WATCH | Mason Mount Gives His England Shirt To Young Fan After Semi-Final Win

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A video has been shared on social media showing the moment when Mason Mount walks into the stand at Wembley after the 2-1 win over Denmark, to give his England shirt to a young England fan.

In the footage, Mount walks past a security official to get to the fan.

Worried about what the footballer will do, the security official initially tries to hold Mount back, but he points to the young girl with his shirt in his hand.

Realising what Mount is about to do, the security official steps back in order to allow Mount through.

Once Mount gives the young fan his shirt, she is overcome with emotion as tears of joy start to stream down her face.

Her dad then gives her an epic hug, patting her on the back as she continues to cry with joy.

As Mount walks away, he looks back over his shoulder and smiles after seeing the young girls reaction.

The video, uploaded to Twitter, has been viewed nearly 700k times with 19k ‘likes’.

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