Have GPs Been Told To Hand Over Your Medical History To Private Companies?

Do you remember when we were told that, post-Brexit, our medical data would not be ‘sold’ to profit-seeking private companies that want to feed off our medical conditions? 

Judging by some posts on social media from some highly respected and reputable sources, it would appear that the complete opposite is happening. Shock. Horror.

Whilst we were meandering through the virtual corridors of social media this morning, we noticed a tweet from a well-respected palliative care doctor, Dr Rachel Clarke. 

The post in question was a re-tweet of someone called Phil Booth, who, according to his social media bio, is a ‘critical friend to just causes’. 

The tweet by Mr Booth proclaimed: ‘The Government has instructed your GP to hand over your lifelong medical history – your GP doesn’t have a choice, but YOU DO… until 23rd June. 

‘If you don’t want your family’s #GPdata used & sold to Hancock’s cronies, send/give this letter to your GP: Medconfidential.org’

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When retweeting the post, Dr Clarke added:

‘The govt wants to profit from your GP record by selling the data, allegedly anonymised, to whomever they choose. 

‘Incredibly, your consent is presumed. You have to pro-actively opt out to stop them. I’ll be protecting myself & my family ASAP – steps below’.

The post has been retweeted nearly 1.5k times, with the same number of ‘likes’. 

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Responding to the tweets, one person added:

‘This is not new, it was highlighted half dozen [sic] years ago when GP practices informed Thier [sic] patients and coordinated collection of opt outs’. 

‘The “profit” is not financial, it is better medical treatments’.

Image credit: Twitter

But what do you think?

Will you be printing off the form and handing it into your GP? Who do you believe? Let us know in the comments below! 

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