Most Frequently Said Things Whilst Working In An Emergency Ambulance

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Have you ever wondered what the most frequent things said in an emergency ambulance are? 

Then wonder no more! 

To be honest, the following could apply to most emergency vehicles and not just an ambulance:

  • Coffee
  • Why was that a CAT 1?
  • It’s come from 111
  • We need fuel 
  • I don’t think there was anything wrong with them
  • Getac has f**king frozen, again!
  • Have we got a charging cable? 
  • Which way is it taking us? 
  • What a complete waste of time
  • Oh, for f**ks sake
  • If we get stood down for break now, we are f**ked later on
  • Can I have a Haribo? 
  • Pass my juice, its in the door
  • Reckon we have got one more job after this one
  • I’m dying for a p*ss
  • I really do not want to be off late again today
  • Have you finalised it? 
  • We could do with a job right now
  • They better not send us to *input far away town or city* tonight
  • I swear I have been here before
  • I recognise that name
  • Well, this is going to be bull***t
  • I bet they have their coat on and overnight bag in hand waiting for us by the front door

So there we have it—some of the most frequent things commonly uttered in an emergency ambulance. 

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