Angry Mum Leaves No-Nonsense Message On Underside Of Toilet Seat

A mum has had enough of the toilet habits of her family after leaving a no-nonsense message underneath the lid of a toilet seat.

When taking a seat on the porcelain throne, the last thing anybody wants is to have to sit on a puddle of p**s. 

But for one mum in particular, the message appeared not to be sinking in with the people in her house. 

As well as containing ‘words of advice’ the message also made it clear that any puddles of p**s would be cleaned up with the offender’s toothbrush.

To help the message sink in, the disgruntled mother wrote:

‘P**s in the f**king toilet, NOT on the floor, or on the seat, you lazy wa**kers!

‘It’s NOT that hard!!

‘If p**s is left on the seat or floor, you better have found a fantastic hiding spot for your toothbrush!’

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