NCO Confirms To Troops That ‘W**king’ Is Still Allowed

daily w**king orders

An NCO has confirmed to their troops that they can still participate in ‘self-love’ if they need to, as long as they clean up after themselves. 

In a set of daily orders, ‘w**king” has been given its own section amongst the other groups of requirements that the troops are expected to stick to (not literally). 

I say ‘troops’, but judging by the terminology being used, the set of orders probably belong to sailors. 

daily w**king orders
Glad we cleared that up.

The paragraph states:

‘Here is something I never thought I would put on orders! I understand most personnel live in shared accommodation, and personal time is limited. 

‘Therefore, I am not banning w**king in the toilets however, clean up after you have finished!

‘As fun as it might be to see how high you can fire your bodily fluids up the back of the cubicle door from the seated unsupported position, no one wants to see this dripping off the door when going to the loo! 

‘Stop it, its rats!!’

Man, I miss the military…

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