WATCH | The Very Real Hazards Of Taser Training

If you are lucky enough (or unlucky enough, depending on which way you look at it) to work in a unit that gives you access to a taser, then, chances are, you are going to ride the volts yourself during a training or ‘familiarisation’ session.

What better way to understand the effect that a taser has on the body than being on the receiving end of the razor sharp barbs that help carry the voltage that will make all of your muscles contract?

During the training, you might experience involuntary flatulence as well as various limbs flying wildly all over the place.

But do not worry, as your colleagues who will be helping you through the process will be primed and ready to look after you as you experience tens of thousands of volts running through your body.

Or will they?

Judging by the video below, helping your oppo as they experience the effect of a taser can be just as hazardous as being on the receiving end of the taser itself!


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