Medic’s Who Saved Footballers Life Labelled As ‘The Real Champions Of Euro 2020’

The medics who ran to the aid of footballer Christian Eriksen have been labelled as ‘the real heroes’ and ‘champions of Euro 2020’ by football fans. 

The Denmark midfielder, 29, collapsed in Saturday’s game with Finland and had to be resuscitated on the pitch.

Amongst the people who rushed to his aid were two medics, who ran onto the field and started to give Eriksen CPR. 

In a post shared on Football Gold, an admin for the page said:

‘A nation will win Euro 2020. 

‘A team of world class athletes will be declared Champions of Europe for the next 4 years but last night, these two guys conquered the pitch after treating Christian Eriksen for cardiac arrest.

‘The real heros, the Champions of Euro 2020, these two guys’.

The post has attracted over 26k likes with 3.2k shares. 

One follower noted: ‘Not just these 2 though. Don’t forget the physios, Danish captain and other medical personnel. All did a remarkable job in saving his life’.

Another said: ‘We don’t appreciate the knowledge n skill of our rescue and medical staff. We just take them for granted.

‘Well done, guys’.

Other followers mentioned that the two medics should be invited to the final, with one fan saying: ‘The medical staff deserve a place at the final and a special medal at the ceremony to honour there contribution to saving Eriksens life’.

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