WATCH | DJ Helps To Raise Morale With Mobile DnB Set

It is fair to say that there aren’t enough ‘good news’ stories in the mainstream media anymore, so we have to try and find people out there who are willing and able to act as the nation’s morale ambassadors. 

Dom Whiting is just one such individual. A few months ago, Ago started cycling around with some decks on his bike.

His genre of choice when it comes to music is drum and bass.

Initially, Dom was lucky to get a few honks off drivers and maybe a few fist pumps off pedestrians and other cyclists.

Dom raises a few smiles as he pedals around Cardiff with his decks mounted to his bike

But in his most recent video, Dom was joined by dozens of other cyclists as he bangs out some uplifting DnB tunes as he cycled around Cardiff.

The police also gave Dom a blast of encouragement when they sounded their bullhorn at Dom and his comrades as they cycled past a police van.

Great work, Dom. Keep it up! 


Can I get a horn?! 🔊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 #dnb #dnbrollers #dnballstars #dnbdirect #dnbactive #cardiff #bikelife #djbike

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