Five Comedy Mugs Guaranteed To Make You And Those Around You Smile

As some of us start to venture back into the office, remember how to keep the morale of our colleagues up can be quite hard. But have you thought about buying a comedy mugs?

Let me explain;

Most of us have been working from home for so long that we have forgotten how to raise a few smiles at work as we get back to trying to figure out how to avoid the boss and do as little work as possible.

Some of us have even lost our communications skills because we have only had ourselves for company for an extended period.

One way of creating a light-hearted talking point is by taking a mug into work that might raise a few smiles amongst your colleagues (even if it is at the displeasure of your boss).

We have been shopping around and below are five comedy mugs that are sure to bring a few smiles to your workplace:

Top Five Comedy Mugs

  1. ‘Behold My Field of F*cks’ – 10oz Mug

If you are constantly bombarded with work-placed trivia that you have no interest in getting yourself involved with, then leaving this: ‘Behold my field of f*cks’ mug in a prominent position should do the trick.

behold my field of fucks comedy mugs

Buy it from ComedyMugs.Shop for 9.99

2. ‘I’m Always Forced To Do S*it I’m Not Qualified For – Like Being Nice To F*cking Idiots’ – 10oz Mug

Do you work somewhere where having to be nice to annoying people is part of the job? Do you constantly have to put on a brave face when confronted by professional whiners and moaners?

Well, leaving this comedy mug in a prominent position should get the message across.

Im always forced to do shit im not qualified for like being nice to fucking idiots comedy mugs

Buy it from ComedyMugs.Shop for 9.99

3. ‘Shit Magnet’ – 10oz Mug

Have you been told by your colleagues that you are a shit magnet? Are you getting tired of your colleagues constantly reminding you that you are one? After all, its not your fault, right?

shit magnet comedy mugs

Buy it from for 9.99

4. ‘My Entire Life Can Be Summed Up In One Sentence’ – 10oz Mug

It’s hard to deny that it has been a pretty crap 18 months. And during this time of reflection, it has led some of us to question some of the life decisions we have made.

This comedy mug is one way of letting everyone else know that, yes, you have made some crap decisions for which you are fully repentant.

that didnt go according to plan comedy mugs

Buy it from for 9.99

5. ‘Am I Childish’ – 10oz Mug

We have all been accused of being childish at some point. Either by our parents/guardians or by our friends and colleagues.

So, why not celebrate the fact that you refuse to ‘act your age’ with this comedy mug?

Am i childish mug

Buy it from for 9.99

So there we have it.

A selection of five comedy mugs which are sure to raise a few smiles, wherever you use them.

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