WATCH | Cop Goes Viral After Checking Hidden Vehicle Compartment ‘Hack’

Before the days of social media, if people found secret hiding places inside everyday objects, such as inside cars, then you probably would not find out about it.

But now, all it takes is for a powerful algorithm to detect a video that it thinks people will find interesting for ‘secret’ life hacks (which have been uploaded to social media) to go viral.

And once a video does go viral, then it is no longer a ‘secret’, as the video below shows.

When a police officer (officer_coppuccino) saw a video on TikTok of somebody sharing a ‘hidden’ compartment behind a light switch, the officer called ‘BS’ and so decided to check it out for himself.

After a long walk from his office to his car, the officer soon found out that he had probably been hoodwinked during numerous previous vehicle stops by people (who had something to hide) who probably already knew about the ‘secret’ compartment!

Since being uploaded to TikTok, the video has been watched nearly 26 million times!

Even by ‘viral’ standards, that is a lot of views!

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