WATCH | Chinese Company Develops ‘Missile Launcher’ To Fight Tower Block Fires

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An aerospace company in China has developed a ‘missile launcher’ that can deploy ‘fire extinguisher rockets’ at fires beyond the reach of ladders and hoses (scroll down for video).

The system looks similar to a traditional military vehicle-borne missile launcher, apart from the fact that the vehicle is red rather than green.

When the launcher arrives at the scene of the fire, an operator manually targets the fire with the ‘missiles’. 

The launcher looks like traditional military missile launchers.

Up to 28 ‘missiles’ can be fired per vehicle. 

The missiles can hit fires up to 300 metres away or 80 floors high.  

Of course, anyone who is near the fast-approaching ‘missile’ might have to take cover if, for example, they are on the floor that is directly above or below the fire. 

The system rapidly targets fires which are beyond the reach of conventional equipment.

But the system could provide a rapid solution to building fires where the seat of the blaze is beyond the reach of conventional equipment. 

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp have developed the system. 

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