ do not like their details being shown on social media. When the camera is turned into their faces, they tend to have a bit of a ‘wobble’. 

And that is precisely what one TikTok account has been set up to try and do; they want to shine some light on the shadowy backgrounds of some of the ‘Auditors’. 

Stop Auditors UK‘ features many different ‘auditors’ who seem to want to justify their actions as part of some bizarre ‘public service’. 

This is bizarre because most officers have body-worn cameras, which more and more police forces around the country are choosing to share with the public, to get an unbiased perspective on police work. 


Some of the ‘auditors’ featured on the TikTok channel appear to like dressing up to make themselves look like police officers. Maybe they applied to join the police but got knocked back? I wonder why that could be…

Other ‘auditors’ seem to have a bone to pick with the ‘feds’ because law enforcement personnel have hampered their criminal enterprises which then motivated them to become an AuDItoR. 


But they appear to try and want the general public to believe that their fundamental objective is to hold the police to account. 

But I doubt that the Independent Office for Police Conduct (the IOPC) will be recruiting any of these ‘auditors’ anytime soon. Because, after all, the IOPC employ hundreds of people on full-time salaries to do just that; hold the police to account.

So why the hell do we need ‘AuDItoRs’? 

Anyway, have a look for yourself and see what you think: ‘Stop Auditors UK

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