BBC Lambasted By Twitter Users For ‘Quality Journalism’ After Sharing Partial Clip Of Male Being Detained By Police

The BBC has been hammered on Twitter after sharing a partial clip of an assault suspect getting arrested by several Hampshire Police Officers.

As is always the way with these clips, we do not get to see what happened before officers had to go ‘hands-on’ with the male – who appeared to be resisting arrest.

In the video, the male appears to be resisting arrest. Officers responded to the location following reports of a fight.

Instead, we only see the part where police officers use various distraction techniques to try and control the male. 

In this video, it appears that the officer might have used a ‘palm strike’ – something that is taught to officers during Officer Safety Training.

Palm strikes are often used by the police when trying to detain a suspect who, for example, is grabbing a part of the officers body.

Of course, in the video shared by the BBC, we cannot see what is going on inside the tussle. All we see (conveniently) is an officer raising his arm.

Speaking about the article, @Foxtrot_Cop tweeted:

‘@BBCNews were that quick to froth at the mouth over the genuine arrest of an non-compliant subject, they haven’t realised that’s he’s superimposed a head onto the picture he’s provided… Quality journalism’.

@Deptherapy tweeted:

‘Police baiting again BBC the man is obviously resisting and continues to resist. Maybe they should give him a kiss and cuddle’.

To read the BBC’s article, and to view their partial video clip, click HERE.

The question to the BBC is; Why not just share the entire video – if you are going to share anything at all – so that the public can make their own minds up?

The mainstream media seem to always underestimate the emotional intelligence of the general public. We are not stupid (well, at least, 99.9% of us are not stupid).

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  1. He wants a meeting with Ceessida Dick to discuss police brutality?! I didn’t realise the MPS was covering Hampshire now 😂😂

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