WATCH | ‘You Can Shove Your Lamborghini Up Your A*se’ – England Fans Surround Lambo Driver In London

England fans can pretty much turn any object into a song. As the video below clearly shows.

When the driver of this blue Lamborghini got caught up in some traffic whilst driving through central London, it did not take long for some England fans to swarm around the Italian-made supercar.

Initially, one fan stood in front of the sportscar, pointing to its bonnet.

At least another 20 fans quickly joined the fan as they surrounded the vehicle whilst chanting: ‘you can stick your Lamborghini up your a*se’.

After a performance that lasted around 20 seconds, the driver of the Lamborghini revved their engine, at which point the video stopped.

One social media user who commented on the video said: ‘In Miami they would’ve climbed on it, I held my breath!’


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