Police Federation Boss Sends His Firefighting Brother The Ultimate Tongue-In-Cheek ‘Happy Retirement’ Letter

If you have served in the emergency services or have a friend/family member who has, you will be acutely aware of the friendly banter that exists between the different services. 

Responding to life-or-death calls for help is highly stressful and can take its toll on your mental health. 

But one way of coping with this stress is to engage your colleagues in some lighthearted banter routinely. 

The more the better because, after all, laughter is stress leaving the body, right?

And this banter is even more important when you have a sibling who also serves in the emergency services, albeit in a different service to the one you are in.

When the Chairman of the Police Federation of England & Wales wrote a letter to his firefighting brother to congratulate him on receiving the Queen’s Fire Service Medal (QFSM) for distinguished service upon his retirement from the fire service, it easily met the threshold for ‘inter-service banter’ on a number of different levels.

In the letter, Steve Apter wrote:

‘Dear Steve

I was delighted to see that you have been recognised in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours and have been awarded a Queen’s Fire Service Medal for distinguished service. 

‘I hope that this worthy honour will go some way to addressing your 30 years of disappointment at not having been able to become a police officer owing to the then height requirement in place. However, I am pleased that your small stature was not a barrier to serving in the third emergency service. 

‘On behalf of the Police Federation of England and Wales, I wish to pass my sincere congratulations on your remarkable achievement. 

‘Once again, many congratulations. 

‘Yours sincerely

‘John Apter’

John told Daily Dits:

‘My brother joined the Fire Service when I joined the police, and we have had many, many years of banter. 

‘Steve recently received the QFSM (like the Queen’s Policing Medal but not as good)! 

‘In my role as Chair of the Police Federation, and as a loving brother, I wrote to him to congratulate him. 

‘The banter between us on Twitter has been going on for some time, he retired from the service last week, and I am very proud of him….really!’

We are looking for to Steve’s response!

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Because remember: Laughter is stress leaving the body!


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