Lad In Bootle Takes A Picture Of HEMs And Lists It For Sale On Facebook

A Bootle-based entrepreneur has tried to make a few quid by listing a HEMs helicopter for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

The multi-million-pound chopper had landed in a park when the lad took a picture of it before listing it on the social media website.

The seller – who is ‘highly rated’ on Fb Marketplace – is only asking £1,248,400 for the ‘used’ but ‘like new’ life-saving machine.

The seller points out that the helicopter has only had ‘two careful owners’ but that he decided it wasn’t for him after ‘owning it’ for a ‘couple of hours’.

This is fair enough because, let’s face it, running a helicopter is not cheap.

Although, it was listed ten weeks ago and still has not been sold. Maybe the seller needs to reduce the asking price a bit?

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